How to pick the right wall tiles for a small space

Wall tiles for a small space

Designing our own room and home is one of the biggest dreams that we all have and we put in all our efforts to find the perfect fit for decorating the place. It all starts with choosing the perfect wall tiles for your entire space to make it stand out.

We also understand that this is a complex process and there are a plethora of options available in the market which leads to chaos, hence we have drafted this blog to reduce the chaos and provide you with a solution for it.

Picking the Right Wall Tiles

When it comes to choosing the best wall tiles for different sections of your home it often creates confusion. However, with these few simple solutions and tips you can make the decision in a simple manner.

  • Dimensions of the place

    First and foremost consider the dimensions of the place where you wish to install the tiles. The bedroom wall tiles usually set the mood and the ambience of your home hence, it is important to keep that wall size and the dimensions in mind while selecting the tiles and tile designs.

  • Tile size

    Decide what tile size you wish to explore for your place. Either go with large format tiles or small format, you can also explore subway tiles and plank tiles if that goes well with your place and the available space. Tile size matters a lot in making and breaking the ambience and vibe of your place.

  • Theme and design

    Choose or decide for a theme that you wish to create for your place. You can either keep a monochromatic theme for the entire place or experiment with different themes and designs for different sections of the place. For example, for wall tiles for balcony you can go with wooden plank tiles, for drawing room wall tiles you can go with either solid bold color tiles or choose bold pattern tiles.
    Furthermore, for bedroom wall tiles you might want to go with something subtle and choose neutral shade wall tiles for a soothing ambience.

  • Finish

    For wall tiles you can choose different finishes of tiles, either glossy, satin, or matt finish . This depends on the theme that you want to create in your space. Furthermore, the finish of tiles will have an impact on the overall appearance of your place as well.
    For instance in a small available space installing glossy finish tiles will reflect the light and make the place appear bigger and more breathable.

  • Placement of wall tiles

    For creating a vibe and ambience in your place you should also consider the placement of the tiles that you are installing. This can affect the overall theme of your place and make the place appear elegant as well.

Moving on, having discussed the basics of picking out the right tiles for your place, here are some recommendations that you can implement while choosing the designs and patterns in wall tiles for different sections of your place.

Trends to Implement

From the plethora of options and trends available in the market to choose from, here are some of the best trends that you can follow for different sections of your place and pick the best fit for your place.

  • Wooden Tiles

    This is one of the best and classic trends to be followed when designing your space with wall tiles or even floor tiles. Adding wooden texture tiles provides a sense of warmth, elegance, and comfort to the place. These can also be installed as wall tiles for balcony to enhance that space.
    Furthermore, these provide a vintage and antique touch to the place while also maintaining the elegance of the place. For this trend you can explore these tile designs from the H&R Johnson collection of tiles in different sizes: 30*60 cm Gem Wood DK with glossy finish, Hendrix DK in 30*60 cm size range with glossy finish. You can find these options in the Johnson Elite Plus collection.

  • Large Format Tiles

    The next trend to follow is to install large format drawing room wall tiles, or living room wall tiles. This is one of the best trends to be followed in small available space. Installing large format tiles for a small space will make the place appear breathable and open. This will further allow you to make the place look bigger and elegant.

  • Glossy marble finish tiles

    Glossy marble finish tiles are another trend to be explored. This trend is yet again one of the best to be installed in small spaces and even in large space drawing room wall tiles. This will allow you to create a reflective space in your place which will add to the class of the place, making it appear elegant.
    Explore the Hannet LT, Hendrix LT in the 30*60 sizes range from the Elite plus collection for wall tiles bedroom space or living room wall tiles in the H&R Johnson collection.

  • Neutral shades

    A classic trend to follow is to add neutral shade wall tiles as the backdrop of bedroom wall tiles. This is suitable for your bedroom as there you can create a subtle and soothing ambience. This will further enhance the vibe of your place, making it more breathable, comforting, and open.
    In the H&R Johnson collection of tiles, you can explore the following trends to be installed in your space: Ilious LT, Indizo LT, and Jaitaran LT are some of the trends that you can explore in the size range of 30*60cm in glossy finish neutral shades to add a sense of soothing and calm to your space.

  • Stone Texture

    This is another classic trend to be followed which once installed can uplift the mood of the entire space. These can be installed either as drawing room wall tiles, or living room wall tiles. Furthermore, these can be installed as external tiles for walls as well such as the wall tiles for balcony. These tiles have a rustic look and provide a rustic vibe to the place while also adding a hint of vintage texture to the walls. Furthermore, some of the tile design options to be installed in this trend from the H&R Johnson collection are: Edenstone Bianco, Edenstone Gris, Fire Brick Grey, Fire Brick Red, and Harappa Brown along with others in the 30*60 size range from the Johnson Elite collection.

Ending the Discussion

Based on the discussion above it is clear how to pick the right wall tiles for your space. The points mentioned above will help you consider the best options and make the right decision. Furthermore, it is imperative that you pick a reliable brand such as H&R Johnson for highly durable and reliable wall tiles designs.

Additionally, you can visit the experience center here and explore the wide range of products along with the best quality products and choose the best option. This will further allow you to witness the quality by yourself and make the decision.

Furthermore, these experience centers are established across the country at easily accessible locations where you can easily visit and choose the best wall tiles for your place. For more information you can also get in touch with the tile experts here at H&R Johnson.


One of the major differences between wall tiles and floor tiles is the strength of the tiles. However, in certain cases the same tiles can be used for both wall and floor applications. But different wall and floor tiles have a difference of strength.

Wall tiles can be used for outdoor applications in certain cases such as balcony walls where there is not much effect on the walls. However, nowadays, different interior and exterior tiles are available in the market as per the different application of the tiles.

If maintained properly wall tiles last for a long period of time which can go for around 75 years as per certain studies. However, it further depends on the maintenance as well.