S & P 32

This collection of unique Salt & Pepper effect stain-free tiles is made using finest quality of raw materials and advanced technology that adds life to your living spaces. The stain-free property allows you to easy maintain the flooring.

Johnson Marbonite Salt and Pepper Tiles

The Johnson Marbonite range enjoys the reputation of having become a generic name for Vitrified Tiles.

It offers a wide range in large formats for application in homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls and airports. The Marbonite range is brought to you by H&R Johnson (India). India's leading lifestyle solution provider since 1958. Not only are we the oldest tile manufacturing tile company in India, we have been the pioneers behind most of the innovations in tiles in India like germ free tiles, stain and scratch free tites, large format tiles, anti static tiles, cool roof tiles and many more such innovative products.

Johnson Marbonite Salt and Pepper Tiles

Marbonite was the first to introduce large format slabs in Italian marble and other popular themes and high quality that is the result of following some of the best practices while making these tiles for you like:

  • Using the finest quality of raw materials and ingredients
  • Employing the most modern technology, equipment's and in-house R&D
  • Variety of designs and shades to suit individual preferences
  • Continuous research in interior designing and Architectural themes
  • Authentic shades and patterns to complement your project themes

the Johnson Marbonite range is superior to its natural counterparts both aesthetically and functionally. Not only are they easier to install, they are easier to maintain and don't need re-polishing for manyyears unlike natural marble. What's more the Marbonite double charge range comes with the StainFree property that make them easier to maintain and looking fresh for years.


Schematic representation of how Marbonite SatinFree works.
Johnson Marbonite Salt and Pepper Tiles
Schematic representation of enhancement of gloss.
Johnson Marbonite Salt and Pepper Tiles

All vitrified tiles have micro pores on their surfaces. In spite of continuous cleaning dirt particles can get accumulated in these pores causing stubborn stains on the surface. The StainFree technology seals the micro pores thus limiting the chances of dirt accumulation and stains and making maintenance easier therefore. Elimination of micro pores also enhances the reflectivity of the tile surface, adding to its luster.