Installation of Swimming Pool Tiles: Do’s and Don’ts

Installation of Swimming Pool Tiles

Designing your interiors is an important aspect of designing your space, but another important aspect is designing the exteriors, such as the swimming pool. It is often observed that exterior spaces such as swimming pools are not given that much attention, however, you can uplift the ambience of the whole place by installing good quality swimming pool tiles and enhancing the look.

Before you start looking for swimming pool floor tiles in the market, let us give you a brief understanding of do’s and don’ts of selecting the perfect swimming pool outdoor tiles. While also offering you with trends and options that you can install in your swimming pool area.

Swimming Pool Floor Tiles

Here are some of the key points that you need to consider before you buy swimming pool tiles.

  • Quality

    Always look for the quality of the tiles that you are installing in the swimming pool area. The tiles should be of high quality to sustain for a longer period of time and offer you an aesthetically pleasing swimming pool area.

  • Durability

    Go with highly durable vitrified swimming pool tiles to be installed. Since vitrified tiles are highly water resistant and have high strength, these are perfect fit to be installed.

  • Finish

    Since exterior and vitrified tiles are available in different finishes such as satin, glossy, matt and others. Look for a finish that is suitable as per your preferences and requirements.

  • Colors

    In general swimming pool floor tiles are picked in bright colors and designs but you can choose different variants available in the market as per the preferences.

  • Anti-skid

    One of the most important factors to be considered is to choose anti-skid vitrified swimming pool outdoor tiles. These tiles are required to be anti-skid as in the pool area due to water exposure there might be certain accidents due to slipping. To avoid any such incidents you can install these anti-skid swimming pool tiles.

  • Easy to Maintain

    These tiles should be easy to maintain, clean, and install as well. This would help you reduce the extra cost involved in maintaining these tiles. Further making it a smart investment.

Moving on, now that we have discussed what you should look for while picking out the right swimming pool tiles, here are some things to avoid as well in the process.

  • First and foremost thing to avoid is to not choose designs or appearance of tiles over the quality of tiles being installed.
  • Don’t go with commercial grade ceramic tiles for installing as swimming pool outdoor tiles as they are not suitable.
  • Try to avoid installing ceramic tiles as they are not as water resistant as vitrified tiles are.
  • Don’t install designer tiles that require too much maintenance and have a textured surface which makes it difficult to clean the tiles.

Available Designs in Swimming Pool Tiles

If you go out in the market looking for swimming pool tiles, you will find endless options and designs that might seem appealing to you, however, not every design is suitable for you. Below are a few design options that you can explore to add as your swimming pool floor tiles.

  • Neutral Shades

    Another subtle design trend to try is to install neutral shades of tiles to offer the place a soothing and relaxing touch. This would help to create the swimming pool area a safe calming corner. The neutral shades of these tiles radiate a positivity and lights up the mood of the entire place.

    Explore Johnson Endura anti-skid swimming pool tiles such as Mica Beige, Stone Crema, Stone Grey and others.

  • Rectangular Tiles

    With Johnson Edura Swimming pool tiles, the vitrified tiles collection is available in matt finish in a size range of 12.2x24.7cm. The available designs are checkered boxes to offer a different pattern. These tiles have proper rounded corners that enable easy installation of tiles in the swimming pool floor and enhance the overall appearance of the area.

    Furthermore, these tiles are designed as water resistant with high hygiene and low maintenance for long lasting installation of the tiles.

  • Unique Tiles Size

    The next trend to be followed is installing tiles size of 24.7x12.2 cm from the Johnson Endura collection of tiles, this size conforms with Olympic Pool norms. These are easy to install and are usually preferred to be installed as swimming pool tiles. Installing small format tiles is easy as compared to installing large format tiles which help to reduce the installation cost and makes it a smart investment for you.

Swimming Pool Tiles with H&R Johnson

The sixty years of experience of H&R Johnson allows the brand to offer you with the best possible quality of Johnson Endura swimming pool tiles and other tiling solutions as well. Furthermore, the brand’s expertise allows it to offer you a highly durable and best possible quality tiles collection.

Furthermore, the tiles here are anti-skid, water and stain resistant which makes the Johnson Endura tiles the perfect choice for installing as swimming pool tiles. The Johnson Endura collection of tiles is suitable for both commercial as well as residential applications and are available in a wide range of designs for you to choose from.

Additionally, you can visit the experience center established by the brand for you to visit and witness the quality of the products firsthand and make an informed decision in terms of choosing the swimming pool tiles. These experience centers are established in easily accessible locations all across the country.

For more information you can also get in touch with the tile experts here and identify the best suitable tiles for your different segments of your place.


For swimming pools it is advisable to install specialized vitrified tiles with anti skid property and prevent algae formation, as they are slip-resistant and water resistant. These tiles provide more grip to walk on and are highly durable to last for a long time.

Since swimming pool tiles are always in contact with water, there is a high probability that they can have calcium deposits on the surface. To remove these deposits, you can use a solution of vinegar and water and wipe off the surface gently to remove the stains and keep the tiles clean.

Yes, swimming pool tiles are available in different colors and patterns. These tiles are available in a wide range of options to be chosen from and allows you to make your swimming pool area appear aesthetically pleasing as well.