Installing Full Body Vitrified Tiles in Living Room: Trends and Designs Available

Installing Full Body Vitrified Tiles

Designing your room and your home is something that we all look forward to our whole life. But when the time comes and we have to make the decision to finalize the products that we want to install, it becomes overwhelming for us. Choosing the perfect vitrified tiles from a wide range of available options can cause some confusion and that is quite common.

To help you through the process of designing and decorating your dream place by picking the most suitable products. If you are redesigning or creating a new decor, picking out the right tile options can uplift the mood and set the ambience of your place at once.

Moving on, in this blog we will be discussing the trends and designs that you can explore while installing full body vitrified tiles in different sections of your place.

Understanding the Vitrified Tiles

Before we talk about picking out the best suitable living room vitrified tiles or for any other section, it is necessary to understand the basics of the tiles that you are going to install. The processing of these vitrified tiles is done in a way that makes these tiles highly durable, sturdy, and resistant to any visible wear and tear.

The vitrified floor tiles or wall tiles are easy to install, clean, and maintain for a long period of time. This makes these tiles an ideal choice for installing in different sections of your house be it living room, kitchen or bedroom as well.

Vitrified tiles are one of the best ways to revamp your place and install in your small sized places as well. Full body vitrified tiles are the usual first choice for installing in a small available space as it helps to provide you a durable, sturdy, and wide range of products.

Vitrified tiles are further categorized into full body vitrified, double charge, and glazed vitrified tiles. For more detail about the different types of vitrified tiles you can read our previous blogs and get in touch with our tile experts as well.

Trends in Vitrified Tiles

We have established that vitrified tiles are one of the most suitable options to be installed in different sections of your home and they are also available in a wide range of designs and patterns. To make the entire process of picking the most suitable floor tiles vitrified, we have curated a few trending design options for you to explore and consider before making an investment.

  • Neutral and light shades

    For living room tiles, it is important to choose the color palette and designs carefully to provide the right ambience and energy to your living room. Hence choosing neutral or light shade palette is one of the biggest trends being observed here in the industry.
    These neutral and light shade tiles uplifts the mood of the entire space at once and provides positive energy to the space. Furthermore, if you wish to explore this trend, check these options from the H&R Johnson collection of tiles in the size range of 60x120 cm Linea Verde, Roman Azul in matt finish. Along with Roman Gold, and Roman Lilac in the size range of 60x120 cm in matt finish.

  • Large format tiles

    Another trend that you can follow is to install large format tiles in size ranges of 60x120 cm, and 80x160 cm. For this trend you can explore different designs and patterns from the Johnson Marbonite collection in matt and polish finish as well.
    The benefit of installing these large format tiles is that they make your place appear more breathable and open. Additionally, large format tiles are easy to install and maintain. With fewer grout lines visible the place will appear bigger and offer a soothing feel to the place.

  • Textured tiles

    The next trend that you can follow is to install textured living room vitrified tiles which can enhance the look and appearance of your place. These textured tiles will make the place appear a bit creative and artistic, making the place stand out and appear elegant.
    For this trend explore these tiles from Johnson Marbonite collection in the size range of 60x120 cm, Linea S&P Black, Linea S&P Pastel Brown, Roman Belgium, Roman Carbon and others in matt finish.

  • Polished finish tiles

    Lastly you can install vitrified tiles with polish finish instead of matt finish to make the place appear brighter and open. These polished tiles make the place appear elegant and classy while also adding to the ambience of the place.

Vitrified Tiles with H&R Johnson

With brands such as H&R Johnson you get a highly reliable and durable quality of vitrified tiles for the living room and other spaces of your house. These tiles are made using the best quality raw materials and provide you with satisfactory quality and high-end products.

Over sixty years of experience allows the brand to provide you with the best quality tiles and products in various finishes and size ranges. These are available in different patterns as well to suit your every corner of the place.

Furthermore, H&R Johnson has established experience centers all across the country at easily accessible locations to help you witness the quality firsthand and make the decision of choosing the best quality products. For more information you can also get in touch with tile experts here at H&R Johnson and have a better understanding of the products, quality, and designs as well.


porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are best suitable to be used for underfloor heating systems due to their durability and quality of the products.

Vitrified tiles are one of the most suitable options to be installed in commercial spaces with high-traffic areas. For this you can explore the Johnson Marbonite range of tiles.

Vitrified tiles are non-porous and have a highly water resistant capability whereas ceramic tiles are not highly resistant to water like vitrified tiles and have a lower strength as compared to vitrified tiles as well.