5 Latest Trends in Modern Tile Designs to Elevate Your Bathroom


While designing a home, one of the most crucial and important spaces that we often tend to forget about is the bathroom. Among all the other spaces in your home, your bathroom is essential as it speaks volumes about your character, your aesthetics, and your personality. Designing the bathroom is often a task, as we get overwhelmed with the wide ideas available, but here are the top five latest trends to look out for while picking out tiles design for bathroom.

However, we do understand that changing your bathroom designs every year with new trends is not possible and affordable, hence, here at H&R Johnson our bathroom tiles rates are budget friendly, and in-line with the recent trends. Explore our wide range of products and pick out the best for your bathroom.

H&R Johnson being one of the leading companies to offer best bathroom tiles consists of all the latest trending options that you'll come across in your quest to look out for the best available solution.

Tile Designs for Bathroom to Explore

  • Mix and Match Tiles
  • A perfect combination of matte and glossy tiles is one trending design idea for your bathroom. The concept of using both matte and glossy tiles here provides volume to the area, where the glossy tiles would reflect the light coming, matte tiles creating an alternative space. H&R Johnson has carefully curated a range of matte and glossy finish tiles for both wall and floor tiles suitable for this trend.

    Some of the suitable options for walls in matte finish include Sahara Latte, Sahara Mist, and Superb LT Grey.

  • Natural or Neutral Shades
  • For the much needed calm, and subtlety use of natural or neutral shades is another approach for making your bathroom appear enhanced. These neutral shades also create an extra space making the place more breathable.

    From the H&R Johnson collection you can look out for any of the following options in this trend, Apex Silver, Apex Cream, Ivory, Mavik Base, Zeal Grey, Akoya Pearl, Amazon Silver, Arena Cement Beige, Alaska Snow, Carina Cyana, and Persian Timber.

  • Darker Colour Pallet
  • Dark colours have always been a head turner, and often implemented to make a bold, confident, and elegant appearance. It has also marked its position in this trend of elevating the bathroom designs. Darker colours create an aura of class, sophistication, and paints a posh picture.

    Among the wide range of glazed bathroom tiles from H&R Johnson, our recommendations for this darker theme are, Amazon Black, Estonia Gold, Estonia Silver, Titanium Black, Brahm Charcol, Cavier Azul, and Turkish Stone.

  • Bold Mosaic Designs
  • We've witnessed the comeback of Mosaic designs in almost every industry and it made its way through the tiles design for bathroom. These mosaic designs are a statement for your bathroom providing it a spa-like texture and feel.

    It offers an added drama but with an elegance and class that enhances the overall essence of your space. These bold designs represent a story that your walls are trying to communicate and speak for themselves.

    We have crafted certain designs for you in this pick as well, some of our best H&R Johnson picks for this trend are Ropewood Steel, Ropewood Sepia, Antique Vista A&B, Aqua Leaves, Arabic HL, Copper Leaf HL, and Emerald Gold.

  • Dramatic Marble Texture
  • Who doesn't like a bit of extra drama, or a dramatic touch to the interiors. This added drama brings out the hidden elements of the place making it the centre of attraction, the hot topic for conversation. When this drama is added to the marble finish it enhances the overall aura of the bathroom and eventually lifts up the entire house.

    Moreover, you can experiment with this trend using contrasting marble tiles and create the ultimate look for your place.

    Here at H&R Johnson we understand your needs and the trends hence, we have created a whole range for you to explore. However, some of our top picks for this trend would be Estonia Gold, Estonia Silver, Titanium Black, Brahm Charcol, Brazos Gold, Colosus Rust, Lagos Nero, Marvel Azulo, and Romania Black.

Although the trends keep on changing every year and with some new tiles design for bathroom there would be new ideas brewing in the industry, it doesn't seem like a practical choice to adopt all these trends. Hence, our R&D teams have carefully designed these tiles which are highly durable, yet affordable.

You can add your personal touch by experimenting with a wide range of H&R Johnson collections available and create your own trends, be it your walls or the bathroom floor.

Our collection of glazed bathroom tiles is an added gem to our overall design collection offering you the most in-trend designs with best in-class quality and stability. These glazed bathroom tiles are non-toxic, scratch resistant, and provide the classy, elegant look to your bathroom.


We believe that every corner of your home has its own story to tell and with the right tile designs available at your fingertips it becomes convenient for you to make those spaces speak your stories.

Tiles are the best way possible to present your personality. Whether you choose to make a bold statement with the dark and dramatic themes or you keep it minimal with the natural or neutral colours, it offers the personalised touch to your bathroom.

With H&R Johnson you get the best bathroom tiles available at our experience centres, dealers, and sub-dealers for your convenience. Visit our experience centres and have a never before seen experience of creating a model with latest trends and our best quality tiles design for bathroom.

You can also connect with our tile experts who can guide you through the process of choosing the right tiles for your bathroom and other space as well. Explore our entire available range either by visiting your nearby experience centre or browse through our catalogues.


Vitrified tiles are the best suitable tiles for installing in the bathroom as these are highly water-resistant, stain and scratch resistant as well. Also these are low maintenance and easy to clean. You can choose from a wide range of tiles design for bathroom from H&R Johnson collection.

For bathroom tiles, these should be water resistant to avoid any damage caused due to constant exposure to moisture. Secondly, the floor tiles should be anti-skid to avoid any accidents caused by slipping in the bathroom.

Bathroom tiles are different as they require more water resistance as compared to any other tiles. Also these tiles are required to be ankt-skid and slip resistant to prevent any slipping accidents.