Endura Tile- India's Highly Preferred Industrial Tiles

Johnson Endura presents a wide range of heavy-duty Industrial floor tiles and special application tiles that cater to the highly stressed usage environment of spaces like – shop floors, parking, pathways, landscaping. Special application tiles include - High traffic tiles, staircase solutions, swimming pool tiles, Anti-static tiles, Elevation tiles, and authentic 'Tactiles' for public spaces that help visually impaired people.

Endura recently introduced a Designer Series where functionality and durability meet aesthetics and style for flooring where you expect much wear and tear like passages, restaurants. Another special product recently launched is – 'Cool Roof SRI Tiles' which helps in controlling the temperature of the room below the roof in hot summer days.


A mark of guarantee that the product which received the GreenPro certification is environment friendly throughout its life cycle. Helps an environmentally conscious customer to make an informed choice to buy eco-friendly products.

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