How to Select and Maintain the Bathroom Tiles for an Elegant Bathroom

Bathroom Tiles for an Elegant Bathroom

Bathroom tiles are one of the best ways of styling your home and your bathroom space. However, with the plethora of options available in the market you are bound to get confused and feel overwhelmed while selecting the best bathroom tiles.

Moreover, here in this blog we will help you understand better about the process of selecting the perfect ceramic tiles for bathroom floor and how to maintain the bathroom tiles be it for walls or floors. Let's begin!

Choosing Best Bathroom Wall Tiles

The process of picking out the best bathroom wall tiles doesn't require much effort. You are required to keep only a few points under consideration while making the decision. Here are the points to be considered:

  • Picking the right size

    One of the most important decisions while picking out the suitable bathroom tiles is to consider the size of the tiles. For this you need to have proper measurement of the area where you wish to install the tiles and then decide the suitable size of tiles that would suit the place.

  • Consider the placement

    Look for the placement of tiles where you wish to place the tiles. If you wish to cover all the walls or just one wall. However you want the placement of bathroom tiles, make a confirmed decision for that before choosing the tiles.

  • Look for the design and patterns

    Decide the theme that you wish to create in your bathroom. Depending on the theme, pick out the designs and patterns of tiles for your bathroom. If you wish to create a comfortable nature inspired theme or just a warm theme for your bathroom, pick the tiles as per that.

  • Finish of the tiles

    Depending on the theme you can decide for the finish of the tiles that you wish to install. Whether you want glossy walls or matt finish walls, will further help you to decide for the tiles that you can install in your bathroom.

Choosing Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom Floor

When it comes to choosing perfect bathroom floor tiles, it is important to look out for certain specific pointers. Apart from looking just for the size and placement of the floor bathroom tiles there are few more points to be considered. Some of the pointers are mentioned below:

  • Finish of tiles

    For bathroom floor tiles, finish of the tiles is an important factor that needs to be considered. This will help you decide the overall look of the tiles and make an aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

  • Water resistance

    The bathroom tiles need to be water resistant as there is going to be water involved in the bathroom which can damage the tiles if the tiles are not resistant. Hence, install the best tiles for bathroom floor that are water resistant.

  • Slip resistance

    Another factor to look into is slip resistant tiles. You need to install anti-skid or slip resistant tiles in your bathroom floor as slippery bathroom tiles can lead to any accidents. Hence, avoid that by installing slip-resistant tiles in your bathroom floor.

  • Easy to clean and low maintenance

    Another factor to look into is the easy to clean and low maintenance of the tiles. Bathroom tiles are going to be exposed to water constantly which can damage the tiles if not cleaned properly. For this reason you need to have easy to clean bathroom tiles.

Maintaining Bathroom Tiles for Elegant Bathroom

Now that we have discussed the process and points to consider for choosing the right bathroom tiles, it's time to understand about the process of maintaining those tiles.

  • Regular cleaning of the tiles will help the tiles last for a longer period of time
  • Maintaining grout line will further help to keep the tiles fixed
  • Use a neutral cleanser for cleaning the tile surface
  • Do not scrub too hard on the surface as it might cause damage to the top surface

Moving on, here are some of the best trends for you to follow while installing bathroom tiles.

Trends to Follow

Having discussed the major points of installing bathroom tiles, here are some of the major trends that you can explore and pick the best suitable one for your bathroom.

  • Wooden texture bathroom tiles

    Another timeless trend observed that you can install is wooden texture bathroom tiles for walls and for floor as well. This trend provides your bathroom with a comfortable, warm, and cosy ambience.
    Additionally these tiles allow you to provide your bathroom with a vintage and antique touch as well. For this trend you can explore the following options from the H&R Johnson collection of tiles: Gem Wood DK, Gem Wood HL and others in size range of 30*60 in glossy finish.

  • Ceramic tiles for bathroom floor

    Since ceramic tiles are water resistant and durable enough, these can be installed as bathroom floor tiles. These tiles are available in a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors as well which can be added to match the decor of your place.
    Moreover,ceramic tiles for bathroom floor can elevate the look of your bathroom and elevate the entire place.

  • Mosaic tiles

    Another trend is mosaic tiles which adds a sense of creativity and artistic vision to your bathroom space. These are available in different sizes as well to suit your themes and designs as well.

Putting an End

To conclude the above discussion, choosing the right tiles and maintaining the tiles are two of the most important aspects that come into the picture while you are designing your place. Hence, it is important to choose the right brand to give you the best possible products.

H&R Johnson is one of the leading brands in the industry to offer you with high quality products made of durable raw materials and hygiene standards. Furthermore, here you get a wide range of products to choose from. Along with this, the experience centres established by the brand across the country further assists you in making the final decision of picking the right product.

These experience centres are established at easily accessible places where you can visit and witness the quality yourself before choosing the final product. For more information you can also get in touch with the tile experts here and have clarity about the products you wish to purchase.


For choosing the right tile for your bathroom, consider the dimensions of the place, size of tiles you wish to install and the theme that you are trying to create.

For this the best way is to install anti-skid or slip-resistant tiles in the bathroom floor tiles. These tiles provide you with extra support and grip while walking on the floor.

Average lifespan of bathroom tiles is 60-70 years. Furthermore, it depends on the maintenance of the tiles as well. If the tiles are maintained properly they will last for a longer period of time.

This blog post will assist you in better understanding the process of choosing the ideal ceramic tiles for your bathroom's floor as well as how to maintain bathroom tiles, whether they are on the walls or the floor.