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Educational Videos
4 Reasons Why Ceramic Tiles Are An Eco-Friendly Choice! | Tile Guide | H & R Johnson | Episode 10

What makes ceramic tiles an eco-friendly option? Watch the tile expert explain the factors contributing to it, the materials u...Read more

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Bathroom Tiles: Are They Really Waterproof? | Tile Guide | H & R Johnson | Episode 9

Are tiles REALLY waterproof and suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms? As per the tile expert, tiles for such areas require a w...Read more

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Ceramic Tiles: Everything You Need To Know | Tile Guide | H & R Johnson | Episode 8

What are the types of ceramic tiles and how do we classify them? Watch the tile expert answer this through a meticulous process in...Read more

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Why PEI Rating is important for tiling solutions? | Tile Guide | H & R Johnson | Episode 7

What do PEI rating for tiles mean? How important are they while selecting tiles for your space? Hear the tile expert explain this ...Read more

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Types of tiles that help prevent you from slips and falls | Tile Guide | H & R Johnson | Episode 6

How do you differentiate slippery tiles from other categories? What do the acronyms COF and DCOF mean in this context? Hea...Read more

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Is Tile-on-Tile Installation Possible? | Tile Guide | H & R Johnson | Episode 5

Is it possible to lay a new tile over an old one? Find out from a tile expert in this interesting Tile Guide, brought to you by H&...Read more

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Types of tiles and their budget | Johnson Tile Guide | Episode 4

Did you know certain types of tiles are more affordable than others? But what is the reason? Watch our tile expert answer this ...Read more

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Tiling Tips for Wet Areas | Tiling Solutions | Johnson Tile Guide | Episode 3

Worried about slippery surfaces? For such spaces, there are specific tile options designed to keep you steady on your feet. Bu...Read more

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Demystifying Rectified Tiles: Are they Better? | Johnson Tile Guide | Episode 2

In our latest edition of Johnson Tile Guide, join our expert as he explains the science behind rectified tiles. Discover how the t...Read more

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Difference between Ceramic, Vitrified and Porcelain Tiles | Johnson Tile Guide | Episode 1

What are the types of tiles and what's the difference? How are ceramic tiles created? Get answers to all these and more with o...Read more

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Johnson Tile Guide | Your Ultimate Guide to Tiling Solutions | Get Freedom From Confusion

Which types of tiles are ideal for your space? Can tiles in your living room be installed in your bathroom? It's time to overcome ...Read more