High-Traffic - Tactile Series

These are vitrified porcelain body tiles specially designed to assist the visually impaired.

These are high chemical and stain resistant with higher abrasive resistance than concrete or polymer based products. Two type of special textures and three colours to suit a variety of applications and area demarcations.

Tactile ground surface indicators are an important and mandatory design element in all modern construction and public infrastructure projects.

Tactile warnings provide a distinctive surface pattern of “truncated domes” (which as small domes that have had their tops cut off, or truncated) or “truncated bars” detectable by long came or underfoot which are used to alert visually challenged people of their approach to streets and hazardous drop-off – thereby alerting them of impending danger from oncoming vehicles or a change in path gradient.


  • Specially designed to assist the visually impaired – “Foot Braille”.
  • Special textures & colours for use as “warning Floor Tiles” located at areas of risk.
  • Vitrified porcelain body suitable for exterior or interior application areas – frost, heat and weatherproof.
  • Corundum finish for enhanced hardness and slip-resistance.
  • Standardized designs which conform to with RNIB(The Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK), DETR (Department of the Environment, Transport and the regions, UK) ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act, USA).
  • Two types of textures to suit a variety of application.
  • Colours that best represent areas requiring demarcation.
  • Low water absorption, below 0.5% - high strength and durability.
  • High stain and chemical resistance.
  • Four times more abrasive resistant than concrete or polymer based products.
  • Support services: drawings/layouts etc.


  • Fully vitrified unglazed porcelain tile.
  • Low water absorption, below 0.5%
  • Approved profiled tactile design.
  • Approved size – 30x30cm x 1cm.
  • Tac Button Profile = 1 cm + 0.45cm.
  • Tac Liner Profile = 1 cm + 0.45cm.
  • Corundum addition for Mohs harness >7.
  • Excellent slip resistance.
  • Very dense, durable and abrasion resistant.
  • Solid through colour – face proof.
  • High chemical and stain resistance.