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Terrace Tiles

Terrace tiles, also known as outdoor or patio tiles, are specifically designed tiles for use on terraces, balconies, rooftops, and other outdoor spaces. These tiles are engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, temperature changes, and foot traffic.

Terrace tiles come in various materials, styles, and sizes to suit different design preferences and functional requirements. At H&R Johnson, you can find several types of tiles suitable for terrace and balcony flooring.

You can aim to control the indoor temperatures using special cool roof tiles or provide a beautiful seating area with designer tiles.

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Premium Terrace Tiles at H&R Johnson

H&R Johnson offers premium terrace flooring tiles with a variety of designs and features. You can find the following types of terrace tiles at H&R Johnson:

  • Cool roof tiles with high solar reflective index
  • Designer glazed vitrified tiles

H&R Johnson’s terrace flooring solutions consider the use, exposure, and durability needs of the outdoor environment to provide specialised terrace tiles. The premium terrace tiles feature attractive designs, and earthen colour schemes for terrace, and outdoor seating areas.

Johnson’s cool roof tiles feature a high solar reflective index to provide a cooler environment under direct sunlight. Cool roof tiles can keep the temperatures within the building by up to 15 degrees lower.

Considering the safety needs of exposed floors such as balconies, terraces, and patios, all terrace tile options at H&R Johnson feature anti-skid properties.

You can explore the following portfolios of terrace flooring tiles at H&R Johnson:

  • Johnson Endura Cool Roof Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Designer Collection Tiles

How to Choose the Best Terrace Tiles?

The best terrace tiles for any area will need an appropriate selection of three factors – tile size, thickness, and cooling qualities. These three factors will change as per the need and following factor:

  • Floor Usage: The way your terrace flooring will be used defines the tile characteristics and designs you can choose. If you are looking for balcony tiles, you can install EDC or cool roof tiles with lower thickness, i.e., 0.8cm, and size. However, if you are tiling the entire terrace floor, you may need larger tiles. Similarly, if the terrace is for public use or will bear high footfall, you should use thicker tiles, i.e., 1.2 cm and above.
  • Cooling Needs: Does the floor need to stay cool during the harsh summer noon? If yes, cool roof tiles are a better option. However, if cooling is not a problem, EDC tiles will do just fine. Usually, low to medium-footfall areas like outdoor pathways for homes, and residential terrace flooring can use cool roof tiles. But, public spaces like restaurants, leisure areas, pavements, etc. should use 1.2cm EDC tiles for longer life.
  • Available Installation Area: Total available installation area defines the size of the tile you can use. Pavements, balconies, outdoor seating areas, and terrace floors demand a sloped installation for quick drainage of water towards the outlets. Smaller tiles make sloping easy.

Find Terrace Tile Prices at H&R Johnson

Terrace tiles' price depends on the tile's design, glaze type, size, and thickness. For accurate prices of the premium glazed vitrified tiles, you can visit Johnson’s Experience Centre or locate a nearby dealership.

Different Sizes of Terrace Tiles At H&R Johnson

Medium Size Tiles
40x40 cm 30x30 cm
Small Size Tiles
20x20 cm
Tile Thickness
0.8 cm 1 cm 1.2 cm

Types of Terrace Tiles

H&R Johnson offers several types of terrace flooring tiles. Premium terrace tiles at H&R Johnson are glazed vitrified tiles. The differentiating factor among different terrace tiles is the characteristics of the glazing which provides additional functional capabilities to the tiles.

Here are the different types of terrace tiles available at H&R Johnson:

  • Cool Roof Terrace Tiles: These are glazed vitrified tiles manufactured with a special glazing that gives the tile high solar reflective properties. The tiles can radiate heat faster than they receive and remain cooler than the ambient temperature even under direct sunlight.

    Cool roof terrace tiles are more suitable for external cladding of commercial buildings and houses, including terrace floor tiling. You can install these tiles on residential pavements, balconies, and patios to provide a comfortable all-weather walking space.

  • Designer Terrace Tiles These are matte-finish glazed vitrified tiles with earthen colours and beautiful designs. These tiles are suitable for outdoor flooring applications, and building eye-catching open seating areas on patios and balconies. The matte finish offers anti-skid properties and tiles provide sufficient grip even when wet. These tiles are suitable for medium to high-traffic areas. So, you can install them in public places as well.

Terrace Tiles Applications

  • Terrace Floor
  • Balcony
  • Terrace Seating Area
  • Patios
  • Outdoor Walkways
  • Exterior Facades

The Most Popular Terrace Tile Colours at H&R Johnson

  • Almond
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Concrete
  • Grey
  • Ivory
  • Terracotta
  • White


1. Are vitrified tiles good for a terrace?

Terrace tiles need to be sturdy enough to handle weather elements and vitrified tiles have all the properties for it. However, you also need anti-skid and cooling properties, so that the terrace floor remains walkable most of the time during the day and after rain.

2. Which tile size is best for terrace flooring?

Depending on the total area of your terrace floor you can choose terrace tiles of 40x40cm; 30x30cm & 20x20cm at H&R Johnson. The terrace floor needs to have a slope to drain the water. So, smaller tile sizes are better for the terrace floor application.

3. How do I protect my terrace floor?

You can install vitrified tiles like Johnson Endura Designer Tiles on your terrace floor to make it waterproof. Vitrified tiles are impervious to weather, UV rays and don’t crack. So, when sealed with appropriate grout the tiles can keep your roof insulated from weather elements for a long time.

4. Can all tiles be used outdoors?

No, you should check with the manufacturer if the tile is recommended for outdoor usage. Usually, full-body vitrified tiles can handle any weather situation and are recommended for outdoor usage. However, you also have the option of glazed vitrified tiles for outdoor usage. Johnson Endura Designer Collection, Hi-Traffic, Meteor Tiles, Elite Elevation (wall only) and Cool Roof (SRI) tiles are recommended for outdoor applications.