5 Floor Tile Design Ideas for Open Kitchen, Living & D5 Floor Tile Design Ideas for Open ining Hall

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Modern home interiors often feature the kitchen, dining and living room together in an open and coherent space. The setting looks spacious and gives you more room to customise your home interior with furniture and other interior work. One of the challenges of such open spaces is the floor tiling. The builders often love to finish the work quickly and may leave you with a spread of high-gloss floor tiles.

Reflective high-gloss tiles look great in the living room, however, are not safe for high-footfall areas like the kitchen. The kitchen and dining areas experience a higher footfall per square foot than the living room. Also, the kitchen is prone to spills and splatters of cooking material, gravy, water, spices, salt, etc.

High-gloss tiles are generally unsafe due to less surface grip and spills and wet floor can make the kitchen unsafe to use.

Balancing Kitchen Safety vs Living Room Aesthetics

You can strike the balance between the looks and safety of the living room, kitchen and dining area with appropriate floor tile selection. Here are a few popular ways professionals handle the dichotomy in modern design:

  • Use Different Tiles:

    This is possible where a clear distinction between the living room, dining and kitchen is possible. Here, high-gloss tiles are limited to the living room area, i.e. couch, TV and around, dining and kitchen are tiled with matte finish or anti-skid tiles.

    This approach allows the tiles to feature clear distinction not only with patterns but also by size. This floor-tiling approach is more useful with large houses with spacious living rooms and dining.

  • Only Differentiate Surface Finish:

    For mid-sized houses with living rooms fused with the kitchen, differentiating only the surface finish is more sensible. Using different tile designs can make the space look overwhelming and cramped.

    So, you can use the same tiles as the living rooms, but with a surface finish, such as matte, satin, rustic, etc.

  • Use Non-Slip Floor Tiles for the Living Room

    The simplest alternative to both the high-stake approaches is the simple non-slip floor tiles for the entire living room. You should not mistake this approach for a lazy design. Several non-slip floor tile designs are more popular than glossy tiles for the living room and bedroom floors.

Five such floor tiles which you will never regret laying on the living room floor are given below:

Wood Plank Designs for Flooring


Few tile designs have ever come close to wood plank tiles in their versatility to fit and warm up any space. Wood plank tiles generally range in the size of 20x120cm and mimic the popular hardwood planks used for exotic floor designs. Wood plank tiles are glazed vitrified or porcelain tiles offering the same natural look, but with better durability.

At H&R Johnson, you can find more than 20 different shades of wood plank tiles. The glazed vitrified planks not only offer an all-weather, natural flooring but also adds to the safety with a grainy matte finish.

The wood format adds a natural warmth to your living room and kitchen and gives you a safe and durable floor to work. The tiles offer a range of shades ranging from the almost white Pine Wood to the dark Popler (Poplar) Wood.

Terrazzo Tile Patterns

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Terrazzo patterns have been one of the most popular premium floor styles since the 90s. Terrazzo tiles make the process of getting a terrazzo floor painless. H&R Johnson offers several terrazzo colours, like Terrazzo Fossil, Iron, Silver, and Swiss, under the Johnson Marbonite Elite collection.

Matte finish terrazzo pattern tiles are available in two sizes 120x60cm and 40x40cm, which should enable you to use the pattern throughout your home. Smaller tiles can cover the floor in the bathroom while larger tiles can spruce up your living room, bedroom, and dining areas.

Other tile options like 240x80cm Terrazzo Blanco slabs can grace your kitchen counter, while 30x30cm tile blocks can cover the balconies, patio and other outdoor seating areas.

Concrete Tile Designs

Grey concrete tiles are the perfect finishing material for the modern rustic and spacious looks of home interiors. The almost plain colour tiles highlight the elements in the house more than the walls or floor and provide an ultimate finish for minimalist interior settings. You can use the non-slip concrete tiles on the floor and walls for a modern elegant living room.

Leaving large relief spaces between furnishings and decorations on a concrete tile base gives a feeling of sprawling and calming space. The bland and neutral colours of concrete format tiles exude strength and put your mind at ease with the interior application.

H&R Johnson offers concrete tile designs with rustic matte and matte finish surfaces and shades ranging from white to black. Concrete look alike tiles are available in various sizes at H&R Johnson, including the large 120x180cm and small 30x30cm tiles.

Non-Slip Marble Tile Patterns

nonslip marble

Marble tiles have always been a fantasy for homeowners to use as floor tiles. Marble offers a seamless royal appearance and an interior filled with natural warmth. Marble pattern floor tiles are a vitrified alternative for rare natural stone. At H&R Johnson you can find non-slip floor tiles with marble patterns for the living room and kitchen flooring.

The tiles are available with rocker matte and matte finish surfaces. The wide range of shades ranging from white Korean Bianco to the dark Genesis Nero, H&R Johnson’s marble look alike porcelain tiles offers floor solutions for all interior themes.

Lumber Tiles

lumber tiles

Wood plank tile designs have been a popular floor tile choice for a long-time. However, they are relatively small and can make the large areas look crowded. Lumber or large wood pattern tiles have a wider size and cover large areas with less grout lines. Lumber tiles, like the Euro Wood Cedar 60x120cm tile in the picture, can easily cover large floor areas and provide a unique and natural wood appearance.

H&R Johnson offers more than 20 different wood patterns and shades in large 60x120cm format. You can explore Johnson Porselano Elite Plus & Elite and Johnson Tiles collections for large wood format tiles.

H&R Johnson Assistance in Your Tile Section & Purchase

H&R Johnson believes in enhancing your overall experience of using floor and wall tiles in your home. You can use the H&R Johnson Tile Guide to learn more about the best tile options for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and other prominent areas in your home.

You can also drop in at the nearest Experience Centre to explore various tile options and get expert assistance in selecting the best tile, wall and floor tiles prices and more design ideas.


You should choose floor tiles for strength, safety, and elegant appearance. Surface finish and size are two factors that you can decide based on the type of space and area of the floor. Consider matte finish non-slip floor tiles for the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and balconies. Satin matte and rocker finish tiles offer comfort and safety for living room and bedroom floors.

Glazed vitrified tiles are the best choice for flooring any area in your home. GVT or porcelain tiles offer the best possible combination of durability, looks, and price for a long-term finish within your budget.

There are several types of floor tiles based on their physical qualities and features. Based on the material you have vitrified and non-vitrified (ceramic) floor tiles. Vitrified floor tiles further have glazed vitrified, double charge, and full body vitrified tiles.