7 Creative Ideas for Covering Your Damaged Wall Without Paint

Wall damages are pretty common, especially when you have heavy furniture at home. Most wall damages are minor and you can easily ignore them. But if you come face to face with damage that just won’t stay hidden, you need to have more creative ideas than just repainting the wall.

Here are seven unique ways of covering, repairing, hiding or simply turning the wall damage to your advantage:

Temporary Wallpaper – Easy Solution

bright flat white brick wall monstera

Wallpapers are the easiest item to cover your house walls with. The best part with wallpapers is that they are inexpensive and offer a huge range of variety in texture and design.

The only setback with wallpapers would be that they need smooth walls. So if your wall has any texture or uneven surface you will face two challenges:

  • The wallpaper will have problems sticking to the wall
  • It can be easily damaged even with a mild touch

It’s better to smoothen the wall surface before putting the wallpaper. You can also use a higher thickness wallpaper or use PVC-free wallpapers. PVC-free wallpaper, though a bit more expensive, is far less harmful to the health of the residents than other wallpapers.

Wall Tiles for Lasting Impression

black slate wall texture background

Wall tiles are an affordable yet   transformational idea for repairing damaged walls. With tiles, you can eliminate the chances of using harmful chemicals and paint to repair the walls. Tiled walls also offer 3D texture which is not only visibly appealing but also feels to the touch.

Large tiles with digital art prints allow you to have a mural-like wall décor without actually getting into the expensive mural selection.

You can select from a range of ceramic tiles such as:

Tiling or cladding is a commonly used solution for long-lasting exterior wall finishes. Here you can consider cool roof SRI tiles if you need to keep the heat away from the interiors adjoining the wall.

If you are repairing a damp wall, make sure the dampness has been treated before putting up the tiles. Use porcelain or vitrified tiles on such walls for more durability and water resistance.

Tile Decals – Redecorating Tiled Walls

azulejos portuguese round blue watercolor pattern

Tile decals help you repair tiled walls like the ones in the bathroom or kitchen. These are artistic stickers which can quickly transform your tiled wall into a different design and feel. Create a pattern with multiple small stickers or use a large one to cover a portion of the wall.

This is a quick fix for damaged tiles. However, the best use of tile decals is to redecorate your walls. Make sure to clean the debris and any impurities from the surface of the tiles before sticking the decals.

Wall Decals – Let the Walls Speak

cat silhouettes falling cats on wall

Wall decals are an even more customizable and artistic form of wallpapers. However, unlike the blanket wallpaper designs, there is no dearth of decal creativity. You can use decals on incomplete or chipped-out walls and create a theme of your own.

You can also select and have appropriate themes for different spaces in your home. Wall decals are an inexpensive alternative for murals. Also, since these are also stickers, using them on smooth surfaces is best.

Tapestry & Curtains – Your Signature Theme

selangor malaysia 15-december-2017 square

Tapestry is one simple to install and replace option to hide the damaged portions of your walls. You can try to create a signature theme with tapestries. However, it is recommended that you use not more than two in a room to stop it from looking like a tapestry store.

Also, this could be easily replaced with another theme design.

Art Accent Wall

colorful entry hallway wood slat wall

An accent wall is another great solution when you want to redecorate your damaged wall without actually repairing or redoing the wall. All you need is to piece together a collection of artistic and utilitarian items like photographs, wall hangings, mirrors, and even a wall-hung shelf.

You can also run a DIY creative project with the family to have more arts to display in the space.

Paintings & Sculptures

wooden table next grey corner settee

Paintings are another simple yet pleasant way of restoring the value lost due to wall damage. But paintings usually like to hang around certain places, especially around the midsection of the wall. You will also need to ensure that the painting doesn’t fall into the dark and receives sufficient natural light.

However, if you need to cover for damage close to the floor, you may consider putting up sculptures or sculptures. Sculptures also add a personality and perhaps even a story to your home or office space.

Paint is one of the most popular finishes for the walls at home and many other buildings. However, you have a tonne of alternatives to the paint which continues to emit harmful gases many years after application. So, use your creativity and personalise your space with items and materials which showcase the warmth without side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

First step is to identify the type of damage your walls suffer. The treatment may differ somewhat for cracks and loose plaster scale. Once you identify the cause and type of damage the wall plaster suffers, you can prepare the surface. Remove the lose plaster first. If a large chunk of plaster has lost grip from the lath behind it, remove the plaster and form rectangular patches before repair. Use repair mortar to cover the patches completely. You can also make use of wall tiles to cover the wall and avoid plaster damages anytime soon.

Cladding is the name of the extra layer of material covering the walls. When used on buildings cladding can often cover a part or the entire building's external walls. The purpose of cladding varies from highly functional, like thermal proofing, to visual appeal. External cladding with ceramic tiles is a common mode of improving durability of building's walls, both for homes and commercial buildings. Two factors which make tiles the best option for cladding are - the durability and design variety. You can choose from natural stone replicas to designer tiles as per your decor needs. You also have SRI tiles which are useful when you need some relief from the scortching summer sun.