Importance of installing swimming pool floor tiles in commercial spaces

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While designing a swimming pool area, the most obvious and important question to be asked is which tiles are suitable. It often becomes difficult to understand the different tiles available and the most suitable ones. Installing swimming pool tiles is a smart decision while making decisions about the design.

However, it often becomes difficult to differentiate between the wide range of tiles available in the market and identify the right swimming pool floor tiles. To help you have a clear understanding of this differentiation of tiles we have drafted this blog. Here you will get a detailed analysis of all the available swimming pool tiles options and the benefits that come associated with installing swimming pool floor tiles.

What are Swimming Pool Tiles?

Swimming pool tiles are vitrified tiles that are installed in the swimming pool area due to its functionality, unique features and capabilities as mentioned below.

  • Anti-skid

    One of the most important features of the swimming floor tiles flooring is the anti-skid nature of these tiles. It provides an additional support for walking on the surface and is safe in case of any hazard due to slipping.

  • Water resistant

    Always ensure that the swimming pool floor tiles that you pick for yourspace are water resistant. However, by nature these swimming pool outdoor tiles have good water resistance which makes them a perfect fit for this.

  • High durability

    Another aspect to keep in consideration is the durability of these tiles. The tiles that you install should be highly durable as they will experience heavy foot traffic hence, need more durability.

    Always choose a brand such as H&R Johnson that offers highly durable tiles from their heavy-duty tiles that are suitable for installing as outdoor tiles around swimming pool.

  • Stain resistant

    The next feature that you are looking for is stain resistance or easy cleaning. Since these tiles will be installed in an industrial or commercial environment they will experience a lot of stain and hence need to have stain resistance and easy to clean capability.

  • High resistance and strength

    Finally, these tiles are required to be highly resistant and have good strength to endure the heavy foot traffic and harsh environmental conditions as well.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Tiles

Moving on, now that we have established the features that you need to look for in these swimming pool tiles. Let's have a look at some of these major benefits of installing these swimming pool floor tiles.

  • Easy Installation

    One of the major benefits of installing these swimming pool tiles is that these are very easy to install and come in different sizes to fit all the commercial and industrial spaces. Here with H&R Johnson you get a wide range of collections to choose from. All these tiles are very easy to install and don't require much effort.

  • Versatility

    As mentioned above these are available in different sizes and designs that can suit all the spaces and provide the functional benefits to the place along with providing a good sight as well. With H&R Johnsons new collection you get a wide range of swimming pool tiles, swimming pool patio tiles, and swimming pool outdoor tiles.

  • Low Maintenance

    Another benefit of installing the swimming pool floor tiles is that these are low maintenance and don't require much effort to clean and maintain. Their anti-skid, stain resistant feature makes them further easy to clean and maintain.

  • Toxin Free

    The tiles here at H&R Johnson are made with a toxin free process and are completely safe to be used in each and every segment of your commercial or residential place. Additionally the swimming pool outdoor tiles are safe to be in both commercial and residential applications.

  • Strength

    Since vitrified tiles are installed as swimming pool floor tiles, these tiles are strong as compared to other tiles. The strength of these tiles comes from the raw materials being incorporated into the manufacturing process and the process of vitrification as well through which these tiles are crossed. This makes the tiles sturdy enough to last for a longer period of time and resist the wear and tear of the tiles as well.

Concluding the Thought

When it comes to picking out the perfect and most suitable swimming pool floor tiles for your swimming pool area it is necessary to check for the quality of the product that you are investing in. Hence, it is often recommended to choose a highly durable and reliable brand that offers you with the reliable and highest possible quality products in the long run.

One such reliable brand is H&R Johnson which has been serving the industry for over sixty years and has gained enough expertise and experience to offer you the best quality products in the market. Be it swimming pool tiles, or tiles for any other section and application of your commercial, residential or industrial application.

Furthermore, to ensure enhanced customer experience, the brand has established experience centers across the country with easily accessible locations. These experience centers are designed with studios where you can witness the high quality of the products by yourself while also visualizing your ideas before you make an investment in the products.

Additionally, these experience centers are designed in such a manner that you can easily visit and pick out the tiles as per your preferences and choices. For more information and other additional queries you can also get in touch with the tile guide experts here at H&R Johnson and get the perfect tiles picked out for your space.


For installing as swimming pool tiles vitrified tiles are the most suitable option as these are highly durable, water and stain resistant with anti-skid features. All these factors make vitrified tiles are one of the best options to be installed as swimming pool tiles.

To maintain and clean the swimming pool tiles it is recommended to do a thorough cleaning of the pool tiles every once in a while to remove the hard water stains and remove any other dirt from the tile surfaces to make them last for a long time.

Yes, swimming pool tiles are available in different colors and patterns which makes them an acceptable option to be installed as outdoor tiles around swimming pool.