Trends in Parking tiles: installation and benefits

Trends in Parking tiless installation and benefits

Just as we design and redesign the interiors of our home, the exteriors and parking space also need to be designed and focused upon. The exteriors are necessary and play an even bigger role than the interior as it allows you to set an ambience or mood for your place. Hence, installing good parking tiles is a must.

For creating a good parking space, it is important to install good quality parking floor tiles and create a statement along with functionality of the space. Let’s delve into a wide range of outdoor parking floor tiles and how to pick the suitable tiles.

Picking Out Parking Floor Tiles

Ideally, the parking tiles are required to be installed in the outdoor or car parking space are highly durable and more strong as compared to regular tiles. The reason being these parking tiles are required to withstand large weight, wear and tear, along with heavy foot traffic.

Furthermore, parking tiles are required to fulfil its role of functionality while also being aesthetically pleasing and uplifting the ambience of the place. However, another point to be considered here is that these tiles are not required to be as appealing as other tiles.

For picking out the perfect outdoor parking floor tiles here are few tips for you to follow:

  • Look for durability and strength of the tiles
  • Consider the size of the tiles and the area available with you
  • Parking tiles should be anti-skid to offer you better grip on the floor
  • Look for finish of the tiles as per the requirements
  • Easy to install and maintain tiles are preferred over other tiles
  • Always go for heavy duty tiles to endure the heavy foot traffic
  • Go with parking floor tiles that are suitable as per your budget as well, since this is also a major deciding factor

Benefits of Parking Tiles

Moving on, let’s have a look at the benefits that you can reap off installing outdoor parking floor tiles.

  • Durability and strength

    Since parking tiles are designed to withstand heavy weight and foot traffic these are highly durable and sturdy. Installing highly durable parking floor tiles from a reliable brand such as H&R Johnson allows you to get the best possible quality and durability in the market. For this you can explore the vitrified tiles in a matt finish with a size range of 30x30cm in different colors and designs available. Some of the trends for you to look for are Maxstar SNP Ivory, Maxstar SNP White, Maxstar Cotto, Maxtri Grey, and others.

  • Easy installation and maintenance

    Parking tiles are easy to install and maintain and hence reduces the cost of installation, replacement, and maintenance significantly. These parking floor tiles are available in a 30x30cm size range which further makes the installation easier.

  • Enhanced look and feel

    Along with fulfilling the functionality of the parking tiles, these outdoor parking floor tiles can also offer your space an enhanced look and feel, making the parking space appear thoughtfully designed and crafted.

  • Water and stain resistance

    Since parking floor tiles are vitrified tiles, these are highly resistant to water and other chemicals, and stains as well to make these tiles last for a longer period of time.

  • Anti-skid Functionality

    Parking floor tiles are anti-skid as well to offer you a better grip on the floor. These tiles are textured which further makes them easy to walk upon and contributes to their anti-skid feature.

Trends in Parking Floor Tiles

When it comes to installing parking floor tiles it becomes a bit confusing to choose the most suitable option. The main objective of installing parking floor tiles is the functionality, and durability of these tiles that they offer rather than the aesthetics of these tiles. Hence, the confusion of choosing the perfect parking floor tiles.

To help to avoid this confusion, here are a few trends for you to follow while installing outdoor parking floor tiles in your parking space.

  • Vitrified Tiles

    Vitrified tiles are the best possible option and trend to be installed as parking tiles in the parking space. These tiles are highly durable, water and stain resistant along with high strength of these tiles.
    You can explore the Johnson Endura collection of parking floor tiles available in different sizes, finishes, and colors for you to choose from.

  • Geometric Shapess

    Another commonly observed trend is installing geometric shaped tiles. These tiles are usually available in a highly durable matt finish and are sturdy to endure the heavy load of the parked vehicles and endure the wear and tear of the weather.
    Geometric shapes make them interesting to be installed in the parking space and allows you to uplift the parking area while also ensuring the safety and stability of the space.

  • Interlocking Tiles

    These tiles are highly sought after due to their interlocking feature and the capability to distribute weight evenly across the surface. These tiles are installed both in commercial as well as residential parking spaces.

  • Heavy Duty Tiles

    These tiles are another suitable trend to be installed in parking spaces as outdoor parking floor tiles. These tiles can endure heavy foot traffic and withstand for a longer period of time. Furthermore, these parking tiles are suitable for a commercial parking space where the foot traffic is heavy.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion it is evident that installing parking tiles is an important aspect of designing a space be it commercial or residential. The only key and major aspect to consider here is the brand that you are choosing.

Brands such as H&R Johnson allows you to explore a wide range of options available in different sizes, and finishes to choose from. Furthermore, parking floor tiles price here are a value for money deal for you and allows you to revamp your parking space with the best possible quality and durability.

Here you also get over sixty years of experience which ensure high quality products and allows you to choose the best product from a wide range of options available. For more information you can either visit the experience centres established by the brand to witness the quality by yourself or you can get in touch with the tile experts here.


Parking tiles are different from regular floor tiles as they are higher in thickness, more durable, water-resistant and sturdy to endure the heavy load of the vehicles. These tiles are designed to endure the heavy foot-traffic as well in the parking space.

Parking tiles are designed to be installed in outdoor or indoor spaces as per your requirements and preferences. These tiles can be easily installed in parking spaces irrespective of the location.

Yes, parking tiles are available in different designs and colors for one to choose from and pick the most suitable option.