Ceramic Tiles - High-Quality Eco-Friendly

Whether it is your home, office, shopping centre, or simply a parking space, the aesthetics of the place can create a lasting impression on your mind. Ceramic tile varieties in design and colour allow you to create a unique and appealing atmosphere for every residential space.

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Johnson Ceramic tile Collections

H & R Johnson ceramic tiles offer a diverse range of ceramic finishes for a range of spaces. You can select from a range of glossy, matt, 3D elevated stone, metallic finish tiles, and digitally printed designer tiles for personalising your space.

    - Lifestyle solutions for homes and hospitality

    - Innovative tile solutions for your unique functional and ambiance demands

    - Global best practices and modern technology ensures superior quality and finesse

    - In house research and development for materials, process, and product to ensure superb quality and useful solutions

    - Member of Green Building Council and Green Pro products certification for environment-friendly process and product design

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Ceramic Tiles Specs for Experts

H & R Johnson ceramic tiles are available in more than 30 different sizes and hundreds of colour and texture combinations. Together, these ceramic tiles offer you thousands of design possibilities. So, you can really let your creative mind loose with the latest design ideas.


We classify our ceramic floor and wall tiles in various different sizes. These sizes will allow you to maintain a fine balance between user experience and building work that goes into creating it.

The following chart shows the most popular size varieties available for ceramic tiles with us:

(in centimetres)

Wall Tiles Floor Tiles
120 x 60 120 x 60
30 x 60 60 x 60
30 x 45 40 x 40
20 x 60 30 x 30
30 x 30  
10.8 x 10.8  


Following colours have been the most popular choice in the ceramic tiles class:


Designs & Textures

Different textures of ceramic floor and wall tiles will help you set a specific design for the area. You can select from the following tile textures based on your usage area or function:

3D Elevation
Digital Print Tiles
Dual Tone
Glossy Finish
Matt Finish Tiles
Meteor Tiles
Anti-Skid Texture
Solar Reflective Coated Tile

How to Choose Your Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic is one of those materials that offer great durability and endless versatility for design and creative usage. Whether you are looking to create a humble abode or a stylish space that catches modern fascination. Ceramic tiles open up the possibilities for creating your dreamscape, both in the interior and the exterior.

However, if you are going through the process for the first time, or feel overwhelmed with the ocean of possibilities, do not worry. Put your trust in our experts who will help you select the best possible size, colour, and design for your needs.

Or, you can also follow the process below and try to figure a solution out for yourself:

Type of Space & Placement

Modern ceramic tiles, even though versatile and durable, follow a process aimed at solving specific space and placement problems. For example, tiles in the bathroom should resist water absorption and slippage. Similarly, tiles in the living room could be more tolerant to footfall and dust.

Thus, you can look for a ceramic wall or floor tiles, ceramic kitchen tiles, anti-skid ceramic tiles, ceramic swimming pool tiles, etc. to find the ones specific to your placement needs.

Creating the Ambience

Ceramic tiles are not only a utilitarian piece of hardware. However, you can create a unique ambiance and décor with artistic and digitally (HD) printed ceramic tiles. Accent walls in the living room, television wall décor, decorative kitchen dado, and even the bathroom walls can use decorative ceramic wall tiles.

Ceramic Tiles by Space


Maintain superior hygiene and ensure safety with ceramic tiles especially crafted for placement in bathroom walls and floor. H & R Johnson offers:

    • Digitally printed glazed ceramic tiles with attractive designs for a unique appearance

    • Matt finish and anti-skid (skid resistant) ceramic tiles for bathroom floor

    • Ceramic wall tiles with 3D texture for bringing in a more natural appeal


Indian kitchens need a unique and native solution to keep the kitchen clean and fresh even after the messiest cooking sessions. Johnson offers the perfect wall and floor tile solutions to meet the demand for your kitchen:

    • 30x60cm and 30x45 cm themed digital ceramic tiles for walls, in soft matt (satin matt) finish, glossy and matt finish for creating perfect dado over the kitchen counter.

    • Digital ceramic tiles for walls themed on natural materials like wood and marble.

    • Classic 4”x4” heritage-inspired solid colour wall tiles for bringing in the 80s nostalgia.

    • Sturdy and scratch-resistant floor tiles with a matt finish for kitchens in restaurants and other commercial facilities.

Healthcare & Hospitals

Healthcare facilities and hospitals in India see a maximum and diverse footfall throughout the year. Thus, the floor needs to be not only safe for the staff, patients, and visitors, it should also be durable and maintenance-free.

    • Johnson's Endura MaxGrip R10 to R12 series ceramic tiles offer the best combination of safety and durability for hospitals and clinics

    • These anti-slip ceramic tiles are available in multiple colours and natural textures with various levels of matt finish

    • Choose your tiles considering the amount and type of footfall for the space

Ceramic Tiles by Application

Wall Tiles

Why Ceramic Tiles for Walls?

Ceramic tiles offer a variety of colour, creative designs and function texture for the walls. For example, you can use 3D ceramic tiles for outdoors wall cladding and glossy or matt finish designer tiles for creating an accent wall in the living room.

What are the Different Types of Ceramic Wall Tiles?

Different types of ceramic wall tiles include 3D ceramic wall tiles with punch effect, stone ceramic wall tiles, decorative wall tiles, wood finish ceramic slate tiles and classic solid colour ceramic wall tiles. Explore more Johnson ceramic wall tiles.

How to Select the Best Ceramic Wall Tiles?

The best ceramic wall tile for you will depend on the function and placement. You can look for 3D, elevated or reflective cladding tiles for external walls. Interior walls can use a mix of various designer and digitally printed tiles. Use the Johnson Ceramic Wall Tile Selection Guide for selecting the best ceramic floor tiles for your usage.

Floor Tiles

Why Ceramic Tiles for Floor?

Ceramic floor tiles offer a simple-to-maintain and durable flooring solution for your house, office, or any other commercial space. Ceramic tiles also provide a ready-made solution for the quality of the flooring you desire, i.e., anti-skid, glossy or matt, natural, hygienic or high-footfall.

What are the Different Types of Ceramic Floor Tiles?

Different ceramic floor tiles are useful for different spaces as per their functions. You can have extra strong and thick ceramic tiles with double glazing for high-traffic usage. For indoors you can use glazed vitrified tiles for an extra glossy luxurious look. Explore the range of Johnson ceramic floor tiles as per your space usage.

How to Select the Best Ceramic Floor Tiles?

Selecting the best ceramic floor tile requires you to consider the space, placement, and function of the space. For example, tiles for a swimming pool will be different from tiles used in a data centre. Use the Johnson Ceramic Floor Tile Selection Guide for selecting the best ceramic floor tiles for your usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tiles are best for the living room?

Living room tiles need to be durable and should match the texture and patterns of the house interior. The best materials for living room tiles include terrazzo, ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, and sandstone. For a modern and luxurious look vinyl, vitrified and ceramic tiles work the best, while sandstone, porcelain, and slate tiles bring out a more natural outlook.

What kind of tiles are best for shower walls?

The shower wall faces a different kind of challenge than the other places in the house. So, you need tiles that can withstand the punishment and are easy to maintain. Glazed ceramic tiles, glazed porcelain tiles, glass, and natural stone tiles are most suitable for this application.

Which type of tiles is best for the bedroom?

A bedroom is a place with the least traffic but has to be the most aesthetically personalised space. Thus, more than the material you can focus on the look and feel you'd love in this space. Given the interior theme, you can choose from natural-looking glazed ceramic tiles like wooden textured slates or large natural stone textured slabs.