Floor tile trends in commercial spaces and offices

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One thing is sure that no one likes those boring white and monotonous corporate offices. In fact corporate offices these days are working on enhancing their space by installing decorative wall tiles and floor tiles. Majority of commercial spaces are avoiding those boring carpet floors and switching to floor tiles for better ambience and environment.

Let’s dive in and understand firstly why this switch to floor tiles and what all trends are there to be followed. Further, we’ll also discuss how to pick the right tiles for your commercial space.

Why go with floor tiles?

After we saw the trend of installing wall tiles, commercial spaces are now also installing floor tiles which is becoming a highly acceptable trend these days. Here are few major reason behind this switch:

  • Carpet floors are not that hygienic as you cannot clean them thoroughly
  • Carpet floors are of high maintenance, if you get a stain on it, then it becomes difficult to get the stain removed
  • Floor tiles are easy to install and maintain
  • With floor tiles there is a wide range of options available
  • Carpet floors makes the place look cluttered
  • Decorative wall tiles along with floor tiles can accentuate the office space

Moving on, let’s have a look at the

Points to consider

  • Foot traffic

    Consider the foot traffic in your commercial space and choose the most suitable floor tiles. Also consider the different areas of your space, such as reception, pantry, working bay, corridors and others. Different areas will have different foot traffic and hence, different floor tiles for these spaces.

  • Size of the space

    The size of the available space matters while picking out the right floor tiles for your commercial space. If you have a large available space you can choose either small, medium or large format tiles, as per your convenience. Furthermore, if you have a small available space you might want to consider large or medium sized tiles to accentuate the space and make it appear more open, attractive, and breathable.

  • Anti-skid feature

    One of the most important factors to consider when picking out the floor tiles for your commercial space is to choose anti-skid tiles. As these tiles will offer you better grip on the floor and prevent you from slipping on the floor or any other accidents.

  • Strength & durability

    Another factor to consider is the strength of the tiles. For commercial spaces as you will have heavy footfall you will need floor tiles with good strength. Additionally, installing tiles with high strength will be highly durable and last for a longer time.

  • Finish of tiles

    For wall tiles you can have decorative wall tiles with either a matt, or glossy finish as per the usage. Secondly, for the floor tiles you can further choose either glossy or matt finish tiles as per your preference. However, double charge and full body vitrified tiles are the best suitable options to be installed in commercial spaces.

  • Low maintenance

    The tiles that you are picking out for your commercial space should be low maintenance as commercial spaces will have heavy footfall and installing tiles with high maintenance will not sustain for a longer period of time in such environments.

Trends to follow

Moreover, here are a few trends in floor tiles that you can explore for the commercial space installation.

  • Wooden floor tiles

    One of the best and most observed trends is installing wooden texture tiles in commercial space. These can be installed either in the corridors, pantry or even the workstations.

    Adding these wooden texture tiles will help you create a warm and welcoming environment and will keep a positive impression in the space. Furthermore, these tiles are anti-skid, and provide an elegant touch to your space.

    You can explore the Johnson Porselano segment by H&R Johnson, and browse these options: Almond Wood Brown, & Tropic Wood CRM in size range of 80*120 cm. Further you can also install Wonder Wood in 60*120 cm size range.

  • Marble texture tiles

    Another trend for you to try is installation of marble texture floor tiles. These can accentuate your commercial space by offering it an elegant and classy finish. You can pair these marble tiles with bold wall tiles or neutral wall tiles to create a different ambience in your space.

    For this you can explore the Johnson Marbonite collection by H&R Johnson and browse the options such as: Albano White, Palero Peach, & Palero White with polish finish in 80*160 cm size range. Additionally, you can also add Almaze Brown in Elite collection in the size range of 60*120 cm.

  • Hi-traffic tiles (Endura)

    You can also install Johnson Tiles in matt, satin, rocker, and wood finish for interior installation along with Marbonite and Porselano. Whereas for exterior application you can look for Endura Hi-traffic tiles by H&R Johnson which are the perfect match for your commercial space installation. These tiles are available in 30*30 cm size range. You can have these tiles in corridors as that area will always receive more foot traffic. Explore options such as Ivory Plus, Grey, Grey Plus, and Terracotta.

    Furthermore, you can also explore Endura Sandex and Sandex plus collections from H&R Johnson collection as these are perfect fit to be installed in commercial space. These are anti-skid, with satin finish, scratch resistant, easy to clean, and highly durable tiles. You can explore Mosaic Beige, Mosaic Coffee, Ivory, or Grey Coated for Sandex series. For Sandex Plus you can explore Ivory Plus,Terracotta Plus, Miramar Plus, and Nero Black.

  • Cement tiles

    As an alternative you can also install cement tiles for creating a sophisticated and classy look of the space. Additionally, these tiles will be more suitable for a space with direct light such as windows to create an open and organized look.

  • Large format exterior tiles

    One last trend for you to try is installing large format tiles in a design or finish that is more suitable for your space. These large format tiles will have less grout lines and will make your small space also appear bigger and open. Hence, a perfect fit for a small or large office space.

H&R Johnson and Commercial space Tiles

H&R Johnson has been serving the industry with various different options for commercial spaces, floors or wall tiles for over sixty years now. These designs, and tiles available here are highly durable and made of high quality.

Further, if you wish to witness the high quality by yourself, you can visit the experience centers established by the brand over the country at easily accessible locations. Here you can experience the different tiles, wall tiles, decorative wall tiles and floor tiles for commercial or residential spaces.

For more information you can get in touch with the tile guide experts and have a better understanding on how to pick the right tiles and which tiles would be more suitable for your space.


For choosing the right wall tiles, measure the wall space that is available for you. Next pick a theme that you wish to create, once done with this you can explore the trending designs available in the market and can shortlist the best suitable options for your walls.

For outdoor applications you can use ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles, depending on the designs that you are picking. For eg: natural stone wall ceramic tiles can be used in outdoor gardens and offer a close to nature feel.

Wall tiles are not required to be anti-skid or slip resistant, however, floor tiles are required to have a slip resistant feature to prevent any slipping accidents. All vitrified tiles can be applied on wall & floor, only ceramic wall tiles, which are having higher porosity/water absorption are recommended for Wall application only.