Spanish Care

This is one of most versatile wall application ceramic tile collection with GERM-FREE advantage to create a mesmerising effect in your bathroom and kitchen!

Combine the rectangular and square shape options to make a signature accent wall or use them in external walls. Choose compatible Care-Floor in 60x60cm for Bathroom Floor.


Not only this collection has the DNA of durability and functionality that Johnson is known for, it is also about aesthetics. Aesthetics of exposed surfaces calls for a unique blend of finish, seamless inclusion of multiples pieces and required designs which complete the overall style that goes into ambiance.

Then there is something called as – dare. It belongs to certain few who strive to go beyond conventions and create new level of comfort which delivers the new, more evolved experience and daring becomes a convention for them to bring newness like the this series of wall and floor tiles – SPANISH COLLECTION consisting rectangle and squares in complete harmony for wall to floor application.



The flexural strength and breaking strength of wall application tiles (60x40 cm & 40x40cm) is much higher than conventional wall tiles. The conventional wall tiles are not recommended to be used on floor even if you want some tiles to flow from wall to floor in your bathroom or internal passages or balcony. Choose any matt finish element of Spanish Care Collection and you can enjoy the freedom to take it to the floor as well!


Bathroom is one space where ceramic tiles have the monopoly because of its attributes. Presence of water on bathroom floor necessitates that the flooring offers good resistance to slipping. The coordinated flooring for wall application concepts in this collection offers that.


The architect or the interior in you will find this collection irresistible! Let it be minimalist, modern contemporary, retro or any other style you have planned for the tiling, you will get appealing options to supplement your plan and you don’t need to compromise on this front too.

What is the unique value proposition of SPANISH CARE Collection?

What makes this collection unique apart from parameters mentioned above is – HEALTH and HYGIENE.

The SPANISH CARE collection is the first of its kind in India which is made by Johnson’s ‘GERM-FREE’ technology. The anti-microbial property is the permanent feature of tiles, keeps the space more clean, hygienic and supports a healthy environment. We call it an integral part of CARE proposition

Which all spaces it can be considered for ?

Apart from conventional applications in bathrooms, kitchens, the beautiful, strong, antimicrobial Spanish care tiles are recommended for areas where bacteria accumulation harms the surroundings and we humans who interact with those surfaces. Hospitals, clinics, kid’s area, accent-wall, dining area, public areas.

How does CARE property works, is it safe to human touch?

Tiled surfaces are part of our space; day to day we interact with those surfaces. Hygiene, health, cleanliness and care for environment are equally important for the modern, sensitive man. Marrying these evolved needs and the aesthetics and styles was the challenge till we created the tiling solutions under our Care series of Tiles! Enjoy the wall tiling concepts in SP@NISH Care, well supported by coordinated FLOOR-CARE.


Absolutely not! Yes, the price of these anti-bacterial tile’s is slightly more than the conventional, ordinary tiles but when you calculate the overall cost of tiling or the entire interiors, the impact would be negligible. And you are choosing the one of its kind tiles which are not just anti-microbial but also – much durable and evolved aesthetics.