Tiles - High-Quality Eco-Friendly

Different types of tiles make finishing a building with a uniform and beautiful interior theme a walk in the park. Talking about parks, vitrified anti-skid tiles are the perfect and most durable choices for pathways inside parks and gardens.

Ceramic and vitrified tiles can safeguard the brick-and-mortar infrastructure in a building while offering unique and elegant surface designs. The surface finish of the tiles also adds to the features such as anti-skid tiles for kitchen and bathroom floors, and glossy or polished tiles for living rooms and offices.

Large format glazed vitrified tiles like 120x240cm, 180x120cm, 80x160cm, 80x240cm 80x120cm slabs feature unique natural patterns and colours. You can buy high-gloss, polished, rocker, satin and rustic finish tiles in plain colours or natural stone and marble patterns. These sturdy tiles can adore the floor in commercial areas with high footfall or places like kitchen countertops.

Similarly, wooden plank tiles are a popular choice among H&R Johnson’s customers for flooring & wall cladding. The satin matte finish surface makes these planks feel natural under your feet. H&R Johnson is one of the longest-serving tile companies in India with a large tile collection to suit any residential, commercial and even industrial application.

Modern Tile Designs at H&R Johnson

Tile designs are as fluid as the taste in fashion. However, few designs have lasted as long as wooden look-like tiles. At H&R Johnson you can find wooden look-alike tiles in plank format (120x20cm), rectangular (60x120cm, 80x160cm), and square (60x60cm) sizes. You can buy these tiles with textured and matte finishes to mimic the natural wood surface.

H&R Johnson’s Porselano Royale Collection (Glazed Vitrified Tiles) features several unique and mesmerizing patterns for modern home and commercial spaces. This collection features tiles in large and medium sizes.

3D elevation tiles are another unique tile design category. Available in medium and small sizes, these are perfect for outdoor wall cladding and front elevation areas. The 3D elevated design gives a perfectly natural appearance to stones.

How to Choose the Best Tiles?

You should choose the best tile types for your application based on the following factors:

  • Type of the Space: You should choose tiles that fulfil the space requirements. For example, your choice for living room floor and walls will be different from the front elevation, or bathroom tiles. Similarly, tile choices for the kitchen, bedroom, office, parking, garden, staircases, etc. vary due to features and surface characteristics.

  • Area of the Application Space: The area available for tile placement will define the maximum or minimum tile size you should buy. Tile size can limit or expand your choices of tile types, patterns, and prices.

  • Surface Type: You can use tiles to cover walls, floors, outdoor areas, swimming pools, rooftops, balconies, etc. You will need to choose the correct type of tiles for these surfaces.

  • Expected Footfall: Different types of tiles can handle different levels of footfall. For instance, ceramic tiles are great for residential applications such as bedrooms and living rooms. However, for a retail store that receives about 100 people a day, double-charged vitrified tiles (DCVTs) are a better option.

  • Type of Footfall: If you expect foot traffic on the tiles, most floor tiles can handle it. However, if you are tiling a vehicle parking area, you should use appropriately strengthened tiles.

  • Décor Requirements: Once you have identified the size, types, and qualities of tiles you are looking for you can start to finalise the designs. Wood lookalike, granite, marble, coordinated, mosaic, and colours of the tiles. Johnson also has several unique looks with large and medium-sized tiles.

  • Special Characteristics: Industrial floor tiles and cool roof tiles offer special characteristics. Industrial floor tiles can offer anti-static, chemical-resistant properties for use in manufacturing facilities, data centres and workshops. Cool roof tiles can remain cooler than the ambient temperature despite their exposure to sunlight.

Find H&R Johnson Tiles Prices

Tile prices vary based on the region, design, type, size and thickness of the tile. You can visit Johnson’s Experience Centre or a nearby dealership for accurate tile prices.

Different Tile Sizes At H&R Johnson

Large Size Tiles

120x240 cm 80x240 cm 180x120 cm 160x80 cm
80x120 cm 152x31 cm

Medium Size Tiles

120x60 cm 120x20 cm 80x80 cm 60x60 cm
120x30 cm

Small Size Tiles

40x40 cm 45x30 cm 30x30 cm 37.5x25 cm
30x20 cm 24.7x12.2 cm 10.8x10.8 cm 30.2x10 cm

Types of Tiles

H&R Johnson offers several types of tiles. These tiles as listed below feature different characteristics due to different compositions and methods of manufacturing:

  • Ceramic (Non-Vitrified) Tiles: These tiles are made of earthen clay baked at 800 degrees centigrade. While the tile body is porous, a hard glaze coat is given on top of it to make it sturdy and waterproof. The glaze enables printing for different patterns, designs, and colours on these tiles.

  • Full-Body Vitrified Tiles: Full-body vitrified tiles are made of silica, clay, feldspar, quartz, and grains of colour pigment. All vitrified tiles are baked at around 1200 degrees centigrade. These tiles feature a uniform structure and can be cut and shaped like a stone block after manufacturing.

  • Double-Charged Vitrified Tiles: Double-charged vitrified tiles have a thick layer of colour pigment applied directly on the tile’s surface. The dual tone of the colours on these tiles gives them the name double charge tiles. Due to the thick layer of colour pigment, tiles can hide minor scratches on the surface.

  • Glazed Vitrified Tiles: Glazed Vitrified tiles are vitrified tiles with a hardened layer of glaze on top. The glazed surface can be digitally printed with high-definition graphics allowing unique patterns and better-than-perfect replicas of natural materials.

  • Polished Vitrified Tiles: Vitrified tiles have a surface with nanopores. Even though the tiles are almost waterproof, the pores can still hold liquids causing the tile to get stained. When polished, these tiles have the nanopores filled to the extent where the tile will become stain-resistant. Polish also gives these tiles a reflective surface.

  • Industrial Tiles: Industrial tiles are vitrified tiles manufactured with specific strength, surface quality and characteristics for different industrial usage. For instance, scratch-resistant tiles, load-bearing tiles, anti-radiation tiles (shield against x-rays), slip resistance, electrostatic, chemical and acid and alkali-resistant tiles.

Tiles by Space of Application

The Most Popular Tile Colours at H&R Johnson

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Grey
  • Ivory
  • Sand Dunes
  • Wenge
  • White
  • Yellow

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of tiles?

The two broad categories of tiles are manufactured and natural material tiles . Ceramic and vitrified tiles are manufactured tiles, while tiles made of marble, wood, granite, etc., are natural tiles. Vitrified tiles offer an eco-friendly alternative to natural tiles as they don’t need quarrying and can be recycled.

2. Which tiles are best for your home?

Glazed Ceramic tiles and various types of vitrified tiles like glazed vitrified and polished vitrified tiles are useful for home applications. Glazed ceramic tiles are a good option for wall cladding and décor. However, you can use ceramic and vitrified tiles for both walls and floors. However, wall tile variants of ceramic tiles should not be used on the floor. Floor tiles in different spaces may need different features, i.e., kitchen and bathroom floor tiles should have a matte surface and offer anti-skid properties.

3. How do I choose tiles?

You should select the tiles based on the area of the application, such as a bathroom, kitchen, living area, terrace, garden, parking lot, etc., and expected footfall. Higher footfall or traffic areas need tiles with higher surface durability and a stronger body.