These strong, beautiful pieces of Endura are equivalent to hand-made tiles. Inspired by the nature, every tile is not just the copy of the previous one.

Available themes include earthen shades, stones and wood to accentuate your space with unique designs and colour combinations with an intended variation of tonality and design.

Hexagonal tiles with value propositions you would love to have...

  • Frost free.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • In the most efficient size format.
  • Fully vitrified with high Flexural and breaking strength.
  • Very high scratch resistance suiting to commercial and high foot-fall floor areas too.
  • Range of themes which include earthen shades, stones and wood along with multiple options to accentuate the surface with unique designs and colour combinations.
  • Possibilities to create your own eclectic combination my mixing compatible or contrasting options.


Up in the sky, on the ground and even in water in motion, this mysterious geometry has been surprising us.

In 1981 during the Voyager Mission, Saturn’s hexagon was discovered on its North pole… the gaseous cloud is so far the biggest hexagon ever reported! The sides of this hexagon is estimated to be approx 14500 Kilometer! Much more than the Earth’s radius!

Let us come to the Earth and take cognizance of the Giant Causway in North Ireland, UK.

The molten magma in volcanic process oozed out in the coast and when the lava solidified quickly the enormous amount of stresses got released resulting into the famous hexagonal columnar structure of Basalt!

Too far to visit? No worries! In our own country, the Deccan trap terrain of Basalt has similar polygonal structures in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat, the prominent one being St.Mary’s Isles, located approx 7 km of Udupi.

Lets play with the Water!

In scientific experiments when water in the container was rotated at high speeds, geometrical shapes started appearing in the centre at 7 revolutions per second. First it is triangle, with increased spinning it becomes square and at highest speed what you see is a Hexagon!

Hexagon seems to be the favourite of Nature!

The honey bee hive, the ultra colour vision of the Dragon Fly eye which is made up of 30000 tiny hexagon shape compounded eyes, the shell of many marine creatures and the soft, beautiful snow crystals!