SSF - RT 24

This Stainfree collection is an improved range of vitrified tiles, with significantly enhanced stain resistance and gloss.

The most popular collection is sure to take the elegance of your interiors to a new level of perfection. Marble design are printed using Johnson’s patented ‘Soluble salt’ technology.

Johnson Marbonite Stainfree Tiles

Marbonite is superior to its natural counterpart both aesthetically and functionally.

TToday Marbonite has become synonymous with flooring. The incomparable elegance and style of natural marble authentically captured on Marbonite will certainly leave you floored. The marvel of modern vitrification technology. Continuous product development, the introduction of revolutionary features and technological innovations have always kept Marbonite far ahead of the competition. No wonder Marbonite has been the most preferred choice of Indian households for many years.