3D Tiles Creating the Illusion of Depth 5 Ideas


3D elevation tiles can create a statement piece without putting a hole in your pocket. Elevation tiles provide natural texture and patterns for a three-dimensional appearance for exterior wall designs. Elevation tile designs open a unique dimension of décor ideas for living and commercial spaces.

Used correctly, 3D elevation tiles can help you create a feeling of wide-open spaces and warm cosy settings in a room. Although 3D elevation tiles are more popular as exterior wall tiles design in Indian houses, these tiles look as great in modern interior settings.

Here are five unique wall ideas with 3D effects using 3D elevation wall tiles.

1. Large Appearance for Any Living Room

natura bricks

3D elevation tiles are available in various natural tones. For example, stone mixed, sandstone, marble, wood, etc. You can also choose from various bare brick designs to create an appearance of a bare wall inside your living room.

The bare wall appearance automatically brings in the natural vibe inside your living room. Complement the wall with greens and you get a perfect rusty appearance. However, being an indoor space, it exudes warmth, safety, and a sense of generous space.

2. Stylish Kitchen

Tiling the kitchen backsplash is a need in the modern Indian kitchen. Don’t be surprised if you find 3D elevation wall tiles suitable for this application. 3D elevation tiles are available in both matt and glossy finish.

Glossy elevation tiles are better for the kitchen backsplash area as they will make cleaning the grease and spillage off the surface easier. If you are looking at a smaller kitchen you can use brighter colour elevation tiles such as Calcine White, Enigma Beige, Daphnia Grey, etc.

Other natural colours like Tudon Red, Modera Copper, etc. help bring a more natural tone to the space.

3. Children’s Room Redone with Dreamscape

Using 3D elevation tiles in children’s rooms is not a new concept. However, using elevation tiles to create a dreamscape wall décor would make things interesting for the kids.

Use a combination of natural stone, white bricks, wood (Cinnamon Beige), and digitally printed glossy 3D surface tile designs to put creative ideas on the walls of your child’s room.

Glossy elevation tiles would not only create an interesting space for the kids but also give them an unfettered surface to vent out their creativity, without raising a hair on your head.

4. Front Elevation Wall

silstone mix

Matt finish exterior 3D elevation wall tiles have been popular for front elevation in houses and commercial spaces for a long time. However, with modern digital printing technology design variations have shifted a lot.

Now you can go beyond the casual sandstone, marble, and granite designs to explore tiles like Bricks Natura, Lignite Blue, Roblox, and Metmolite to have a unique and natural appearance.

5. Bathroom Decor

azul bricks

Modern bathrooms are hard to imagine without tiles. You’d often get a feeling of incomplete sanitation while walking into a bathroom without tiled walls. Tiling your bathroom wall in an Indian home is even more important due to water spills.

Then why not create a space unique to your taste and interesting enough to spend some relaxing time in it? Use 3D wall cladding tiles like Azul Bricks, Blue Teal Bricks, Fume Stone Grey, Kenzo Beige, Lapis Stone, Purple Teal Bricks, and many more for a mesmerising bath space.

Other Usage for 3D Elevation Tile Designs

A delicate pattern 3D tile can provide texture and design to the room without taking over the space. These tiles may create a welcoming atmosphere and go well with a variety of styles of design and colour choices. Either tile every wall for a magnificent appearance or tile one wall to create an emphasis wall.

3D tiles can add texture and colours to accent walls, TV backdrops, outdoor seating areas, commercial spaces, and even offices. The unique uneven patterns of 3D elevation tiles automatically bring natural comfort to any space.

H&R Johnson offers a wide range of 3D elevation tile designs to suite your external cladding as well as indoor wall applications. Check out the nearest Experience Centre to find the ideal match for your tiling needs.