8 Unique Kitchen Tile Applications in Modern Homes


The kitchen is where you find comfort and create your story, whether you're having a cup of coffee or a picnic with your friends and family. Aside from the apparent cooking component, the kitchen's aura is derived from its various components.

Kitchen tile walls are particularly useful since you can wipe them down instead of washing or repainting the walls. The interiors of the kitchen can modify the appearance of the area and make it appear more courteous and welcoming. Along with the cabinets, flooring, countertops, and colour scheme, you should also consider the design of the kitchen wall tiles.

Here are 10 common kitchen tiles designed for wall ideas to assist you to spice up the creative element by adding a touch of beauty and refinement to it.

1. Kitchen Tiles in Light Colours

A minimalist room always begins with the classic, muted tones that elevate the space with their unassuming appeal. The shiny surfaces of the light shades not only invite more attention but also reflect more light. This guarantees that the area is light and airy, creating the sense of a larger space, which is especially important in the kitchen.

H&R Johnson's KL21 collection digital wall tiles with matched flooring for the kitchen are available in 30cmx30cm, 30x60cm and 30x45cm sizes. It offers glossy (wall) and matt (floor and wall) surfaces in a variety of designs and themes, providing your kitchen and bathrooms with a rich appearance.

2. Monochromatic Design

The current H&R Johnson Tiles collection includes a selection of monochromatic tiles for your floor and wall designs. These double-charge vitrified tiles transport you to Paris, the world's fashion capital.

Choose a kaleidoscope design for your kitchen backsplash with monochromatic tiles that complement wooden cabinetry. Tessellating the kite-shaped tiles in a predetermined order to form an alternate light-dark-light pattern gives your kitchen a new twist. Add some plants to add a splash of green to it.

3. Kitchen Highlighter Tiles

Wall concepts, with their distinctive patterns and designs, assist to distinguish a space. You can either allocate a certain space on the wall or an entire wall to highlighter tiles. For an alternative kitchen design approach, these modern ideas are becoming increasingly popular among many homeowners and designers.

4. Oriental Tiles for a Vibrant Look

Tired of neutrals and looking to add some colour to your palette? Oriental kitchen tiles designed for the wall will help you add a splash of colour and make it look livelier.

These tiles complement both neutral and coloured cabinets without the overbearing modern appearance.

5. Checks in Mosaic for a Complex Look

You may get a detailed design with mosaic checks on kitchen wall tiles that is neither too extravagant nor too subdued. Mosaic is an excellent alternative if you're searching for a simple solution that can also brighten up the decor of your kitchen without requiring any other accessories.

6. Themed Kitchen Printed Tiles

If you've been to a restaurant or cafe, you're aware of the effort the establishments make to create distinct themes and provide their patrons with a warm and inviting dining environment.

They can be customised to fit your selected motif and are reasonably priced.

Follow A Theme for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most crucial areas of the home with the ability to make or break interior design elements. Whether you are moving into a new house or remodelling your present one, it is imperative to focus on the kitchen and make sure it is practical and up-to-date.

If you want to add colour and individuality to the space, you must choose the correct kitchen wall tile design in addition to the proper cabinets, countertops, islands, and appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of mosaic tile you are using you will need regular cleaning for the tiles. You can clean the gloss or matt finish mosaic tiles with warm water and a wipe. Cleaning a 3D elevation mosaic would need dusting as well.

Weight per square foot for tiles depends on their base material, density, and thickness. Wall tiles usually feature lower weight due to the low density and thickness of tiles. However, floor tile weight can vary from 2 – 3.5 Kg per square foot. Heavy-duty industrial and parking tiles can weigh even more.

Mosaic tiles are generally available in three formats & individual mosaics, 3D elevation mosaics, and mosaic collections. All three tiles can be available in different materials like ceramic, glass, stone, terracotta, etc. Individual mosaics are more frequent with hand-printed and vintage tile designs, while 3D elevation is more easily available in ceramic (non-vitrified) and vitrified materials.