Color Psychology in Kitchen Design: Choosing the Right Tile Colors

Color Psychology in Kitchen Design

Have you ever experienced that your mood and energy changes the moment you enter a particular room? There is always one specific room in your house where you feel the most relaxed, the reason being- colour palette of the room.

Be it the walls or the floor tiles, the colour that you are choosing matters the most to set the mood for the place. Pick out the colours as per the colour psychology and enhance the ambience of your room.

Often it has been observed that Kitchen is said to be the most harmonious, and lively place of the entire house. Not because this is the place where all the tempting treats are cooked, but because of the colour tones chosen for it.

What is Colour Psychology?

It has become a general concept now that each colour is associated with a particular emotion or feeling. Adopting this colour psychology one can lift up the mood of their place and make it appear more lively. Using the right shades of kitchen tiles for floor and walls, the kitchen space can be given a whole different aspect.

These individual colours being associated with an emotion can affect your mood. Here are a few points to keep in mind while picking out the right colour of kitchen tiles floor and wall.

  • Power of the colour

    Each and every colour has its own power, choosing the wrong colour can ruin the power of the kitchen space and hence for the entire house. While choosing the right colour for your kitchen pick colours which are radiating and lively, while offering a calming space.

    For kitchen tiles H&R Johnson has carefully curated its range of kitchen tiles floor and wall. For walls you can look for Emola Light, Deex LT, Fiest LT, and Fiest DK these ceramic tiles for kitchen tiles in light shades.

  • Choose a warm tone

    Pick out colours that are warm, and soothing to make the kitchen a safe space, and make it more relaxing. These warm tones make the place feel very comfortable which is essential for a kitchen space.

    From the H&R Johnson collection of kitchen tiles you can look at Lavena Brown, Traville Dark, and Deex HL for reference.

  • Breathable colours

    Picking out neutral colours makes the space look more breathable, and the nature inspired colours make it feel more open, and home-like. This is necessary as the entire space will be filled with positive energy using such colours.

    From the H&R Johnson collection of kitchen tiles, explore Eddiss HL, Cramer LT, Comber LT, and Cardis HL to make your kitchen space look more inviting.

  • Picking up cool tone colours

    For places where the temperature is usually high, try to pick cool shades such as green and blue or pastel shades for the walls. This will give a soothing effect and not make the kitchen space hot.

Ideas for Kitchen Tiles and Countertops

Organising the kitchen space is a crucial and confusing process but with the right ideas you can make your kitchen space look more organised, lively, and breathable. Based on the extensive research that the R&D team of H&R Johnson puts into developing new products, here are some suggestions to adopt for a better kitchen setup in your house.

  • Ceramic Matte Finish Tiles

    While picking out the floor tiles, pick out the tiles from ceramic matte finish tiles. These tiles are sturdy, more durable, and anti-skid which are ideal for the kitchen floor.

    Kitchen floor receives a high footfall which can be endured by this range of ceramic matte kitchen tiles. depending on the colour theme that you are going with you can explore the wide range of H&R Johnson kitchen tiles collection.

  • Light Colour Palette

    Going with subtle and simple shades can enhance the look of your kitchen. Add cool tones to the space. You can also create a monotonous kitchen space with neutral shades such as white, and other pastel shades.

    This will make the space more breathable, keep the temperature low and make it a calming space.

  • Wooden Textures

    Incorporating a wooden texture to your kitchen floor never goes out. It can uplift the space while also giving it a soothing vintage look. These wooden textures also offer a warmth to the entire place making it more lively.

    These wooden tiles are durable, and can endure the high footfall received in the kitchen space.

  • Experiment with Different Shades & Patterns

    You can experiment with matching different shades and styles of kitchen tiles for walls. Adding bold shades in between the subtle shade tiles can make your kitchen the centre of attraction.

    This will also inspire the creative side which is helpful while cooking and push your creative and artistic side to try something different. This mix and match is a nice touch to your kitchen space for making it interesting.

  • Cemented Countertops

    Adding monotonous cemented countertops with wooden texture walls and light colour walls is a perfect combination for your kitchen. These kitchen tiles can add elegance and modernity to your kitchen space while also keeping it in the cool tones.

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Tile Colour?

While redesigning or developing your house, you want to portray your own energy in the house, and make it a safe space. One of the most lively places in your house is the kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen tiles can change the energy and ambience of your space.

It is essential to pick the right colour of tiles to ensure that your place is a perfect balance of your own personality. Picking up warm shades such as yellow, orange, and red inspires the creative and artistic side of your personality. Whereas choosing cool colours such as green and blue can make it appear more close to nature and give a low temperature vibe.

For locations where temperature is usually high choosing cool tones is the right choice, and for places with low temperatures, pick the warm tones.

H&R Johnson Kitchen Tiles

For a time span of sixty years, H&R Johnson has been serving in the tiles industry and offering tiles for all the corners of your spaces and for every mood. The vast collection curated by extensive research consists of tiles for all your latest trends and inspirations. The designs crafted by H&R Johnson consist of options with highly affordable kitchen tiles prices.

The experience centres established by the H&R Johnson across the country have enabled the customers to visit these centres and see their ideas coming alive in the sample studios. Here you can try out all the options available and develop your own combinations before investing into tiles.

The tile experts can further guide you through the process of choosing the right tiles and shades for different corners of the space. Get in touch with the experts and start your redesigning journey today.


Choosing the right tile size for the kitchen, first measure the carpet area of the kitchen where you wish to install the tiles, then count the number of tiles that you would need. Now depending on the carpet area of the kitchen floor you can either go with small, medium or large format tiles.

Yes, if your existing kitchen floor does not have any cracks in it and is strong enough to work as the foundation for the tiles then you can install new tiles on the same floor.

Porcelain tiles are the best type of tiles for kitchen floors, as they are durable, water and scratch resistant and stain resistant as well. Additionally, these are easy to clean, maintain and install.