cool roof tiles

Cool Roof Tiles - Let's Prepare to face Summer

Cool Roof SRI (>90) tiles, a range of unique tiles that keeps the harsh rays of the sun off your building.

Recommended laying for terrace, balcony, and courtyard and beat the heat inside your home and save energy.

Johnson has also developed cool roof and wall tiles which reflect sun rays thereby keeping the inside temperature cool and also save energy. It has devised a special process of glazing that makes the tiles reflect most of the solar heat. Explore the collection now!

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Cool Roof Disclaimer:

#Johnson Endura Cool Roof tiles conform to the United States Green Building Council's LEED 2.2 norms of SRI value of > 78.

*The effectiveness & reduction in surface temperature after installation of Johnson Endura Cool Roof tiles may vary from place to place depending on exposed ambient temperature & changing climatic conditions.