From Classic to Contemporary: 15 Ceramic Tile Designs to Suit Every Taste

From Classic to Contemporary

Designing your own space with your ideas and adding a personal touch to make it feel more alive is something that we all dream of, but at times struggle to find the right ideas, or inspirations and guidance for the same. The colour palette, themes, furniture, floor tiles, wall tiles, and even the curtains, makes a lot of difference when it comes to designing your home.

In the current scenario however, there are multiple options available that we can pick and style our homes from a wide range of ceramic and other tile options. These ceramic tiles are trending at this point as they offer a large collection of options available.

Installing ceramic tile flooring is also one of the major accepted trends at this point, mainly because of the affordability, and wide range of options along with durability and strength it offers.

Here are some of the best trends in the tiles to elevate the look of your place, before diving deep into the designing, browse through the trends listed below.

  • Subtle Neutral Shades

    Using a tone of neutral shade tiles presents a calm, relaxing, and soothing touch to your home and allows you to make it more breathable. This trend has allowed you to pick all the neutral shades such as white, grey, lighter shades of blue.

    From the H&R Johnson ceramic tile flooring collection you can look for Belize Grey, Bolson Snow, Eaburn Cream, and Jakins Bianco.

  • Wooden Flooring

    Although the use of wooden textures is not a completely new trend, this has made its comeback in the trend list. It offers you a classic, old-fashioned and sophisticated touch, making your house a more warm place.

    You can explore H&R Johnson collection and pick out your best picks for this category among some of the best options such as Axis Brown Wood, Genzo Coffee Wood, and Maxine Tawny Wood for a vintage wood texture.

  • Tile Rugs

    This is a timeless trend that is old, yet modern at the same time and presents your house in a more royal form. Creating an illusion of rugs paired with a lighter tone of tiles, it offers your house a grand look.

    Explore the H&R Johnson collection, for rug tiles you can pick Sentilia Grey for creating the rug, paired with Diston Silver for lighter shade of tiles.

  • Marble Tiles

    There is nothing better than using the marble finish tiles for your walls and even the floor, to add that extra elegance to your house. Enhancing the complete look of your place marble finish tiles are the best picks in this trend.

    H&R Johnson has carefully curated an entire range for this segment, exploring some of the options among Terell White, Thunder Grey, Qutalia Staturio.

  • Mosaic Tiles

    Mosaic tiles are a form of artistic expression. It helps you create a bohemian, artistic, and freestyle look to your house. Depending on the finish of the tiles it adds an extra sense of luxury and creativity to your space.

    With H&R Johnson have a look at our curated collection of mosaic tiles Lannen Grey.

  • Cement Look Tiles

    The feeling of having a sturdy, robust look is always going to remain a trend. Cement tiles allow you to have a sense of added strength and make your place appear more organised.

    For options check the H&R Johnson collection Calpice Nero, and Iliff Lime.

  • Checker Tiles

    The evergreen black and white checkerboard tiles never ran out of fashion and are still marking its position in the trend. This tile trend is one of the most common to be seen for the floor and has a timeless, sophisticated look, be it for kitchen, or bathroom floors.

    Explore similar options by H&R Johnson such as Cloudy Square for a classic blue and white chessboard pattern.

  • Floral Touch

    Bold, bigger, and dramatic floral wall tiles make a statement about your space, being the centre of attraction, the hot topic of conversation. These are perfect for your bathroom walls or even a statement kitchen wall to offer your place an out-of-the-box appeal.

    Some of the options by H&R Johnson in this category are Aqua Leaves, Arabic HL, Copper Leaf HL.

  • Monochromatic

    There is no other trend that can beat the feeling of having an even, unified space which is possible using the monochromatic theme. It is a rather under-rate trend but is one of the most acceptable trends to provide the subtle side of you more exposure.

    H&R Johnson comes with certain options for this trend: Iliff Beige, Iliff Bianco, Iliff Lime, and Iliff Cream.

  • Textured Tiles

    Textures play a vital role in house decor, it speaks volumes about the depth of your character and allows you to portray your story via these tiles. Installing textured tiles on walls adds the mystery about the setting of the place, making it appear interesting and grabs the attention.

    Explore these options by H&R Johnson Abbinett Beige, Dimas Wood, Elmia Choco, and Elver Wood Brown.

  • Vintage Patterns

    Old is gold- is actually true when it comes to designing your interiors. Vintage patterns on the walls uplifts the mood and enhances the aura of your space by making it appear Victorian-inspired, and mid-century with added sophistication.

    Look out for these options by H&R Johnson for this trend: Hammer Bruno, Haven Wood, Octal Blue, and Colaba Coffee.

  • Patchwork Tiles

    These are a mix of different patterns and designs creating a carefree, casual look. The patchwork tile trend is ideal for your living room walls to have a relaxing vibe.

    Look at some options by H&R Johnson such as Machen Brown, Burns Grey for a natural stone look, and Ethan Bruno & Ethan Mix.

  • Subway Tiles

    Subway tiles have always been in the trend making the place appear organised, settled, and established. However, it also gives a metro city look to the place.

  • Abstract Art

    Let the artist and creative side of you be explored. These abstract art tiles can be a mood setter for your bathroom floors, even walls in your living room or the bedroom as well.

  • Graphic Tiles

    Add volume to your space by adding some graphic tiles. This trend allows you to present the sophisticated side and create an illusion of space in the house.


Ceramic tiles offer a wide range of designs and options to choose from and create your own space. These wide ranges are crafted by H&R Johnson by considering the different preferences of individuals.

The experience centres established by H&R Johnson are especially for the customers to help them visualise their dream space and experiment with the options available. We understand that you design your space once and that needs to be perfect so these experience centres along with our tile experts will help you pick out the best possible options for you.


Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, highly durable, easy to maintain, easy to install, long lasting and come in a wide range of designs and textures. These are some of the most common advantages of ceramic tiles.

For installing a ceramic tile be it on floor or wall, the substrate needs to be prepared properly, and then tiles are ready to be installed with adhesives.

Tile Adhesives are best to install Wall or Floor tiles. The adhesive provides a strong bond between the floor and the tile surface for a longer lasting fitting.