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This is the place where hygiene and safety are most important. Choose tiles which are easy to clean, slip resistant and germ-free for the best result. Here we have given our recommendation.

Perhaps the most private and small room in the house is credited by many great people for getting clarity on big ideas! While cleanliness and pleasing settings remain the most important aspects for urban bathrooms in India, which are generally not very big, one can go for designer bathroom tiles or 3D bathroom tiles to get a new look in seconds!

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This is the area where cleanliness and safety are most critical. For the greatest results, choose anti-skid tiles for the bathroom, easy to clean, and germ-free. We've made our recommendation here.

A bathroom is a place where you can enjoy your solitude and complete privacy. Bathrooms in India have the image of a place you want to usually run away from as quickly as possible. However, modern times and definitions have changed the bathroom from the last place you want to be to a place of your peace.

Here are our suggestions for choosing the wall and floor tiles for your private place of tranquillity:

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Design & Texture

Types of Bathroom Tiles at H&R Johnson


    - Coordinated Digital Print Tiles: Bathroom ceramic and vitrified materials are used to make digital tiles, which are usually printed digitally. The use of digital printing processes has allowed any design or pattern to be added to the surface of bathroom wall tiles.

    - Digital Natural Wall Tiles: Digital 3D bathroom wall tiles with elevated prints such as stone print, wood print, brick print, marble print, etc.

    - Glossy Wall Tiles: The glaze on gloss tiles is mirror-like. The gloss finish tiles are lustrous and have a light-reflecting sheen. These bathroom tiles are perfect for tiny rooms since it opens up and expands the space.

    - Matte Finish Wall Tiles: Matte finish bathroom wall tiles give your overall design a more refined, reserved, and understated aesthetic.


    - Natural Finish Floor Tiles: Honed finish tiles provide a smooth, satin finish with very little light reflection. The term "natural stone finish" usually refers to the appearance of natural stone.

    - Matte Finish Floor Tiles: Matte-finish tiles are dark and opaque, and they don't reflect light. As a result, they are better suited to greater areas. In a small room, matte-finish tiles can make the space appear and feel smaller unless the remainder of the space is carefully constructed to counter this impact.

How to Choose Your Bathroom Tiles?

The presence of water and soapy fluids on the bathroom floor increases the risk of slipping and sliding. If the tile surface is exceptionally smooth and glossy, the risk is very great, hence anti-skid tiles for bathrooms like matt finish tiles are preferred.

If there are elderly in the house, floor tiles with a bit firmer matt and textured surface work best as it offers better grip while wet. So, consider the following:

    • Dry and wet safety of the floor

    • Germ-free walls and corners

    • Safe to use for children and elderly

    • Easy to clean and maintain

Bathroom Tiles by Application

Wall Tiles

    Q- Which are the Best Tiles for the Bathroom Wall?
    A- Ceramic tile is one of the most popular bathroom floor options. It's water-resistant, stain-resistant, and won't absorb bacteria or odours. It's an excellent choice for a high-traffic bathroom. For a sleek, opulent look, ceramic tile comes in a variety of colours and styles.

    Q- What are the different types of tiles you can use for the bathroom wall?
    A- The main categories of tiles used for bathroom walls include coordinated digital print tiles, digital natural wall tiles, glossy wall tiles, and matte finish wall tiles. Choose those bathroom wall tiles that are long-lasting and complement your aesthetics while also lighting up your daily use area.

    Q- How to select tiles for your bathroom wall?
    A- We have a vast range of surface finishes and styles to pick from. Because the overall wall size of the bathroom is typically greater than the floor area, we must sensibly address this. The following are some bathroom tiling suggestions:

    - Choose larger-sized tiles to reduce the number of joints and simplify maintenance and cleaning.

    - While a glossy or polished surface is thought to be simpler to clean, you can also choose a soft matt surface to reduce bathroom reflections.

    - Use tiles that have the "Germ-Free" option. These tiles are anti-microbial, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus that cause infection, foul odours, and stains. H&R Johnson is the first firm to introduce its patented technology, which includes anti-microbial wall and floor application tiles.

Floor Tiles

    1. Which are the Best Tiles for the Bathroom floor?
    Go for non-slippery floor tiles for the bathroom. Anti-slip tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean, which is one of the best reasons to use them aside from their safety feature. These ceramic tiles also offer scratch resistance and durability. Matte finish tiles or anti-skid tiles last longer in bathrooms even with higher traffic.

    2. What are the different types of tiles you can use for the bathroom floor?
    There are specifications for each of these tile categories. The two most frequent types of tiles used for bathroom floors are natural finish floor tiles and matte finish floor tiles.

    3. How to select tiles for your bathroom floor?
    The presence of water and soapy liquids on the bathroom floor increases the risk of slipping and sliding. A thin film of water or soapy water on the surface causes it to happen. When the tile surface is exceptionally smooth and shiny, the risk of staining increases dramatically, so matt finish tiles are recommended. If there are elderly people in the house, floor tiles with a harder matt and textured surface work well.


Q.1 - Which bathroom tiles to choose?

Bathrooms are a place of ultimate privacy and where using water should be relaxing and stress-free. So, you need to select anti-skid ceramic tiles with a matte finish, especially for the floor. For walls, you can be more creative with 3D tiles for the bathroom. You may also want to use larger tiles for the walls as they will make for easier cleaning. Also, check out tiles with an antimicrobial surface which prevents fungi and odour development in the bath.

Q.2 - What are the best tiles for shower walls?

Shower walls should tolerate a lot of water and should allow for easy cleaning of water and soap stains. You may consider glazed bathroom ceramic tiles. The collection includes amazing digital wall tile designs to help you create an appearance you can always appreciate.

Q.3 - What are the best colour tiles for a small bathroom?

Space constraints in bathrooms need a smart and creative interior choice to use every inch of the surface to make it appear spacious and comfortable. Usually, you can achieve this feat by using a single or dual colour tone for the area. If your bathroom lacks a window for direct sunlight, it’s better to stick to a reflective and lighter colour palette. In any case, a white glossy surface for walls is always an easy choice for smaller bathrooms. You can mix this with pink, ocean blue, natural green or grey colour to create your combination.