Top 5 Most Popular Kitchen Tile Ideas in India


Wouldn’t you like a kitchen where you’d love to spend time? Cooking, gossiping and trying out new recipes should be fun in a modern kitchen. Modern stylish kitchen tile designs can make it happen effortlessly.

All you need is to spend some time exploring. With thousands of choices, you can certainly find the tile design of your dreams if you know where to look. To help you in your noble quest, here are five tile designs for the kitchen wall and other areas.

Where to Use Tiles in the Kitchen?

The kitchen and bathroom are two areas where tiling is of great importance. In India, kitchen and bath areas can get messy and experience seepage. That is why most modern households often always have a minimum standard tiling in the kitchen and bathroom.

The modern, stylish kitchen tile designs cater to the following niche areas:

  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Kitchen Walls (other than backsplash)
  • Kitchen Floor
  • Kitchen Countertop (including the island if you have one)

These areas are niche because all of them can use tiles with different features and properties

Tiling the Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is the wall area between the counter and the cupboards. The space usually provides a 60 cm vertical wall exposed to spills and splashes from your cooking activities. The 60 cm wall will typically extend through the entire length of the kitchen counter.

So, if you use larger tiles like 60x120cm, 30x60cm, or 30x45 cm, you will have 1 or 2 rows of tiles covering the backsplash. This is also the area receiving much attention for beautification in the kitchen.

So, if you use larger tiles like 60x120cm, 30x60cm, or 30x45 cm, you will have 1 or 2 rows of tiles covering the backsplash. This is also the area receiving much attention for beautification in the kitchen.

Johnson’s Royale Polished tile collection features several designs that impeccably imitate natural marble patterns. The best part is that these tiles can have pattern randomization.

Randomization means each tile will have a different pattern, like the natural stone, so your kitchen backsplash can reflect the marble tiling perfectly.

These are also the type of tiles you can extend towards the remaining bare walls of the kitchen if you extend the budget a little.

3D Prints for Kitchen Backsplash Tiling

Who doesn’t like a little bit of magic around them? Ceramic tiles with High definition 3D illusions are perfect for giving your kitchen a unique style statement. While 3D designs reflect your jovial side, you can also showcase depth with colourful ceramic tiles like Sodalite Blue from H&R Johnson’s Porselano Elite 60x60 cm collection.

Both colour-infused and 3D illusion tiles are part of the modern stylish kitchen tile designs.

Reviving the Classical Backsplash

If you thought that bygones are bygones, you could have been right. But with the kitchen backsplash style, bygone is nostalgic and can bring you closer to your home emotionally.

This is why heritage tiles have never gone out of fashion. H&R Johnson’s Heritage tile collection boasts more than ten solid colour tiles in 10.8x10.8cm and 30.2x10.8cm sizes.

You can create a plain colour wall with the square tiles or create a 3D surface with bevel rectangular tiles. Both patterns can remind you of the kitchens of our grandparents.

You can also mix two tile colours to have chess or other patterns on the backsplash.

Finishing Kitchen with Countertop Tiles

The countertop in the kitchen is the real Kurukshetra of the house. Knives, vegetables, utensils, and chopping boards occupy the space interchangeably. With much action happening on this surface, it needs to be sturdy.

Also, the counter area is usually large, and you’d want to avoid having grout lines in the middle. Thus, the large slabs of fully vitrified tiles are purpose build for the countertop.

H&R Johnson’s 80x240 cm Marbonite slabs serve as a perfect countertop tile option. The thick vitrified body can bear the weight of all activities in an Indian kitchen. Plus, the polished surface ensures nothing can stick on it longer than your wish.

Also, don’t worry about putting the hot cooking pot on this slab. The tile is impervious to heat and cold.

Tiling the Kitchen Floor

You may feel elated and satisfied once you have put a modern stylish kitchen tile design on the backsplash and a beautifully polished countertop. But, without adequate attention to tiling the floor, your mission is far from over.

The kitchen floor should offer safety to the users from slip accidents due to spills or any other reason. This is why H&R Johnson recommends only matte, sugar, or satin finish tiles for the kitchen floor.

Often the modern kitchen is an extension of the living room and naturally features the same glossy tiles as the living room. However, as a cautious homeowner, you should install tiles with anti-skid features in the kitchen.

Matte finish tiles provide the anti-skid properties you need for a safe kitchen. This is why nothing beats a wood look-alike tile in the kitchen, as it feels like real wood with a matte finish surface.

The glazed vitrified tile provides a warm natural look without the limitations of natural wood.

Explore Modern Kitchen Tile Designs at H&R Johnson

Tiling different areas of your kitchen makes your kitchen appealing to look at and safe. Glazed ceramic and vitrified tiles are impervious to stains and easy to maintain. With modern high-definition (HD) printing, these tiles can boast a variety of unique and mesmerising styles.

Some of the most popular kitchen wall tiles at H&R Johnson have been coordinated wall tile designs. Coordinated wall tiles are a portfolio of tiles that create a unique design on the wall when installed.

You can explore hundreds of such modern and stylish kitchen tile designs at H&R Johnson. So, at H&R Johnson, you can have tiles for a kitchen displaying your love for nature, or for modern appeal

Frequently Asked Questions

The best tile for an Indian kitchen depends on which area you are tiling. For the backsplash wall, glazed ceramic wall tiles work great and offer a range of design varieties. However, for the countertop, polished variants of vitrified tiles will work the best. Kitchen floor tiles can be ceramic or vitrified depending on your budget and design choices. But, should feature a matte surface finish for safety.

Glazed vitrified and polished full-body vitrified tiles are some of the best options for tiling kitchen walls and counters. Matte finish tiles are best for kitchen floors.

Kitchen wall tile choices depend mostly on the interior theme of the house. With modern houses, flashy and colourful tiles are gaining traction. However, heritage tiles also enjoy a consistent fanbase.

Coordinated tile designs are the most common for Indian kitchens. However, plain 3D bevel tiles and fully vitrified tiles (for countertops) are also quite common in modern Indian kitchens.