Bathroom Bliss: Choosing Bathroom Wall & Floor tiles for a Serene and Stylish Retreat


When it comes to designing our home, we always try to incorporate a personalised touch to the overall theme of the place. For adding this personal touch tiles are one of the best possible ways as they offer a wide range of designs, colours, sizes, and finish for our experimentation.

If you are looking for options for your bathroom makeover or starting fresh, this blog might help you in understanding better how to pick the perfect tiles for your bathroom walls and floor. Additionally, we will provide you with our best recommendations and picks that might interest you.

Let's dive in!

Choosing The Right Size

One primary aspect to keep in mind while browsing the bathroom floor tiles is to go for smaller size tiles from 60x60 cm and 30x30 cm range, with matte-finish as they provide better grip in the moist bathroom environment. Further, you are required to have a slope in the bathroom floor tiles for proper water drainage which is effective in smaller size tiles as it becomes easy to install, replace, and manage those tiles.

From the H&R Johnson range of bathroom floor tiles you can look out for these options:

  • 60x60, 30x30 Size Range
    • In this size range Johnson Porcelano offers a variety of matte finished tile options to look at.
    • These bathroom rough tiles offer your bathroom an old-time, classy yet modern look with a minimalist feel.
    • For Bathroom floor it is more suitable to go with Johnson Floor & Maxigrip in size range 60x60 cm and 30x30 cm.
    • Look out for Maxcir Cotto, Maxcir Grey, and Maxstar SNP Ivory.

  • 60x120 Size Range
    • Johnson Procelano collection of this size range offers more monochromatic tiles to choose from.
    • These bathroom vitrified tiles offer matte finish which are suitable for a classic, and statement floor.
    • Browse options from the Maxgrip collection of H&R Johnson, you can refer to Dots Teracota, Triangle Teracota, Triangle Grey and Volcano Benalium.

While looking out for wall tiles, there is no such thing as using smaller tiles, but further in this article you will find some references of using same size tiles on both walls and floors.

For wall tiles in any of the above mentioned size range there is a huge collection to look at, depending on the feel that you are trying to create for your bathroom. Be it monochromatic, a statement wall, or glossy-marble finish.

Picking Up Theme

Once you have decided for the size range, now proceed with drafting a theme for your bathroom.

You can browse from the above-mentioned sizes with either matte or glossy finish for your walls. Both the finishes offer a different look to your bathroom and it entirely depends on your preference whether you want it to be classy monochrome, or dramatic dark colours with mosaic tiles.

Wall Tiles

Choosing wall tiles for your bathroom doesn't have any rules, it can be basically anything that you want it to be. Let the wall speak for itself and define your personality with the designs. However, there are certain trends that are observed when it comes to bathroom walls.

Experiment with different aspect such as:

  • Mix and match tiles
  • Graphic tiles
  • Monochromatic tiles
  • Cemented tiles
  • Bold statement tiles
  • Solid neutral colour pallet
  • Darker colour pallet

Further you can install larger tiles on the walls to create a bigger space, or you can use the wood like planks for a vintage look. The square tiles in the size range of 60x120cm, 20x120cm, and 30x60cm creates a defined structure for the walls, giving it a more clean, and classic look.

Creating Looks

For a more sophisticated and structured follow the following tips to create a stylish bathroom for your home:

  • Use cemented tiles for walls and floor to create a monochromatic look. From H&R Johnson MaxGrip collection in the size range of 60x60cm and 30x30 cm. Additionally you can also add 60x120, 20x120 cm and 60x60cm for the floor tiles.
  • Bold dark colours for creating a statement wall, paired with light shade tiles for floor and remaining walls. Pair Breeze Green, Breeze Cotto, or Amazon Ash for matte finish dark theme.
  • Combine Mosaic wall tiles with plain floor tiles. Use Almond White in matte finish with Mavik Base 30x60 cm size ranges.
  • Create a tile rug with matte finished mosaic tiles paired with lighter shade tiles. You can look for creating the rug in different size ranges using tiles in 60x120 and 20x120 cm.
  • Create a wood-like look using the Classic Oak, Egyptian Wood Almond, or Wood Chestnut from the wide collection of Johnson tiles in the 20x120 size range.
  • Add some drama to the walls with marble fish Titanium Black, Estonia Gold, or Estonia Silver bathroom vitrified tiles in 60x60 sizes.


Creating personalised designed bathrooms using the latest trending design options has become quite popular these days. Using tiles for this is the best option available as it offers a wide range of sizes to choose from along with designs, colours, and finishes.

You can either make your bathroom modern using the glossy wall tiles paired with matte bathroom floor tiles, or use similar matte tiles for the wall as well and create a monochromatic look.

All these looks that are trending at this point are highly influential but also can be heavy on the pocket. Hence, with H&R Johnson bathroom floor tiles, and wall tiles offering best in-class quality at an affordable price range.

H&R Johnson has established certain experience centres for the customers to visit and experience first-hand the products in studios carefully designed by our experts. Here you can create your own studios for reference and pick the most suitable one's.


Bathroom tiles should be highly durable, water and stain resistant to avoid any damage caused by constant exposure to water. These should also be easy to clean to remove any water stains. Additionally, bathroom tiles should be slip resistant to avoid any slipping accidents in the bathroom.

Ceramic and vitrified tiles are most suitable options for installing as bathroom flooring. Both the tiles are water resistant and provide slip resistance and prevent any slips in the bathroom.

Yes, bathroom floor tiles are required to be anti-skid however, the wall tiles are not required to have anti-skid properties in them. However, both are required to be water resistant at a certain level.