Vitrified Wall Tiles: Unveiling the Secret to Stunning, Low-Maintenance Walls


Redesigning your house and looking for some inspiration, ideas? This is where your quest ends. Explore the wall tiles range for offering a total makeover to your house. Although a few years ago tiles were only used in the bathrooms and kitchens, as the times changed, this trend has changed too.

Nowadays wall tiles are getting much more attention due to the simple fact that they offer a wide range of designs and colours to choose from. Installing wall tiles can change the look of your entire house even if you just install decorative wall tiles on a single wall.

How to Choose the Tiles?

For starting the redesigning project start your journey with the Vitrified wall tiles. These vitrified tiles can either be installed on walls or floors, depending on your convenience and ideas. But before you move on to select from the wide range of available tiles, here are a few tips for you to keep under consideration.

  • Select the right size for walls and floor depending on the available space
  • Maintain the overall appearance and theme of your house
  • Pick out large size tiles for floor for visually appealing look
  • Try different patterns and designs for the walls
  • Invest in ever-present designs for floor tiles
  • Choose anti-stain and scratch resistant tiles
  • Invest in long-lasting materials

Types of Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified Tiles are manufactured with a combination of clay, silica, and other minerals. Further depending on the processing, vitrified tiles can be categorised into the following categories:

  • Full Body: pigment across the body, highly durable, scratch resistant.
  • Glaze Vitrified: polished to add the glossy look.
  • Double Charge: double layer of pigments, thicker than usual tiles.
  • Digital Tiles: designs are printed digitally, attractive designs and colour options.
  • Polished Vitrified Tiles: polished surface for a smooth surface and look.

Benefits of Vitrified Tiles

Here are some of the most popular benefits that have made vitrified tiles an acceptable option.

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Durable
  • Wide Range of options available
  • Water & stain resistant
  • Elegant look

Trending Designs for Your Home

Vitrified tiles are available in a wide range of designs and colours. You can experiment with different options to match with your ideas and resonate your own personality with the decor of your house.

Don not just go on investing the hard earned money without any ideas or themes in your mind. Explore the available designs and shortlist some of the best options that are close to your ideas and designs. Here we have enlisted a few of the most trending designs, have a look at some of the most trending design ideas.

  • Textured Walls & Floors
  • Add some drama to your house by adding textured wall tiles. You can also go with simple wall tiles and have textured floor tiles. These are perfect outdoor wall tiles and can enhance the look of your outdoors, setting a mood for your house with the exteriors.

    You can experiment with Pebbles Brown for outdoor floor tiles in the 40x40 cm size range of the collection with Slate Kota for the wall tiles in the same size range.

    Barada Buff Decor, and Barada Silver Decor can be paired here in the 120 x 60 cm size range.

  • Monochromatic Look
  • For a minimalistic and simple look, go with creating a monochromatic theme for your house. Pick out wall tiles and floor tiles in the same shades, further accessories the place to fill out the space.

    This monochromatic look makes your house look very elegant and modern. Also, allows you to add contrasting accessories and finish the final look.

    Breeze Ash in the 120 x 60 cm size range can be paired with Slate Kota in the 40x40 cm size range to achieve this look.

  • Subtle Colours
  • Create a nature inspired theme with subtle, and neutral colours. This makes your place look breathable, and with added natural touch make you feel close to nature.

    Cool shades such as blue and green make it appear breezy and help you to set the tone of the place in a natural and releasing tone.

    Crysta Future Ivory in the 120x60 cm size range can be paired here with Wooden floor tiles.

  • Stone walls
  • Add some natural touch to your house by adding some stone walls, and create a close to nature vibe. This can enhance the overall feel of your house by making the walls a centre of attention. These are perfect wall tiles for garden and can add a natural look to the entire space, making it more breathable and connected to nature.

    Cuboid Brown, Grey, Rust, Sea, Tope,and Pearl in the 40x40 cm size range from the H&R Johnson vitrified wall tiles collection can be added.

  • Grey Floors
  • You can explore this trend and add some grey cemented floor tiles giving your house a raw finish. This adds a classic and modern feel to the place making it very minimalistic. This adds some volume and depth to your house, making it appear more sophisticated.

    Add Slate Kota in the 40x40 cm size range for this trend from the H & R Johnson wall tiles collection.

  • Featured Walls
  • If you want to add some different elements to your house, add a featured wall with digital print wall tiles or designed wall tiles. These tiles will steal away all the focus from other elements of your house and become the statement section of your house.

    Aqua Leaves, Arabic HL, Copper Leaf HL, and Emerald Gold in the 120 x 60 cm size range can be added here, paired with wooden floor tiles.

  • Glossy Marble Walls
  • These will be a perfect fit for your kitchen walls. Adding glossy marble wall tiles in the kitchen will reflect all the light and make the space look bigger than it is. This creates a visual illusion, while making your place look more sophisticated and organised.

    Agata Rosso, Atlanta Cobalt, Atlanta Dark Grey in the 120 x 60 cm size range can be added.

  • Wooden Floor Tiles
  • Wooden floor tiles have always been a classic option to add into your home decor and accentuate the entire place with a vintage, ancestral home vibe. These wooden floor tiles can be added with any wall tiles, be it textured or decorative wall tiles.

    Wooden floor tiles also complement the subtle shades of wall tiles.

    From the Glaze Vitrified H&R Johnson collection in the size range of 120 x 20 cm you can add Teak Original, Wood Chestnut, or Maple Wood Gold.

  • Bold Wall Tiles
  • Add some depth to your space with a dark colour palette and choose wall tiles from the dark bold colours. Add some black marble like touch to your walls for an elegant look.

    Revlon Azure, Romania Black, and Titan Black can be added here in the 120 x 60 cm size range.

  • Terrazzo Tiles
  • Although terrazzo tiles have been used for centuries, this is one such trend that never fades away. Adding terrazzo tiles to your indoor or outdoor floor can add texture to your entire place.

    You can add Terrazzo Fossil, Iron, Silver or Swiss from the 60x120cm size range of H&R Johnson vitrified wall tiles collection.

    For wall tiles to go with this trend you can add Roman Sandal, S&P Black, or Roman Cement from the same size range.

    Further you can add Slate Beige, and Slate Brown from the 40x40 cm size range for the wall tiles.

H&R Johnson Vitrified Tiles

With sixty years of experience in the industry we have developed various tile designs for you to choose from and add decor to your dream home. Among the different options available in the vitrified tiles you can choose and experiment with your best idea that suits your personality.

For more information get in touch with our tile experts or visit the experience centres and learn more about the right tiles for your home. In the experience centres you can visualise your ideas and concepts before purchasing anything. Here you can experiment with the wide range of options available and create your own trend.


For wall tiles most trending materials include ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified and glazed vitrified tiles. These tiles are available in different colors and designs to choose from.

To maintain and clean trendy wall tiles, firstly ensure that you invest in easy to maintain and clean tiles. Next for tiles with a smooth surface you can wipe them with a dry towel or a gentle soap water to remove all the dirt and stains from the surface.

Yes, textured tiles are in style and can be installed in different areas in your house depending on your preference. You can explore textured tiles by H&R Johnson for best quality tiles.