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Wall Tiles

Wall tiles can simplify designing your accent walls or elevation design ideas in residential and commercial settings. Apart from the bathroom walls and kitchen backsplash, you can use wall tiles for TV back walls, dining room accent walls, balcony, elevation cladding and corridor walls.

Other than beautification, wall tiles make wall maintenance easy and convenient. This feature of wall tiles is especially useful in the kitchen and bathroom where walls may receive water and oil residue. You can clean the tile-clad walls by simply wiping them with a clean cloth.

You can be spoiled for choices while looking for wall tiles for common spaces, such as shower walls, kitchen walls, feature walls, or elevators. Discover the types of wall tiles at H&R Johnson and the factors which will affect your choice of the ideal wall tiles for the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, living room and other spaces

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Johnson Wall Tiles Collections

Wall Tile Collections at H&R Johnson

Wall tiles play an important role in the beautification and safety of residential and commercial spaces. Apart from bathroom and kitchen wall tiles, you can choose wall tiles specific to your purpose and placement. H&R Johnson offers various wall tile designs to suit different placements both aesthetically and functionally

  • Elite Elevation 3D Texture Wall Tiles replicate unique natural texture in 3D format. These tiles are perfect for creating a natural stone look for outdoor walls.

  • Digital Kitchen & Bath Wall Tiles provide several themes for bathroom and kitchen wall dado. These HD printed wall tiles provide a complete design set for full wall cladding and counter backsplash.

  • Digital Coordinated Wall Tiles can help you create mesmerising background art for different spaces. Available with various coordinated digital prints, you combine these tiles to create scenic views, and funky designs in the kitchen, bathroom, and kids’ rooms.

  • Large Format Wall Tiles enhance the looks of any indoor space such as the living room, lounge, community hall, or reception area to the next level. Create artistic impressions or murals with large wall tiles.

  • Digital Wall Tiles are available in various patterns like geometric, abstract, floral, etc. These tiles are some of the most popular for kitchen, and bathroom dado.

  • Heritage Wall Tiles are the oldest design alive and easily bring the nostalgic feeling of the grandparent’s house in solid colours and patterns. Despite being the oldest these wall tile colours help create some of the most unique wall appearances of all.

Spaces to Use Wall Tiles

Wall tiles can be used in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and outdoor areas. The following is a list of possible applications for wall tiles

  • Tiles for Bathroom Walls
  • Wall Tiles for the Living Room
  • Wall Tiles for the Dining Room
  • Wall Tiles for the Foyer
  • Wall Tiles For The Exterior Or Elevation
  • Wall Tiles for Restaurants
  • Mall Wall Tiles
  • Airport Wall Tiles
  • Lobby Area Wall Tiles
  • Reception Area Wall Tiles
  • Showroom Wall Tiles
  • Boutique Wall Tiles
  • Office Wall Tiles

When looking for cladding tiles for exterior use, it is critical to look for an option that protects the exterior from the elements. Using such strong cladding tiles protects the home structure from rain, heat, harsh sun, and other elements.

Cladding tiles are made of ceramic or vitrified material, which makes them very durable, robust, and stylish.

Types of Wall Tiles at H&R Johnson

  • Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic wall tiles are non vitrified tiles with attractive digitally printed designs and versatile functionality. These tiles are best for spaces like bathroom walls, and kitchen backsplashes. You can select from a glossy or matte glazed surface with various digital prints which create a range of designs. For example, natural stone prints, and digital coordinated and geometric prints complement the decor of your space.

  • Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified tile is a low-porosity tile which features almost nil or negligible water absorption. It is a less expensive alternative to marble and granite. Vitrified tiles are frequently used outside due to their water and frost resistance. Vitrified tiles come in four different styles: soluble salt, double charge, full body, and glazed.

  • Glazed Vitrified Tiles: Glazed vitrified tiles (GVT) or porcelain tiles have a glazed surface which can be printed and polished to achieve different textures and designs. They offer a wide range of designs, art, and texture, including wood grain, bamboo, slate, and stone.

Popular Wall Tile Choices at H&R Johnson

  • Digital Wall Tiles: Digital tiles are those ceramic and vitrified tiles which are glazed and printed digitally. Digital printing techniques have enabled the addition of any design or pattern to the surface of the tiles.

    Glazed vitrified tiles or GVT are polished with different levels of smoothness ranging from glossy (mirror), satin matte or sugar, and matte finish.

  • D Elevation Wall Tiles: 3D elevation tiles can add an elegant touch to the exterior of your home. Elevation tiles are created using cutting-edge technology and are made of embossed ceramic or vitrified base.

    Vitrified elevation tiles can withstand a wide range of environmental factors and work best as external wall cladding.

  • Heritage Wall Tiles: Heritage wall tiles boast solid colours and classical patterns. These tiles are best suited for creating a time-tested or aged appearance. You can use solid colour tiles like Mango Yellow, New Blue, Plain Black, etc. to redefine your type of space.

Wall Tiles Size at H&R Johnson

H&R Johnson India offers the following wall tile sizes

60x60 cm
30x60 cm
30x45 cm
24x7.5 cm
37.5x25 cm
30x20 cm
10.8x108 cm

Wall Tile Colours & Finishes at H&R Johnson

Creating a space to display photo frames, prizes, certificates, etc. becomes easy by using wall tiles with artistic prints. You can choose from the various designs and patterns of wall tiles. The following designs and colour schemes at H&R Johnson can make the space look fascinating:

  • Digital Prints
  • Natural Stone
  • Natural Marble
  • Plain Black
  • Plain White
  • Black Marble
  • Natural Wood
  • Engineered Mixed Grains
  • Natural Sand

You can also find coordinated floor tiles for your choice of wall tiles. Explore H&R Johnson Floor Tiles here.


1. What type of tile is best for walls?

You can use ceramic or vitrified tiles for walls. Ceramic tiles are a relatively durable and economical wall tile solution. Both ceramic and vitrified tiles (glazed vitrified tiles) come in a variety of colours and patterns. Natural patterns like marble and stone are very popular if you want to make your spaces look classy, elegant, and sophisticated.

These are treated to make them more durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and acid spillage than other types of tiles.

2. Can wall tile be installed on drywall?

Yes, you can install a ceramic wall tile directly over drywall or plaster if your wall is smooth and flat. Clean the wall to remove any grease before applying recommended Tile adhesive and follow instructions while installing the tile

3. Which tile size is best for walls?

The best tile size depends on the area you want to cover, the design theme you are following and the ease of installation you want. The bigger the cover area the larger the wall tile. You can also use large wall tiles (120x60cm) to create artistic or accent walls in spaces. Using very small tiles (10.8x10.8cm and 30.2x10cm) on large walls can be a task

4. How to calculate the square feet of a wall for tile?

Calculate the height and length of the wall in feet. Multiply the height and width figures. This is the total square footage for that segment of your project. If you have windows or doors on the wall, you can calculate their area separately and deduct it from the total square feet of wall area to get the tiling area.

5. Which tile types are the best for the exterior?

Porcelain tiles designed for outdoor use are an excellent choice for your deck or patio area. These clay-based tiles are non-porous, fade-resistant, and extremely long-lasting. Porcelain tiles, unlike stone tiles, do not crack in extreme weather.

6. Is wall tile waterproof?

The glazed surface of the ceramic wall tiles makes them impervious to water absorption from one side. However, if you are using tiles in outdoor spaces, vitrified and GVT are better solutions as their base also resists water absorption.

7. Are textured wall tiles hard to clean?

Cleaning difficulty for tiles would stem from their tendency to absorb spillage and grease. Since most ceramic and vitrified tiles are either polished or glazed, they can easily resist absorbing dust or spillage. Thus, tile surfaces can be easily wiped clean except for the 3D elevation tiles with natural rustic patterns.