Ideas to Renew the Energy & Longevity of Ancestral Homes with Ceramic Tiles

Ideas to Renew the Energy

Every home has its own story, behind every tile and wall there is an emotion hidden. The walls and floors speak of the experience and moments spent there and hence restoring a home is always special.

These 100 year old ancestral homes, and bungalows are being redesigned and restored at a large scale now to preserve what’s left of the ancestry. These homes have emotions attached with it and hence require utmost care while redesigning.

It is important to focus on the different sections and segments of the house both individually and as a whole. Each and every section of your house represents a version of you and resembles your personality. But when it comes to restoring the ancestral homes it is even more important to look at the individual factors, understand the story behind it and not disrupt the story with too many modifications.

Here are some of the important factors to be taken into consideration while starting any restoration project.

  • Avoid making modifications in the base of the house
  • Choose the ceramic tiles as per the theme of the house
  • Avoid using glossy tiles for the floor to offer the vintage look
  • Don't change the theme of the place
  • Use textures and mosaics for an elegant touch
  • Use sturdy, durable ceramic tiles for the outdoors

Additionally, there are certain trends that you can follow and adopt the styles while working on any restoration project of an ancestral house. These trends and designs will help you keep the essence of the place intact, and elevate the ambience with slight modifications. These modifications can be done by changing the floor and wall tiles of the place and still maintain the vintage look of the place alive.

  • Exposed Brickwork

    As a general conception, the majority of the ancestral houses had certain exposed brick walls offering it a vintage look. Although now this has become a trend to make an exposed brickwork wall to help your place appear old and classic.
    Using such options can create a perfect balance between vintage and modern look while pairing the exposed brickwork wall with wooden texture floor ceramic tiles.
    You can experiment with Comb Cotto Mix and Comb Trend in hexagonal shapes from the H&R Johnson collection and add the brickwork to your style.

  • Cemented Tiles

    From a strength and durability aspect, adding cement-like tiles outdoors is a trend that can be followed to maintain the look of the place. These tiles are low-maintenance which are suitable for the outdoors where required maintenance is less.
    Additionally, these ceramic tiles can also be used in the indoor floor for a monochromatic and subtle look. This minimalistic look allows you to experiment with different patterns and designs on the walls.

  • Moroccan Tiles

    Adding Moroccan tiles has always been a great addition to bring the artistic and creative side. Alrico, Baston, Camaru, and Frida are some of the options that you can try from the H&R Johnson ceramic tiles. These offer you the perfect combination of modern and vintage.
    Pair these moroccan tiles with plain bold or neutral colours or design the whole wall with these. Both the approaches will enhance the look of the place, making it feel ancestral.

  • Mix and Match Pattern

    Try experimenting with adding different patterns and designs to create a messy and unorganised look which was one of the most observed patterns in the ancestral homes. This provides a care-free touch to the space also giving it a releasing and cosy vibe at the same time.
    Here you can add mosaic patterns with hexagonal designs or add natural stone ceramic tiles.

  • Monochromatic Theme

    Create the monochromatic theme and go with the most basic and plain ceramic tiles in whites and other neutral colours. This minimalistic touch is the best option to make the space appear less cluttered and more organised. It makes the place more breathable and provides a soothing effect to the place.
    Here you can pick any neutral colour tiles from the H&R Johnson collection of ceramic or vitrified tiles.

  • Bold Colours Walls

    The ancestral homes usually had one or two walls with bold and dark colour palettes to make it appear more rich. Add darker colour tiles for adding depth to the place with elegance. These bold colour ceramic tiles can be in glossy marble-like finish as well to add the royal touch to the walls.
    This gives the entire space a modern look while also conserving the traditional touch of the place.
    You can experiment with these options from the vitrified and ceramic collection of the H&R Johnson tiles.

  • Wooden Textures

    Incorporating wooden textures is the most observed trend in modern and vintage homes. These wooden textures provide a warmth to the place while also preserving the old-look of the place.
    It further enhances the elegance of the place making it appear a rich-in-culture place.

  • Checkered Tiles

    One of the best trends is to add checkered tiles in the hallways or inside floor for a classic look. It has been one of the most followed trends in the old times, making it an ever present design.
    Adding this pattern gives the place a vintage touch along with a sophisticated look. It enhances the open available space and makes the place look bigger and open.
    Stride Cheq, and Plain Cheq are the perfect fit from the H&R Johnson collection of ceramic tiles for floor. You can also experiment with Blue Cube and Pink Cube in the checkered pattern but with different shades from conventional black and white.

  • Natural Stone

    In the majority of ancestral homes you will find a reference to nature or nature inspired ideas. One such idea is to use natural stone ceramic tile for that vintage look. These natural stone tiles are sturdy, durable, low-maintenance, and anti-skid making them a perfect choice for both floors and walls.
    In the outdoors these tiles can be used for the floors & walls to make the place have that antique and rustic vibe to it.
    Rocx Bruno, Tangle Ash, Rubble Stone Mix, Avenue Beige, Estima Brown, and Magnum Beige are some of the options that you can experiment with from the H&R Johnson collection of ceramic tiles for floor and walls.

H&R Johnson Ceramic Tiles

From the experience gathered over the sixty years, H&R Johnson offers a variety of tiles. The ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles are the best options for any restoration project.

Additionally, ceramic tiles price per square metre are less for H&R Johnson compared to the other ceramic tiles available in the market. These tiles are highly durable and best-in-class.

For more information either visit the experience centres or get in touch with the tile experts and dive deep into the details before investing in the tiles.


Porcelain tiles are made from a much finer clay than ceramic tiles. Another difference is that porcelain tiles are baked at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles.

Yes, ceramic tiles can be used for outdoor as well, requiring that you pick the right designs and tiles that are suitable to be installed in the outdoor flooring or walls.

Yes, ceramic tiles can be used for kitchen backsplashes. Additionally, these are one of the most commonly used backsplash tiles in the kitchen. These are water resistant and stain resistant making them suitable for kitchen backsplashes.