What Makes Vitrified Tiles a Suitable Staircase Solution?

Vitrified Tiles a Suitable Staircase

While designing our homes we often forget about deciding the decor for the staircases. Adding vitrified tiles for staircase is one of the best decisions that you can make regarding the decor of your place. If you want to give your stairs a makeover, adding vitrified tiles is a suitable and ideal option.

Vitrified Tiles for Staircase

First and foremost, since vitrified tiles are highly durable and strong, they can bear more foot traffic and exposure that your staircase might experience. Additionally, these are non-porous which makes them water resistant and suitable to be added not only for staircase but also for other sections of home.

Adding full body vitrified tiles is the perfect solution as vitrified tiles for staircase due to their high durability, stain and scratch resistance. These can be installed in commercial or residential applications depending on the preferences.

Benefits of Vitrified Floor Tiles for Staircase

As we have established the reason behind preferring vitrified floor tiles as an ideal staircase solution. Here are a few major benefits that you can reap from this choice.

  • Enhanced Grip

    With matt finish vitrified floor tile installed as staircase solution, they offer enhanced grip. This further helps to reduce the chances of any accidents being caused due to slipping on the surface. It also has embossed treads for extra grips and higher safety near the edges.

  • Low Wear and Tear

    Since vitrified tiles for staircase are highly durable and sturdy, they show very low signs of wear and tear even after being exposed to extreme conditions, and high foot traffic.

  • Easy to Clean & Maintain

    Since the surface of vitrified tiles is even it makes them very easy to clean. This makes the vitrified floor tiles low maintenance and a smart investment for staircase solution.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing & Functional

    In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the vitrified floor tiles are functional as well, and offer great support as a staircase solution. This further allows you to design your staircase in such a way that it attracts attention and adds to the decor of your home.

Tile Options Available

Now that we have established the benefits and importance of installing vitrified tiles for staircase. Let's glance through some of the available options for you to explore.

  • Large Format Tiles

    First and foremost if you are planning to have a large staircase, then installing large format tiles is one of the best solutions for you. These vitrified floor tile are available in a size range of 30x120cm, 31x152cm and 60x120cm, 62x152cm with the H&R Johnson's collection of vitrified tiles for staircase.

    For more options you can explore Granite Grey Stone, Granite Bianco Stone, Granite Light Beige Stone and Marble Bianco Stone with a matt finish.

  • Marble Texture Tiles

    The next trend for you to try is adding marble finish tiles in matt finish. These tiles have a marble like texture that adds an aesthetic and class to the entire staircase, making it appealing.

  • Neutral Shades

    Moving on, you can also go with neutral shades and color palette for this trend. Explore the vitrified floor tiles by H&R Johnson and explore Plain Grey, Plain Kota, Plain Light Beige, and S&P Sky in a size range of 30x120cm & 31x152cm.

  • Textured Tiles

    Lastly you can also go with a different look for your staircase by adding textured tiles. These can add a unique style to your entire home decor and make your staircase look subtle, classy and elegant.

    With the H&R Johnson collection of vitrified tiles for staircase you can explore options such as S&P Dark Beige, S&P Coffee (P), S&P Coffee Plain, and S&P Grey (P) among other available options.

Maintenance of Vitrified Tiles

Having discussed the basics of installing vitrified tiles for staircase and the benefits along with some trends. Now let's move on to some tips for caring and maintaining these tiles for a longer duration.

  • Regular Cleaning of tiles will help to keep the surface of the tiles clean, and new-look for a longer period of time. This would allow the tiles and the area of installation not only look good, but also reduce the repair and replacement cost as well.
  • Use mild household cleaning solutions to clean off the tiles and the surface for an enhanced cleaning. This would help to remove any stains or marks from the surface of the tiles, further contributing to the longevity of the tiles.
  • Incase grouting is done, Grout maintenance is another essential part of maintaining the tiles for a long term. For this, ensure that the grouts are filled properly and maintained regularly.
  • Repairing damaged tiles is essential as to prevent any further damage to the entire area. The damaged tile can also lead to accidents which can be easily avoided just by repairing the damage.
  • Avoiding adding excessively heavy load to the tiles is something that should be avoided to ensure there is no damage. Although vitrified tiles are sturdy and highly durable, they should be kept in consideration for better durability.

Vitrified Tiles with H&R Johnson

One of the most essential points to consider when picking out the perfect floor tiles vitrified is the best option. With H&R Johnson's more than sixty years of experience and expertise you can get high quality, durability, and strength tiles to be installed in your home.

This would allow you to further add these tiles in different sections of your home such as living room vitrified tiles. In addition to this, the brand has established experience centers that allows you to experience the quality of the tiles first hand and choose the most suitable ones.

These experience centers are established across the country at easily accessible locations which further makes it easier for the users to get in touch with. For more details of tiles and picking out the best options for your home, get in touch with our tile guide experts today.


Vitrified tiles are highly durable, stain and scratch resistant along with water resistance as its main features or benefits.

Yes, vitrified tiles are suitable for outdoor applications as well and can be used in different applications inside and outside in residential or commercial spaces as well.

Yes, vitrified tiles can be used in high-traffic areas due to their high durability and strength. These are an ideal solution for installing in a high foot traffic area.