7 Unique Wall Tile Ideas for Artistic Impressions on Bedroom or Front Walls

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The Drawing room wall tiles play a significant role in the overall design of the space because they serve as the foundation for your overall style. It takes art to live. The method we go about explains it, not the quality or the status that we uphold.

Your sobriety gives the idea that you are an aspirational artist to everyone around you. Every visitor's initial impression of the house is formed by the main entryway, which also sets the tone for the rest of the house.

Using wall tiles for the bedroom to update the space's walls will give a very elegant and quick visual break.

To leave a lasting impression, it is advisable to devote a bit extra attention to your entrance. You can experiment with several front tile designs; some are quite opulent while others seem more durable and robust. The most practical and fashionable choice is tiling.

Original Wall Tile Designs for Attractive Impact on the Bedroom or Front Walls

1. 3D Elevation Tiles

Look at these easy-to-use elevation tiles that can be used for house fronts. This is one of the top choices among interior decorators and designers. With this straightforward layout, you can add flair to any uninteresting entrance.

These amazing 3D wall tile design concepts will not only make your house seem better but will also make the room feel livelier while keeping and improving its architectural integrity.

Recommendations for calculating the size and number of tiles needed:

2. Digitally Designed Decorative Tiles

These designs, which are once more a popular option for Indian homes, attempt to preserve a balance between our tradition and modernism. Numerous flower patterns make excessive use of the colours yellow, golden, and brown, as well as occasionally shimmer. Use them in your bedroom or as a focal point wall.

These tiles were produced and built with the rising need for opulent and elegant elevation alternatives in mind. For wall cladding, H&R Johnson Offers the best and most innovative selection of elevation tiles with enduring attractiveness.

3. The Visual Appeal Is Improved by Large-Format Tiles

Our large format tiles come in a selection of conventional prints and textures that result in elegant environments. To impress your guests, you might have them put in your living room. Use one of the greatest large format tile designs in your patio to add a touch of modernism to your home. A regular tile pattern can be used to install large-format tiles in rooms.

4. Dark Tiles

If you want to give your entrance a distinctive and diverse look, these Moroccan-style tiles are fantastic. They typically come in a vivid ink-blue hue with hints of yellow and brown to break up the uniformity.

5. Geometric Print

There are a ton of choices available when looking for 3D wall tiles. You could be perplexed about which design to choose now that digital printing has opened so many creative and design possibilities! Try it in your bedroom to experience this stunning work of art on grey tiles for yourself.

There are plenty of design options available to you, we promise! The design of 3D wall tiles is available in both abstract and non-traditional styles. One of them is a tile with a hexagonal pattern. Use these 3D wall tiles as an accent wall in any room, including your main living space.

6. Accent Wall Tiles

Accent tiles may add a dash of style to any room, boosting the appearance of the entire space. Bedroom wall tiles can be used as accent tiles to provide colour and pattern to a room that would otherwise be bland. Regular and accent tiles differ from one another in terms of design.

Accent tiles have more vibrant designs that capture the viewer's attention. The accent tiles can be combined with other tiles or used alone to produce interesting themes.

7. Smooth Block Wall

The safest front tile design is this one, which is finally. Any type of door design and environment can use this. As a result, you don't need to give its viability and compatibility in terms of overall appearance any thought.


One of the most affordable wall treatment options on the market, 3D wall tile designs has been increasingly popular in-home interior design. They provide you with the option to express yourself without breaking the bank by producing a multidimensional effect that resembles any material or design. These creative ideas add dimension to any environment, regardless of whether you choose an ultramodern aesthetic or wish to modernise a historic home.

There are many different tile designs, and most of them are readily available on the market, but what counts most is finding one that complements the atmosphere of your home. The most typical locations for wall tiling are the kitchen and bathroom, but the newest trend is to add some contemporary and neo-modern textures and patterns to the living room and other rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not really. You can use different tiles for different areas in your kitchen which require tiling. Kitchen counter backsplash and floor are the most common areas for tiling. Usually, wall tiles are thinner and of lower density than floor tiles. Thus, they are usually cheaper than floor tiles of the same category.

H&R Johnson is a pioneer of ceramic methods and technology. With its environment friendly approach and advanced methods of tile casting, H&R Johnson not only offers minimal footprint on earth they are also providing tiles which are safe to use and recyclable.

Price of kitchen tiles depends on the type of material you choose, i.e., vitrified, non-vitrified, design, size, thickness, and your location. Non-vitrified ceramic wall tiles are the least expensive and porcelain tiles can be the most expensive category of tiles.