Digital Wall Tiles Collection-KL21

KL-21 collection contains 30cmx60cm (approx. 2’x1’) digital wall tiles with coordinated flooring for bathrooms in 30cmx30cm size.

It has Glossy as well as matt finishes in multiple designs and themes giving a rich look to your kitchen and bathrooms. Comes with coordinated flooring tile in 30x30cm.


Digitally printed tiles are in vogue as they have the power to transform a plain, mundane wall into a lively, magical one.

Creatively done up walls not only make the entire home look exquisite but also lend a warm and welcoming feel to your space.


In digital tiles natural designs such as marble, wood or natural stones are the most sought after.

Keeping in mind the latest trend Johnson presents a stunning and exciting series of Digital Wall Tiles that have replicated marble, wood and stone designs in more refined and razor sharp quality. All this in a choice of 30x60cm & 32.5x40cm sizes.



KLEO collection is an amalgamation of aesthetics, durability and functionality.


Non-reflective satin finish


Collection exhibits marble, stone, wood themes and wide range of eclectic, decorative concepts


Coordinated matching flooring options in 30x30cm are available to complement the collection

With wide range of real life, breathtaking designs to choose from, Johnson Digital Wall Tiles will create astounding effects on your walls. Now flaunt the designs of your choice to enliven your walls so much so that they become a point of discussion.