Design floor tiles trends and designs for living room

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Looking out for some options in floor tiles for bedroom, kitchen, living room and other spaces in your home? The options in the market are overwhelming you and you cannot make a solid decision, well this blog is to help you.

We understand that designing a home is a tedious task and requires a lot of effort hence, we have curated a simple list for you. Here you will find tips and tricks to use while picking out the best tiles along with some of the most trending options in the market.

Let's begin the process!

Picking Out the Right Tiles

The most crucial thing is to choose the right tile be it size or the design or the finish of the tiles. All are equally important. Let's discuss these factors in detail.

  • Size

    Depending on the size available to you for flooring choose the size right of the tiles. If you have a large available space you can go with large format tiles as they are easy to install, however, if you have a smaller available space here also you can install large format tiles given that they have suitable finish and design.
    For a smaller space large tiles are preferred as they have less grout lines which shows less signs of breaks in the tile flooring hence, makes the place appear open and bigger.

    If this is the aesthetic that you are looking for then go with different format of tiles from the H&R Johnson collection of Porselano (120x240cm, 120x180cm, 80x160cm, 60x120cm) or Marbonite (80X160 cm, 60X120 cm, 80x80 cm) tiles.

  • Design

    This is a crucial aspect as the design of the tiles for living room, floor tiles for bedroom and floor tiles for kitchen, all needs to have a different aesthetic as per the space. However, if you don't wish to do that you can also go with a monochromatic designer floor tile as well.

  • Finish

    Floor tiles for the living room can have either a matt or glossy finish as per your preference. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the overall theme that you have decided for your place before you pick a tile finish. Based on the overall theme you can either have a high gloss, glossy, matt, or carving finish. For these categories you can choose tiles from the wide range of options available here at H&R Johnson collection.

  • Durability

    Since floor tiles for living room and floor tiles for kitchen experience the maximum foot traffic these are required to be highly durable. Along with foot traffic there is a lot of heavy furniture kept in the living room, and bedroom hence, floor tile for bedroom is also required to be highly durable.

  • Anti-skid

    Another most important thing to look for in floor tiles is the anti-skid feature e.g Bathrooms, Kitchen floors. You for sure don't want any accidents to be caused due to slipping on the floor. Especially if you have elderly people and kids the chances of slipping on the floor are high in wet conditions or spillages, hence consider tiles with a matt, satin or rustic finish. Available in the Porselano and Marbonite range of H&R Johnson.

  • Easy maintenance

    Lastly, you don't want to put a lot of effort and time in cleaning the floor tiles, hence go with easy to maintain and clean floor tiles.

Moving on, let's have a quick look at the designs available in the market for you to choose from.

Trending Designs

The designs mentioned below can be installed in either kitchen, living room or even bedroom.

  • Wooden flooring

    One of the most popular and classic designs to install as floor tiles is the wooden flooring. This is the perfect fit as a floor tile for living room, and floor tile for bedroom. These are available in different size formats in the Johnson Porselano such as 80x120 CM as Tropic Wood CRM, you can also try Divine Wood Beige in the same size range.

  • Satin floor tiles

    Satin finish floor tile for bedroom and for living room has been another timeless trend that is being followed throughout the time. Here you can explore the Johnson Procelano and Marbonite collections in large format and small format tiles as well.

  • Big format floor tiles

    Another trend that is being followed is installing the big format tiles in matt finish to make the place appear open, and breathable. This is one of the best concepts to be installed in the smaller space as the less grout lines makes the place more open.

  • Cement floor tiles

    Last trend here is installing monochromatic cement floor tiles. For this you can explore the Johnson Marbonite collection of tiles in size range of 80x120 CM Light Grey, Linea Light Grey and Linea S&P Black. All these options are available in both matt and polished look.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have established the designs and tricks to pick the best floor tiles for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. One of the best things to keep in mind is to go with a brand like a H&R Johnson.

With H&R Johnson you get sixty years of experience and highly reliable and durable products. Additionally, you can visit the experience centres to get a better understanding of the products and the quality of the products.

For more information you can also get in touch with the tile experts and pick the best products for your place.


Different types of floor tiles are ceramic, double charge, full body vitrified, glazed vitrified etc.

Best way to clean and maintain floor tiles is mopping with a damp cloth using household floor cleaners and removing any stains. Before that remove all the dust using a dust remover.

Look for the dimensions of the place, size of the tiles, finish of the tiles, and design of the tiles as well. However the most important one is the size of the place.