Aesthetically strong and technically superior kraft ceramic panels come in a balanced modular size of 80x40cm size.

These ceramic wall coverings present an excellent opportunity to support your home stying resembling wooden panels, Italian marble panels, wallpaper themes and rock-plates. This new collection of kraft also has some unique options on special colours and textures and some innovative, mesmerising effect giving a unique look to your wall application area.


Every concept of KR@FT is inspired by authentic material characteristics, element of art and is compatible with your choice of styling & has the Johnson DNA of durability.

Colours and prints are permanent and remain there till the tile lasts in all practical circumstances including cleaning by approved household cleaning agents.


Finest quality of raw materials and ingredients

Modern and most suitable technology and equipment

Research in the filed of Architecture and Interior designing practices

Johnson's in house ceramic R&D

Understanding of latest International trends and aspirations of design loving community

Apart from conventional usage in bathrooms, kitchens and passages, the present collection has concepts for:
  • Accent walls in living room / bedroom
  • Entrance / reception area of residence or commercial space
  • Lift lobbies
  • Colourful and textured options for schools and play areas
  • Spa and luxury washrooms as well as
  • Backdrops and merchandising space in showrooms

When it comes to complementary flooring for KR@FT panels, we have a wide range of choices for you in 60cmx60cm SSR series.

These technically superior complimentary floor tiles are created not just to complement the theme and colour shade with KR@FT wall panels, but also carry property that enhance the slip resistance and hygiene factor.