Swimming Pool Solution

Pool tiles come in 24.7x12.2cm size as per standard Olympic pool norms.

These are specialized glaze tiles resist algae formation, ensuring hygiene. The higher MOR can withstand water pressure better than ordinary tiles, ensuring durability and safety.

The comprehensive range includes fittings, accessories, field tiles and tiles for steps & edges making it a complete pool solution.

Hygienic and easy to maintain these tiles prevents germs and moss accumulation. Specialized pool fittings enable proper rounding of corners and junctions avoiding sharp edges, dust and dirt accumulations as safety and hygiene are most important when it comes to swimming pool. Specially designed step and edge tiles which provide higher grip to soles of feet while entering into the pool. The safety marking cautions about the level difference in the pool. Finger grip with safety marking provides holding support while in the pool and also highlights the level difference at the edge of the pool. Johnson Endura swimming pool tiles come with specialized glazed with ensures no algae formation on its tile surface.