Spaces in Your Home That Must Use Decorative Wall Tiles

Decorative Wall Tiles

Your choices of colours and finishes for the interior and exterior walls of the house define the overall look and feel of your home. Decorative wall tiles are a versatile, durable, and stylish option to give your house sturdy, lasting, and hygienic walls. Decorative wall tiles can add texture and depth to your space with their endless design possibilities.

Here are five key spaces in your home where decorative wall tiles can work wonders and elevate your interior decor.

Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and a space where you can get creative with decorative wall tiles. A beautifully designed backsplash can serve as a focal point, adding colour, pattern, and texture to the kitchen. Whether you opt for classic subway tiles, mosaic patterns, or artistic hand-painted tiles, your kitchen backsplash can become a work of art.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas

You can use the following tiles to build the kitchen in your style:

  • Large Porcelain Wall Tiles

    Porcelain tiles offer intriguing designs and a burst of colours to your backsplash. The unique and flashy designs of high-gloss Glamour tiles from the Johnson Tiles portfolio can make it hard to take your eyes off the kitchen.

    So, if you want to tone it down just a little and get closer to natural patterns, use Exotic wall tiles.

  • Premium Polished Full-Body Vitrified Tiles

    Polished full-body vitrified tiles are a common scene at the kitchen counter. However, if your walls are straight enough, you can continue the same scheme to the backsplash.

  • Coordinated Tile Designs

    Coordinated tiles are digitally printed versions of a large design scheme. You can put them together to create a highlight wall and maintain the function of other spaces with the supporting tiles.

  • Glossy Elevation Tiles

    A kitchen counter can be a messy place to be for tiles. Therefore, you need to use only glossy tiles on the backsplash and counter. However, that should not stop you from adding depth to your beloved space with 3D elevated designs.

  • Heritage Tiles

    Heritage tiles classic colours can reconnect you with your roots and can evoke nostalgic memories of being in your grandma's kitchen. However, the glossy surface of modern heritage tiles keeps the modern appearance.

Bathroom Walls

Bathrooms are another prime area for decorative wall tiles. You can use tiles to create a spa-like ambience, add a pop of colour, or introduce intricate patterns for visual interest. Prefer glossy and polished tiles for easy cleaning and hygiene in the bathroom.

Wall Tile Ideas for Bathrooms

The following decorative wall tiles help finish the bathroom walls in your style with superior hygiene:

  • Wood Format Large Tiles

    Wood format tiles evoke a natural warmth to the space. But most wood format tiles also feature a wood grain surface finish. So, high-gloss tiles like Wonder Wood are a perfect solution for a glossy surface on the bathroom walls.

  • Natural Stone Porcelain Tiles

    Natural stone-inspired tile designs present an evergreen and relaxing design for your bathroom. Anant Onyx, Doha White, Lazel Portro, etc., are marble and onyx stone patterns in a glossy finish. Bergo Crema, Conse Grey, Kelter Verde, etc., are carving and special polished versions of natural stone format porcelain tiles.

  • Coordinated Tile Themes

    Just like the kitchen, coordinated tiles are available for bathroom wall cladding as well. Explore the multitude of designs under the Johnson Wall Tiles portfolio.

Living Room Accent Wall

Make a bold statement in your living room by turning one wall into an eye-catching accent. Decorative wall tiles can transform an ordinary wall into a focal point with their unique textures and patterns. Choose tiles that complement your overall decor scheme and add a touch of luxury to your living space.

Dining Room Feature Wall

Elevate your dining experience by adding decorative wall tiles to the dining room. A well-chosen feature wall can enhance the atmosphere and style of your dining area. From textured tiles that create depth to elegant patterns that evoke sophistication, decorative tiles can help set the mood for memorable meals.

Accent & Feature Wall Tile Ideas

  • 3D Texture with Heritage Tiles

    10x30cm bevel tiles are a part of Johnson's Heritage tile collection. Install these tiles in one of the classical geometrical patterns, and you have a 3D accent wall in the living room. Geometrical patterns are - Herringbone, Chevron, Diagonal, Subway, etc.

  • 3D Elevation Porcelain Tiles

    Alternatively, 3D elevation tiles can easily lift the accent or feature wall off the ground in your living or bedroom. Johnson's 30x60cm 3D elevation porcelain collection captures the essence with wood carved, stone bricks, and chip stone designs.

  • Exotic Large Format Tile Designs

    Large 180x240cm and 80x160cm tile slabs with unique natural or artistic prints can bring life to your living room with their popup colours amidst the neutral walls.

  • Book Match Designs with Tiles

    Book match design refers to a tile pattern that accompanies a mirror tile. Combining four mirror tiles creates a larger coherent pattern, distinguishable from the single tile. The book match feature can easily prop a focal point up the wall.

Entryway or Foyer

The entryway sets the tone for your home's interior. Decorative wall tiles in the foyer can create a welcoming and memorable first impression. Consider using tiles with intricate designs, a contrasting colour palette, or reflective surfaces to make a lasting impact on guests as they enter your home.

Front Elevation Tile Designs at H&R Johnsonr

  • 3D Elevation Tiles

    3D elevation designs like stone bricks, chip stones, cobbled granite, castle stone, etc., are popular 3D patterns for the front elevation walls. Wood plank carvings can give your house's entryway a unique and naturally beautiful appearance.

  • Wood Plank Tiles

    Wood plank designs are a popular choice for exterior wall cladding tiles. H&R Johnson offers more than 20 different colours and shades for 20x120cm wood plank porcelain tiles. Ranging from the brightest Pine Wood to the dark Larch Wenge, wood plank tiles can give your home entrance a shade of your choice.

  • Terracotta Decor Tiles

    Terracotta is another popular material for wall cladding in traditional Indian homes. Using terracotta-look porcelain tiles helps you modernise this age-old design with durable material.

How to Select & Buy Decorative Wall Tiles?

Decorative wall tiles bring a versatile design element that can transform various spaces in your home into visually stunning and personalised areas. You can explore decorative tile options at H&R Johnson to suit every style preference, whether you're aiming for a modern, traditional, or eclectic look.

The best way to start your search is to explore online and connect with a tile expert for suggestions. Add a visit to the nearest Johnson Experience Centre to your schedule and finalise the designs after experiencing them first-hand.


H&R Johnson's Glamour, Exotic, Carving, Special Polished, and Polished Tile designs offer superb wall décor for living rooms. Alternatively, you can look for wood plank tiles or lumber wood designs under Johnson Porselano for a more natural wall finish. You can use 30x60cm 3D elevation tiles from the Johnson Porselano Elite portfolio for the accent wall in the living room.

You can use different tiles for the interior walls in your house depending on their placement and utility. For instance, bathroom and kitchen walls should use glossy tiles. However, kitchen backsplash tiles can have 3D features. Living room accent walls can feature 3D elevation tiles with tac tile-like 3D carvings.

Yes, several wall tile designs can be used in the living room to create feature or accent walls or to provide a final finish.