5 Wall Applications For Wooden Tiles For A Unique And Warm Ambience

Wooden wall tile designs provide your house with a wonderful, unique, and natural appeal. Wooden wall tiles are very handy in creating an everlasting décor. They are inexpensive, long-lasting, and available in several styles. No matter the size of the home, wooden format wall tiles can create a lovely accent.

Why not try a wood look on your walls if you are planning a comprehensive home renovation? You can also create a unique interior feel with DIY designs using wooden wall tiles.

Some remarkable suggestions to aid you to turn your modest home into one that is attractive include:

1. Urban Wood-Inspired Tiles For The Living Room

The focal point of each living area is composed of both eye-catching and understated design components. The floor is made up of a geometrically patterned wooden tile pattern to match a conventional urban apartment living room. An opulent panelling using ash colour wood provides a focal point in the living room while maintaining the natural simplicity.

The usage of wooden tiles in a living room floor design with a chic geometric pattern grabs attention while the wall boasts of a simple wooden shelf background.

Elite Planks by H&R Johnson are available in a 20x100cm dimension in various wooden formats. You can replicate a similar focal design in your living room with Phuket Brown, Baner Beige, or Ether Beige wood tiles.

2. Wooden Tiles with a Split Face

There is no better way to give your wall spaces a facelift or some individuality than with these Wood Effect Split Face Tiles. They are a great option for making a feature wall that is full of personality and originality since they have a multi-levelled, staggered pattern that is comparable to traditional split-face cladding but with a salvaged external wooden wall tiles design impression style.

H&R Johnson’s Elite Plus collection of large format 30x60cm tiles offers many options to create split face tile walls. For instance, Oban DK, Kantian Black, and Kantian Brown are some of the tiles with the ability to replicate this design.

3. Wood Wall Tile Planks

Wooden wall tiles are a terrific choice for homeowners who value sensibility and design because of their distinctive feel and a high degree of adjustability. A wooden wall towards the head of the king-size bed is an excellent way to radiate a welcoming and relaxing ambience. Or use the wall tiles to have an accent wall in your living room.

The natural wooden wall tile in a darker shade will give the space a rustic and elegant appearance. Wooden tiles from H&R Johnson like Quercia, Ligo and Woody (30x45cm) are perfect for this application.

Alternatively, you can go for a larger format of 30x60cm tiles like Traville under Johnson’s Elite Plus collection.

4. Wooden Wall Tiles with Textured Surface

Faint wooden floor tiles provide the humbled tone for the bedroom coupled with a more prominent wooden tile wall. The broad colour gradient makes the head wall more exciting than the rest of the area with these textured hardwood wall tile designs.

These hardwood wall tiles and dark oak wood panels, which are aesthetically beautiful and practical in terms of care, bring natural elegance into the bedroom.

You can recreate the space using the Reliant Grey planks for the floor and Texan Grey Wood Planks from H&R Johnson’s Elite Plus collection for the wall of your bedroom. Similar combinations can be created in different shades of brown as well.

5. Rustic-Styled Vintage Wooden Wall Tiles

This antique wooden wall tile design is a great option for updating your space with a cosy rustic look. These traditional latte ash wooden floor and wall tiles in the space give your living room a worn and spacious appearance and work wonderfully well with a minimalist setting.

The natural wood look is combined with warmth and texture to produce an aesthetically pleasing result. This design blends well with a variety of colours and textural gradients in furnishing.

You can recreate the look with a variety of large format (120x60cm) wooden tiles from H&R Johnson’s Porcelano Elite collection. Some of the tiles you can consider are American Wood BR, American Wood Mix, and Exotica Woodgrey.

Own Any Space with Unique Wooden Wall Tile Designs

We have presented to you some of the best wooden wall tiles applications which are not only beautiful but versatile enough to be used in any area of your home. Use it wherever immediate attention is needed, such as in your restroom, living room, or bedroom.

The durable wood wall tiles that are frequently used today set them apart from other tile options with their outstanding appearance. The wood-like appearance has a special allure, and the modern tile options combine tile's utility with the finest of the upscale floor and wall appearance.

They are the newest trend. Let's investigate how these tiles might enhance a place and bring out its best features of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wooded tile designs in India are available in glazed vitrified and ceramic tile materials. The price of tiles can vary based on the material, size, and locality. The price of wood format tiles can range from Rs 40 per square foot to more than Rs 100 per square foot.

Natural wood tiles and wood format glazed vitrified tiles follow almost similar price ranges. However, natural wood tiles are more expensive to maintain. Laminate wood flooring on the other hand is one of the cheapest and perhaps the fast alternatives to giving a wooden appearance to your floor. However, laminate flooring often suffers from wear under medium to heavy traffic.

If you look for natural wood tiles the answer is likely to be different for different geographies. However, in the world of ceramic and glazed vitrified tiles, chestnut and teakwood have been the most common choices in India. Though among more than fifty odd choices pinning the most successful one is almost impossible.