Why Wooden Tiles are Better than Wooden Flooring in the Indian Climate.


When choosing flooring options, the timeless allure of wood makes it a captivating choice. Natural hardwood flooring infuses homes with a sense of warmth, comfort, and subtle luxury, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space. However, maintenance and upkeep of wooden flooring can be a costly affair, especially in India where temperatures and moisture content in the air can vary drastically.

Though natural wood has its distinct charm, homeowners and designers alike are increasingly opting for wooden tiles as a worthy alternative

Let’s explore why wooden floor tiles outshine hardwood flooring in the Indian climate.


Mirroring its geographical diversity, the climate in India varies vastly. Though it is mostly tropical, we have regions with a blend of wet and dry weather, as well as those with high humidity.

Natural wooden flooring has a tendency to react to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It can absorb moisture and expand, leading to warping, swelling, cupping, and even mold and rot in extreme cases. Similarly, a dry climate can lead to moisture loss, causing shrinkage and gaps between floorboards.

Wooden tiles, on the other hand, are perfect to combat all these issues. They are designed to be more resilient to climatic factors, ensuring great durability, longevity, and value for money while giving your home the same look and feel as wooden flooring. 

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Wooden flooring generally tends to be expensive, given the intense efforts required to source, process, and manufacture solid wood planks. In addition, higher-quality woods with premium finishes such as red oak, maple, or mahogany can be substantially higher in cost.

Thus the upfront cost of wooden flooring, along with subsequent expenditure on regular maintenance and upkeep can really add up. This makes wooden flooring impractical and inaccessible to most Indian homes.

Wooden-look tiles, however, are designed to mimic real wood grain to grain. The wide range and availability of wooden tiles make it easier to find your preferred style in the quality and quantity you need for your home without disrupting your budget. In addition to all the other wonderful qualities, wooden tile prices make them an attractive option for Indian homes.

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Installation and maintenance

Installing wooden flooring can be a complicated process involving costly professional expertise and specialized tools over and above already expensive wooden flooring planks.

From preparing the subfloor and adding moisture barriers to sanding and finishing the installed wood, the entire process is labor-intensive. Once installed, wooden flooring needs to be looked after and cared for to prevent any damage.

Installation of wooden tiles, however, is quick and easy in comparison. While some have interlocking click-to-connect designs that do not even need adhesives and glues, most can be installed with the same amount of effort as tiles.

Keeping wooden tiles clean too is similarly effortless. Regular sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping - as you would for any other type of flooring in your home - is enough to keep wooden-look tiles clean and fresh for years to come.


Wooden flooring can be versatile provided you are prepared to pay a premium for it. Wooden tiles, on the other hand, thanks to their affordability and accessibility have endless design and usage potential, making them truly versatile.

For instance, you can use wooden wall tiles to complement your wooden floor tiles in certain rooms of your home to invoke a warm, elegant, old-world charm. You can even use wooden tiles for bathrooms and sundecks, elevating their aesthetic appeal.

The wide variety and finishes of wooden tile textures allow you to get creative and bring out your home’s personality, whether you prefer the rusticity of reclaimed wood or the clean, modern look of classic oak.

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From a sustainability standpoint, it would initially appear that wood being a renewable resource is more sustainable. However, on diving deeper into the subject, it becomes clear that sustainability depends on a variety of factors like responsible sourcing of materials, resource efficiency, longevity, maintenance requirements, disposal, recycling, etc.

Owing to better suitability to the Indian climate, wooden tiles fare high on most of the above factors, making them ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners who value sustainability.

Modern manufacturing practices for wooden tiles focus heavily on energy efficiency and environment-friendly sourcing of raw materials. Wooden-look tiles need less effort, energy, and chemicals for maintenance and are hardwearing under high-footfall conditions. Thus, extended lifespan and durability reduce the need for replacement, thereby also reducing waste and debris.

Thus, the longer life of wooden tiles, especially in Indian climatic conditions contributes to sustainability, making wooden tiles a great choice for your home.


While wooden flooring might have a classic, timeless allure, the challenge of maintenance and high upfront cost deter most Indian homes from choosing it as a viable flooring option. The perfect solution to these problems, wooden-look tiles are a practical and visually appealing choice with unmatched affordability, durability, and versatility.

They can withstand temperature fluctuations and humidity much better than wooden flooring, making them much more value for money without compromising on style or quality.

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