Ornato collection of wall tiles brings a blend of 3-D textures and reliefs with unique accentuation of colours using the latest digital designing technology and equipment.

Ideal for creating colourful and refreshing themes of Bathrooms and Kitchens.

How often do you come across things that you want to stop and stare at?

Johnson’s Ornato range of ceramic tiles has been conceptualized to be enjoyed this way. Why? you ask and the answer is just one word – Details. Intricate, abstract, thought-through and painstakingly designed.

First, the design will enamour you from afar. Come close, you’ll see its details making you want to look at it closely, over and over again. Details like the subtle shimmer and glitter added with tasteful restraint. And finally, you’ll realize these tiles operate on the third dimension of design, thanks to embossing that’s underplayed, but reveals itself in all its 3D glory, upon one close look. Johnson’s Ornato range of tiles is a sensorial journey.