Top 10 design & size trends in Non-glaze vitrified tiles for walls

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Are you looking for some ideas for designing your space and recreate the vibe of your place, but confused about what to choose? We are here to help you in this process and offer you the most trending solution installing vitrified tiles.

Vitrified tiles are the most trending home designing solution at this point for several reasons. First being that vitrified wall tiles for living room or kitchen or any other space are extremely elegant and can elevate the place instantly.

Top trend to follow in Vitrified Tiles

Let's have a look at the most trending designs available in the industry for installation of vitrified tiles.

  • Large format tiles

    Installing large format tiles is trending as of now, the reason being these tiles are easy to install, and maintain. Furthermore with fewer grout lines these tiles make your space appear more open, and breathable, the space looks bigger than it actually is.

    You can install these large format tiles in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom as well. Additionally, you can also choose your suitable tiles from a wide range of designs and options available. You can explore the 60*120 cm size range, and 80*160 cm size range from the H&R Johnson collection of vitrified tiles.

  • Monochromatic tiles

    You can choose to create a monochromatic theme for your house and install similar shade wall tiles as well as for floor tiles. This will help you to create an illusion of more space as there will be no segregation between the floor and the wall.

    This is one of the best trends to be followed if you have a small available space, be it kitchen or living room, this can be executed in both the spaces.

  • Solid neutral color vitrified wall tiles for living room

    Picking out solid color vitrified wall tiles for the living room to create an element of attention is another trend to be followed. Here you can experiment with different finishes of the tiles such as glossy or matt as per your preference.

    This will help you create a breathable and open space in your house and make it appear more relaxing, and welcoming.

  • Marble texture front wall vitrified tiles

    Add some shine to the wall by installing marble texture tiles in your living room or kitchen space. This is another trend to be followed if you have a small space available, however, this can also be implemented in a large space.

    For this trend you can explore these trends from the H&R Johnson collection of large format tiles in vitrified tiles: Palero White, Palero Peach, and Palero Verde in 80*160 cm size range.

  • Cemented tiles

    Another seamless trend that has always been in trend and will elevate your space at once. Furthermore, these tiles provide a raw, classic yet modern touch to your house. These vitrified wall tiles for the living room can make it appear minimalist and organised as well.

  • Wooden wall tiles

    Another timeless trend is to install wooden texture tiles and offer your space a vintage yet modern look. This will make your place appear warm and welcoming while also creating a positive environment.

    This trend is suitable for both large and small available spaces and can be implemented easily in any of the spaces. If you wish to experiment further you can add a different texture or contrary texture wall along with one wooden texture wall. This will create an alternative texture in your house and make it appear artistics and creative.

  • Matt finish wall tiles

    Adding matt finish front wall vitrified tiles will make your place appear minimalistic and provide it a subtle touch. Furthermore, these matt finish vitrified tiles are a great choice to be added in the kitchen or even as bathroom wall vitrified tiles. These vitrified tiles are perfect for your bathroom as these are water resistant and will accentuate the bathroom space at once.

  • Printed tiles

    You can choose different designs and patterns printed on the vitrified tiles if you don't want something very common. These tiles can be added alternatively with neutral color vitrified tiles to create an alternative pattern.

    Additionally, you can also use these tiles as the backsplash in the kitchen and accentuate the kitchen space while also making it more breathable, open, and welcoming at the same time.

  • Textured tiles

    If you wish to add some drama to your walls, you can add these textured vitrified tiles and add some volume to the walls and make it appear bold. This will help to shift the focus on one single wall and let the rest of the walls be plain.

    This is one of the most trending designs that can be installed in the living room walls.

  • Stone finish tiles

    Add some raw touch to your space and install some stone finish vitrified wall tiles and make the space appear warm and welcoming. You can install these tiles in the living room or as the front wall vitrified tiles. From the H&R Johnson collection you can explore Light Grey, Linea Light Grey, and Linea S&P Black in the 60*120 cm size range in matte finish.

H&R Johnson and Vitrified Tiles

A brand that has been serving the industry for over sixty years, offering reliable, highly durable and high quality vitrified tiles. H&R Johnson offers a wide range of tile options to be installed in any of the spaces as per your choice.

For more reference you can visit the experience centres established across the country with easily accessible locations to witness the high quality and wide variety by yourself. Furthermore you can also connect with the tile guide experts to understand more about selecting the right tile for your space.


Yes, vitrified tiles can be used outdoors as well because they have a smooth surface which makes it easier to wipe off any stains or dirt on them. Also vitrified tiles are water resistant, strong and highly durable.

High durability, versatility of design, water resistance, stain resistance, and scratch resistance are the most common advantages of using vitrified tiles.

Yes, vitrified tiles can be used in bathrooms and kitchen due to their water resistance, stain and scratch resistance and high durability.