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Commercial Tiles

Want to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for your commercial space? Explore Johnson’s commercial flooring options wide variety.

For the heavy to moderate foot traffic in your commercial space, these anti-slip commercial tiles from Johnson’s collection are the perfect choice. Pick from a wide variety of sizes, finishes, designs, and colors the best fit for your commercial flooring needs.

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Anti-slip Tiles Collections for commercial flooring

Picking the Right Commercial Flooring

It is an overwhelming choice to make while selecting the perfect set of commercial flooring to make the space look elevated and enhanced. Here are some tips for you to follow while selecting the best options.

  • Foot traffic :
  • For the areas in the commercial space where you have heavy foot traffic install satin/matt finish or polished Marbonite range of non slip commercial tile flooring that offers better grip and prevents any accidents caused due to slipping.

  • Non slip commercial floor tiles :
  • You should install non-slip commercial tile flooring that prevents any hazard caused due to slipping. These tiles are best suitable for commercial bathrooms, corridors or hallways, and commercial kitchens as well.

  • Available Space :
  • Have a good measurement of the available size of the area where you wish to install the commercial flooring. Based on the size availability choose between small or large format tiles.

  • Overall theme of the place :
  • While picking out the designs for commercial flooring consider the overall theme of the place as well. This will help to maintain an overall theme for the place and maintain the balance. You can add contrasting commercial wall tiles for adding a different texture and look to the place.

  • Finish of the tiles :
  • Based on your overall theme decide if you wish to install matt or glossy finish tiles for your commercial flooring. This will further elevate the look of your place and make it appear more enhanced.

Different Sizes of Commercial Flooring At H&R Johnson

Small Format Tiles
60x60 cm 40x40 cm 30x30 cm 20x20 cm 10x20 cm
Large Format Tiles
60x120 cm 80x160 cm 180x120 cm 120x240 cm
Tile Thickness
0.9 cm 1 cm 1.5 cm 2 cm

Types of Commercial Flooring

H&R Johnson offers a wide range of flooring options such as Johnson Tiles, Johnson Endura, Johnson Porselano, and Johnson Marbonite that can be installed in different commercial spaces. The Johnson Endura also has heavy-duty parking tiles for commercial parking spaces to staircase tiles, and swimming pool, non-slip tiles for commercial areas.

You can also find a range of designs to create beautiful and safe outdoor seating and gathering areas. You can find the following types of parking exterior tiles at H&R Johnson:

  • High-Trafic Paver tiles for commercial parking spaces
  • Max-Grip Tiles
  • Johnson Endura Designer Collection for interior & exterior parking
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Parking Tiles
  • Swimming Pool Anti-slip Commercial Tiles
  • Acid and Alkali Tiles
  • Johnson Endura TacTiles for Outdoor Commercial Flooring
  • Johnson Endura Anti-static Tiles

Due to their extra durability and hardness, these tiles are the best solution for commercial flooring. Also, these tiles are available in different sizes, and color designs for you to pick from.

The Most Popular Tile Colours at H&R Johnson

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Concrete
  • Grey
  • S&P
  • Sandstone
  • Terracotta
  • White
  • Yellow


1. What makes tile fit for commercial application?

For tiles to be categorized as commercial flooring they are required to withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, have higher slip resistance, and have varying thickness as per the requirement.

2. What is the best tile for a commercial bathroom?

Stain-free ceramic tiles are the best choice for commercial bathroom spaces. Also these can endure the heavy footfall. Also you can install anti-slip commercial tiles by H&R Johnson as well.

3. Is ceramic tile good for commercial use?

Yes ceramic tiles can be used for commercial spaces as these are highly durable and can sustain heavy foot traffic as well. Additionally, these have anti-skid properties making them a perfect choice for commercial flooring.