Industrial Tiles

H&R Johnson is a pioneer of vitrified tiles technology in India and has served the Indian industry and public development services with specialised floor solutions over the decades. Johnson Endura is a collection of heavy-duty industrial tiles to fulfil the floor’s safety and aesthetics needs in high-traffic spaces, industries, hospitals, education institutes, power plants and a variety of public spaces.

Johnson Endura presents several industrial tile portfolios consisting of vitrified and glazed vitrified tiles. These tiles meet the floor quality criteria set by Indian as well as international benchmarking agencies.

That means you can be certain of the highest standards of tile quality for any space of application.


A mark of guarantee that the product which received the GreenPro certification is environment friendly throughout its life cycle. Helps an environmentally conscious customer to make an informed choice to buy eco-friendly products.

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Industrial Tiles Collections

Premium Industrial Floor Tiles at H&R Johnson

H&R Johnson offers heavy-duty industrial tiles for a variety of industrial and public area usage. You can find sturdy premium industrial floor tiles for the following areas at Johnson Tiles:

  • Outdoor parking and pavements
  • Outdoor seating areas
  • Garden and landscaping tiles
  • Speciality tiles like cool roof, radiation shielding, and anti-static tiles
  • Swimming pool tiles
  • Industrial floor tiles for automobile workshops, laboratories, chemical industries, hospitals, etc.
  • Floor tiles for high footfall areas like shops, retail stores, malls, etc.
  • Specially sized and cut fully vitrified and glazed vitrified tiles for staircase tiling

The industrial tiles at H&R Johnson are various types of vitrified tiles and are usually available in matte and satin matte finishes. The surface features of the tiles vary based on the required slip resistance.

For example, outdoor parking tiles have a higher grip and surface hardness of more than 6 on the Mohs scale. This is as hard as an iron nail or about as hard as quartz stone.

You can also choose industrial tiles with varied degrees of thickness to provide additional mechanical strength. You can install the vitrified industrial tiles with a higher thickness without a full adhesive base and using raisers. This kind of installation is useful in areas where you may need to access the floor time and again.

You can explore the following portfolios of heavy-duty industrial tiles at H&R Johnson:

  • Johnson Endura Maxgrip Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Pavers
  • Johnson Endura Colour Series Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Cool Roof (SRI) Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Hi-Traffic Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Tac Tile Solutions
  • Johnson Endura Sandex Series
  • Johnson Endura Meteor
  • Johnson Endura Stepping Stone Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Designer Collection
  • Johnson Endura Swimming Pool Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Anti-Static Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Radiation Shield Tiles

How to Choose the Best Industrial Tiles?

You can choose the best industrial floor tiles for your specific needs using the steps given below:

  • Where Will You Install the Tiles? The area or purpose of tiling defines the broad portfolio of tiles you are looking for. For example, whether you are installing tiles for outdoor space, indoors, or in a pool.
  • Type of Traffic on the Tile: Tiles for only foot traffic differ from the tiles meant for handling vehicle or heavy machinery movements. This condition applies to both indoor as well as outdoor tiles.
  • Required Aesthetics: A restaurant’s outdoor seating requires a more pleasing view to the eyes than a parking lot. However, the parking lot may need marked driveways and parking. Similarly, railway platforms and bus stations need tac tiles to mark the pathways for visually challenged users.
  • Special Characteristics: You can choose different industrial floor tiles for the following specific objectives:

Find Industrial Tiles Prices at H&R Johnson

Industrial tiles' prices depend on the type, quantity, special requirements and other factors such as region, design, type, size and thickness, etc. For accurate prices of the premium glazed vitrified tiles, you can locate a nearby dealership or contact the nearest H&R Johnson Tile Care Centre.

Different Sizes of Industrial Tiles At H&R Johnson

Large Size Tiles
60x120 cm 30x120 cm 60x152 cm 31x152 cm 20x120 cm
Medium Size Tiles
60x60 cm 80x80 cm 40x40 cm 30x30 cm
Small Size Tiles
20x20 cm 20x10 cm 24x7.5 cm 24.7x12.2 cm
Tile Thickness
15 mm 11 mm 9.5 mm 20 mm 12 mm 8 mm 5 mm 25 mm 10 mm

Types of Industrial Tiles

H&R Johnson offers several types of industrial floor tiles. Although at H&R Johnson most industrial tiles are different types of vitrified tiles, their features vary based on the intended usage for the tile.

You can find the following types of industrial tiles at H&R Johnson Endura Industrial tiles portfolio:

  • Tiles for Public Pathways (Foot Traffic): Glazed Vitrified tiles are specially manufactured for providing surface aesthetics and anti-skid features to outdoor pathways and pavements. They are meant to handle medium to high foot traffic and light vehicle traffic, i.e., residential and office parking, etc.

  • Tac Tiles: Tac tiles are special paving tiles with additional groove lines of about 0.5 cm high. These tiles make public spaces more accessible to people with visual disabilities.

  • (Designer) Tiles for Outdoor Seating Areas: These are designer-glazed vitrified tiles with anti-skid surfaces. These tiles can be used for beautifying outdoor seating areas, patios and other surfaces. Anti-skid properties of these tiles ensure higher safety for users even in wet conditions.

  • Tiles for Industrial Workshop Floors: These are vitrified and glazed vitrified tiles with high mechanical and surface strength. These tiles can be used for automobile workshops, warehouses, and other industrial areas with heavy machinery movements.

  • Tiles for Outdoor Parking Lots: These tiles feature extra hard surfaces which can handle heavy automobile traffic without damage. The tiles also feature very high surface resistance which allows for a safe movement of traffic.

  • Tiles for Electronic & Fire Sensitive Zones: Industries that use heavy electronic infrastructure face a risk of electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive electronics and even cause a fire. Anti-static tiles installed on the floor and walls can reduce the chances of static electricity build-up and thus, avoid fire and equipment damage risks.

  • Swimming Pool Tiles: Swimming pool tiles are purposefully designed to meet the needs of building the tank of the swimming pool. These tiles have a smaller size than the normal floor and wall tiles to fit any curve and pool designs. The tiles consist of rectangular blocks and special pieces for joints, corners, and edges.

  • Tiles for Nuclear Plants & X-Ray Rooms: These are anti-radiation or radiation shielding tiles which reduce the radiation spreading from the plant operations or equipment. These tiles can reduce ambient radiation and ensure safety for the users within these environments.

  • Cooling or SRI Tiles: Cool tiles or SRI (Solar Reflective Index) tiles are tiles with a special glazing that allows them to radiate heat faster than they absorb. Thus, the tiles can remain cooler than the ambient temperature even under direct sunlight.

Industrial Tiles by Space of Application

  • High-Traffic Pavements & Crosswalks
  • Park & Residential Pavements
  • Outdoor Seating Areas
  • Terrace Tiles
  • Outdoor Parking Tiles
  • Ramp Floor Tiles
  • Commercial Kitchen Tiles
  • Hospital & Commercial Area Tiles
  • Radiation Shield Tiles
  • Anti-Static Tiles
  • Swimming Pool Tiles
  • Solar Reflective Tiles
  • Staircase Step Tiles
  • Garden Tiles
  • Retail Store & Mall Floor Tiles
  • Industrial Workshops
  • Chemical Industries

The Most Popular Tile Colours at H&R Johnson

  • Aqua
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Cement
  • Grey
  • Ivory
  • Marble
  • Sepia
  • Solid Colours (Black, Green, Red, Blue, White, & Yellow)
  • Stone
  • Terracotta
  • Wood


1. What are industrial tiles made of?

Industrial tiles at H&R Johnson are made of fully vitrified bodies. The tiles can be vitrified, double charged, or glazed vitrified as per the requirements of the targeted industry.

2. Can you paint industrial floor tiles?

Yes, you can paint the industrial floor tiles. However, a better solution is to use the correct tile type in places. H&R Johnson offers industrial tiles in multiple solid colours such as white, yellow, and red to meet the flooring requirements of various industries and public places.

3. What precaution is considered when installing tiles?

Use recommended base adhesive and grout mix to seal the tiles on the floor or the walls. H&R Johnson recommends Ardex Endura tile fixing adhesives for its tile installation and uses the cement or epoxy sealant from Ardex Endura to seal the tiles. The grout choice should be based on the type of industry. If the floor is exposed to chemical spills, epoxy grouts are a better choice.