Things to consider while choosing

Wall Tiles

This is the place where hygiene and safety are most important. Choose tiles for our living spaces like Bathrooms, Kitchens, Feature Walls or Elevation can be quite complicated. For each space, we need to be careful on size and type of tiles we are shortlisting, apart from the aesthetics, durability and functionality are also important aspect for selection. Like for bathrooms tiles which are easy to clean, slip resistant and germ-free for the best result.

In both residential & commercial spaces, the accent wall or elevation tiles play an important role. In residential spaces generally, TV back walls, dining area highlighter wall, or passage wall where one hangs photo frames, awards & certificates can be worked on. These tiles need to be durable, weather resistant, easy to install and aesthetically beautiful to match your style statement.

Similarly, kitchen is the area where staining is the common problem, hence tiles selection depends on size, surface finish and easy on maintenance, we recommend to use stain-free & scratch-free floor tiles and easy to clean wall or dado tiles.

Choose Johnson wall tiles with natural stone, cozy wood, geometric patterns, floral and abstract motifs in varied colors, hues and finishes to create a unique element supporting the overall ambience.

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