How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Floor Tiles

How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen is usually said to be the heart of the entire home which makes it essential to pay more attention to the decor of the place. Hence it is important to install kitchen floor tiles for uplifting the look of the space.

In addition to this, kitchen tiles design available in the market are not only decorative but also have functional benefits which makes them an essential aspect to be added in the space. However, it becomes challenging to identify which modern kitchen tiles design would be most suitable for your space.

Tips to Select Kitchen Floor Tiles

To help you with the process of picking out the best kitchen wall tiles designs and kitchen floor tiles design we have curated this article with some of the most important and useful tips for you to follow. Here are some of the tips that you can follow:

  • Size

    Before you start exploring the wide range of kitchen floor tiles design, it is important to identify the size of the kitchen floor tiles that you are going to install. To identify the right size of the tiles, measure the available space in your kitchen area. This will help you understand the right tile size that will suit the kitchen space.

    Furthermore, depending on the available size you can look for the designs and other textures that you wish to install in your kitchen space. Also take into consideration any extra furnishing that you might add on the kitchen floor.

  • Durability

    Picking out the modern kitchen tiles design that are highly durable is an important aspect of picking out the right tiles. Durability goes a long way and allows you to pick the best durable tiles for your kitchen space.

  • Finish

    Look for the finish of the tile designs for kitchen which are being installed. Although there are various finishes available such as matt, satin, glossy, polished and others. The best suitable finish for installing in kitchen floor tiles is either matt or satin finish.

  • Overall themes

    Another important point to consider while choosing the perfect kitchen floor tiled design is to look for the overall theme of the place. The tile designs for kitchen that you are picking should resonate with the overall theme of the place and make it appealing to look at.

    This plays an important role as it further allows you to maintain a particular overall theme for your entire place. It helps you to maintain a consistency throughout the space and keep it aligned with each other.

  • Quality

    Instead of focusing more on the modern kitchen tiles design, focus on the quality of the kitchen floor tiles. It is important to pick high quality tiles to ensure long lasting tiles. For this ensure that you are buying tiles from a highly reputable and trusted brand such as H&R Johnson.

    Installing high quality tiles will further reduce the need of constant repair and replacement which is not only cost-effective but environment friendly as well.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

    Next is to look for kitchen wall tiles design that are easy to clean and maintain. This allows you to further reduce the extra efforts in cleaning the tiles. The kitchen floor tiles with H&R Johnson are easy to clean and maintain and can be cleaned with a fabric in one single swipe.

  • Installation

    The tiles should be easy to install as to reduce the hassle of installation of tiles. Easy to install tiles can be installed manually without any external or professional help, further reducing the cost factor. Additionally, in case of a replacement, this can be easily done without extra help.

Trends to Explore

Having discussed the key considerations of picking out the perfect kitchen floor tiles. Let’s glance through some of the most suitable trends that you can explore.

  • Wooden finish kitchen floor tiles design

    For adding a vintage texture to your kitchen space. This trend further offers a warm and comfortable touch to your kitchen space. For this you can explore the Johnson Porselano tiles in the size range of 60x120; 80x160; 60x60cm in matt or satin finish.

  • Monochromatic kitchen floor tiles

    For this trend you can pick a neutral color palette and install to offer your place a modern kitchen tiles design look. Furthermore, this trend is also suitable for small house modern kitchen tiles design as well and will help to make the place appear open and breathable.

  • Natural stone finish tiles

    For kitchen wall tiles design you can also go with natural stone finish tiles which can instantly enhance the look of your kitchen. It will further offer your kitchen space a nature inspired touch while also adding to the comfort of the place.

  • Marble finish kitchen wall tiles design

    Lastly you can use marble finish kitchen wall tiles design as the backsplash in the kitchen counter. This will add an elegant look to your kitchen space and will further allow you to make your kitchen space appear warm, welcoming, open and breathable.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that we have covered all the basics of picking out the right kitchen floor tiles, the last point is to look for the brand. H&R Johnson is one of the leading names in the tiles industry to offer you a wide range of tiles options suitable for different applications of your home.

In addition to this, the brand has also established experience centers across the country for the customers to visit and explore the wider range of options available. Furthermore, it also allows you to experience the high quality and durability of the products by yourself.

These experience centers are established at easily accessible locations and allows you an overall experience of the tile options available. It also allows you to have a thorough understanding of the tiles and designs which would be most suitable for your space.

For more information you can also get in touch with the tile experts here at H&R Johnson and pick the best tiles for your space. Additionally, the sixty years of experience and expertise has allowed the brand to offer you with such durable and high quality tiles in a wide range.