Small Kitchen, Big Style: Maximising Space with Ceramic Tiles

Small Kitchen, Big Style

Every house needs a spacious and breathable kitchen to add the glam to the entire house. Having an open kitchen space provides more space for your kitchen, and adding the right elements can ensure that this kitchen space looks organised.

Renovating a small space kitchen requires ideas that can make it look spacious. Choosing the right styles for a limited space available kitchen can be tricky as one wrong decision can make it appear cluttered.

Before you start renovating or designing the kitchen space, here are some ideas and points for you to consider and make your decisions.

What are the best suitable tiles for a small kitchen floor?

For a small space kitchen it becomes tricky to pick the right fit of tiles. However, with proper guidance you can select the right kitchen tiles design.

Pick the tiles that are anti-skid, and durable as the kitchen floor will receive high footfall. Whatever kitchen tiles you pick should be able to endure footfall.The kitchen floor is going to get some stains as well while cooking, the tiles installed should be easy to clean and low-maintenance.

Additionally, for the floor kitchen tile design you can incorporate the wooden textures and add that vintage look to the overall ambience and energy of the kitchen. Create a minimalistic look for a more organised and cleaner look and try removing extra accessories for the kitchen.

What's the right size tile for a small kitchen?

When the available kitchen space is small, making it look bigger with the right size of tiles is essential. Here floor and wall tile size plays a major role in projecting the overall look of the kitchen space.

One approach here is to go with 30x60 cm tiles from the H&R Johnson Elite Plus ceramic kitchen tiles in matte finish. These tiles will have lesser grout lines and visually will offer more space, making the space look bigger.

Hines LT, Deex HL (Tapestry), Cramer DK, and Cramer HL can be some of the options for you to try in the 30x60 cm size range ceramic tiles by H&R Johnson collection.

Another approach can be to add the 30 x 45 cm tiles for a different approach. These tiles will add a different size volume to the overall design and make it appear more thoughtful.

Picking Right Designs for Your Kitchen Space

  • Choose Subtle Colours

    When working with a limited space, go with neutral subtle shades. Light colours always create an illusion of more open space. Either choose solid colours ceramic tiles or go with designs in light shades.

    Banter LT, Abrin LT, Banter DK, and Emola Light are some of the best options to try from the H&R Johnson collection of kitchen tiles design.

  • Focus on Durability

    Kitchens often have to endure a high footfall which will need highly durable ceramic tiles. H&R Johnson ceramic tiles ranks on top when it comes to durability. These are also anti-skid, scratch resistant, and consist of numerous kitchen tiles design for you to choose.

  • Different Patterns and Colours

    Go with something unconventional, mix & match with different patterns and colours for wall tiles. This allows you to keep the focus on walls only and not on the space. You can add some glossy tiles on the walls to reflect the light and make the place look bigger.

    Adding wooden texture tiles for the floor from the H&R Johnson collection which are highly durable and perfect fit for the kitchen area.

  • Textured Surfaces

    Instead of going with simple plain tiles, you can experiment with different textures of tile such as granites for countertops Black Granite Black Grey White, or patterned tiles for walls such as mosaic tiles. You can add the 30 x 45 cm tile size and create a visual illusion.

    These options from the H&R Johnson collection will be a perfect addition to your kitchen tiles design while redesigning your small kitchen space.

  • Large Size Floor Tiles

    Installing large size tiles will reduce the number of grout lines on the floor and on the walls as well, creating a large space available, visually. This creates an illusion of having a large space and making the small kitchen look bigger and spacious.

How to Pick the Right Tiles?

While you are trying to create a perfect kitchen with a small space available, choosing the right tiles can become an issue.

Here is a checklist of points that you should consider while buying tiles for your kitchen.

  • Focus on the strength and durability of the tiles.
  • Pick out tiles that are easy to clean and low-maintenance
  • Avoid choosing glossy finish tiles
  • Go with white monochromatic tiles to reflect a cleaner look
  • Anti-skid tiles are essential in the kitchen area
  • Textured tiles for kitchen wall designs
  • Create a minimalist look
  • Avoid choosing big designs for walls or floors
  • Select kitchen tiles design that are less busy for a clean look
  • Keep the backsplash simple
  • Mix and match different colours and patterns

Benefits of Choosing Right Tiles

To maintain the overall look and feel of your entire space it is important to give equal focus to all parts of the house, be it bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. Kitchen being the most important space of the house needs more attention, the energy in this place matters.

Choosing the right shade and right size of the tiles are important for the kitchen. The right size and colour of tiles will make your kitchen space look more organised and create an illusion of having more open space available. It not only makes your place visually attractive but also creates a positive aura in the entire house.

This organised look helps your kitchen to be the centre of attention and radiate your own personality. Curate a modern yet classic look for your kitchen space with the wide range of collections by H&R Johnson kitchen tiles designs.

Why Choose H&R Johnson Kitchen Tiles Design?

Being in the industry for a longer period of time, the H&R Johnson teams offer you the best in-class quality with latest in-trend tile designs. The wide range of tile designs developed here with the affordable price range.

H&R Johnson's modern stylish kitchen tiles design makes your kitchen space more lively. The floor kitchen tiles design are highly durable, and low-maintenance, a perfect fit for your kitchen to endure the high footfall. These are easy to clean and anti-skid tiles.

For a better understanding you can visit the experience centres established by the company across the country. These experience centres allow you to try your hand at different tiles and visualise your ideas before making the purchase.

Further you can also get in touch with the tile experts here at H&R Johnson for a thorough understanding.


Most popular kitchen tile materials are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, terracotta tiles, natural stone, and granite tiles.

For kitchen tiles the preferred color palette is the neutral and earthy shades as they create a breathable and relaxing environment in the kitchen.

Best way to clean and maintain kitchen tiles is to wipe the surface with a clean towel and gentle soap water to remove all grease and stains from the surface of the tiles.