5 Tips For Choosing The Right Kitchen Slab

The kitchen is often the most versatile workshop in any setting, be it residential or commercial. A home kitchen, however, is a difficult place to be as it needs to be highly functional and safe while maintaining an elegant air around it.

If you have a spacious kitchen you need to utilise the space to ensure the quality is captured without becoming too congested. The countertop or benchtop is perhaps the most used surface in the kitchen.

Thus, finding an appropriate countertop slab is important. It needs to be sturdy, with high scratch resistance and provide value to your kitchen aesthetics.

Kitchen Slab Tile Design

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Kitchen countertops are not only functional but also provide a unique appearance to the surroundings. Your countertop slab is what separates your kitchen from the rest of the house.

Because the countertop is almost always in use, selecting high-quality, long-lasting material is a priority. Traditionally, natural stones like marble and granite slabs have been popular materials for kitchen countertops.

The Johnson Porselano Grandeur is a collection of  glazed vitrified slabs. These slabs are available in 240x80cm size with a thickness of 15mm which are perfect for laying any modern kitchen countertop. You can use the slab for both the primary and island countertop with ease.

The slab is a pre-polished vitrified tile. The tile offers almost zero porosity and heavy-duty surface strength. So, you can be stress-free about the tile’s maintenance and longevity after installation.

Themes & Surface Finish Choices

Whether you are looking to have a soothing white kitchen countertop or modern sophistication, you can have a choice with kitchen slab designs.

1. Dark Appeal

While plain black countertops are extremely overused, there is something very classic and timeless about them. Black is a timeless and evergreen colour that can be paired with almost any colour scheme. A black high-gloss countertop with white cabinets, walls, and floors is the pinnacle of modern elegance.

2. White Ecstasy

White countertops are something that will immediately put you at ease. Unlike natural white stones which are hard to maintain due to spills, manufactured stone slabs can avoid stains.

However, with technological advancements, a white countertop is no longer a headache-inducing concept. Because of their low porosity, they are easy to clean and difficult to stain.

3. Natural Stone

If plain black, white or any other colour tiles are just too plain for you, it’s time to explore the polished marble tile slabs. The glossy, black, blue, and even galaxy-like surface reflects light beautifully and almost replicates the look of a natural stone.

Combine it with simple walls, floors, and cabinetry to showcase nature’s chaos within the serene surroundings.

4. Natural Colour & Materials

This is an increasingly popular theme with urban kitchen designs where elements of nature find a place. You can choose from several natural hues for the kitchen slab.

For example, different wood compositions, concrete and natural stone or metal sheet finish for kitchen slab tiles.

H&R Johnson's Grandeur series tiles offer six different surface finishes with a range of colours and compositions. You can choose from high gloss, polished, matt, rocker, rustic and satin finish tile surfaces.

Durability & Chemical Resistance

The most important consideration is the durability of kitchen countertops. You want to furnish the interiors of your kitchen with the best materials available. The kitchen slab material should offer:

  • High scratch-resistance
  • Resistance to household chemicals and spills

The kitchen is a cauldron of chemicals. So, the resistance to mild household chemicals is a basic quality to look for in materials for kitchen countertops. Surface durability is important because Indian kitchens face unique challenges such as heavy equipment or grinding.

Porcelain countertops slabs provide excellent durability at a low cost. This is also the only countertop with some DIY potential. Although tile can withstand both heat and knives, a cutting board is recommended — not to protect the tile, but to protect your knives from this unyielding surface.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The kitchen is where all the cooking takes place. Along with a healthy diet, you should think about the health implications of your kitchen furnishings. Interior furnishings, like proper ventilation, should add value to your experience.

Using a large slab tile as a countertop provides you with surface integrity which is easy to maintain and clean.

Wiping the porcelain slab down with a clean cotton cloth damp with water and a mild detergent should be enough to remove grease and residue from the surface. Avoid using harsh products containing acid or alkali, as well as steel wool or scouring pads.

The kitchen slab tiles from H&R Johnson offer non-toxic scratch-resistant surfaces. This means despite regular use you can be sure to avoid any bacteria and mildew build-up on the slab surface.

Hygiene & Safety

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Stainless steel countertops can be found in a variety of commercial kitchens. This is not an accident. Commercial kitchens adhere to strict hygiene and food safety standards. As a result, stainless steel countertops are among the most hygienic, water-resistant, and heat-resistant surfaces. Because of its non-porosity, this shiny elegant surface leaves no room for germs to board.

The porcelain kitchen countertop offers the same durability and hygiene as stainless steel but with a better appearance. You must select a material that is resistant to bacteria and fungi, stain-resistant, and easily cleaned.

For the ideal placement of robust material, you can always consult with expert architects and designers. Well-designed kitchen countertops make it easier to live a simple lifestyle, which is a healthy choice for everyone.

Kitchen Slab Designs for Any Theme

Porcelain kitchen slab tiles are available in a wide range of designs to suit any interior theme of a modern kitchen. Whether you want a uniquely styled theme, or a classical kitchen H&R Johnson’s Grandeur range of large porcelain slabs provides everything.

The best part of these slabs is that you can expect everything from the porcelain that you would from a natural stone like marble or granite. However, porcelain lacks the weaknesses of natural stones in home applications.